Then Lu Zhan was like a target to attract hatred. The other side frequently tried to kill him, but RG put in a team to protect him. They all created opportunities in Lu Zhan and would rather die than let Lu Zhan die.

In five minutes, the two pieces of equipment will be stacked on the 12th floor at the same time, and the violent blade of the land exhibition ghost rope will also come out.
"The economy is one short." Lu Zhan took another look at the number of soldiers and heads on both sides.
When the former opponent spent a lot of time on the road, RG others added some reinforcements during this period, and the disadvantages are being recovered.
"Wait a minute, wait for me to kill the second floor" thought Lu Zhan.
The higher the number of killing layers, the higher the value of attracting hatred, and the harder it is to stack up.
Chapter 453 Killing with a knife
"Just now, the support rate of the network sent by Jacques has become 6-4, and the second team has overtaken RG, but now the support rate has actually changed back to 50-50." Abortion keeps everyone informed of the network data at any time.
"Yes, RG has stabilized the situation several times before you know it. It seems that the two sides have exchanged heads, but angels have been stacking equipment. In just a few minutes, they have stacked three layers to fifteen layers and two layers of killing knives, but they have special effects. If you can get to the second floor, these two pieces of equipment can make up for the defect of synthesizing large pieces by yourself."
Both Xiaoyue and Liker are interested in the choice of land exhibition equipment.
It’s not surprising that a killer or a knife is fired against the wind, but no one has ever fired a killer and a knife at the same time in the same game in China.
This is certainly a reason why other professional players dare not gamble like this because of the hero attribute (text * 嘂嘂 * people-嘂-house-w-γ-s-h-u)
For an angel, a double-cultivation hero, the attributes of two pieces of killing equipment are both stacked on the 15th floor, and the cost performance of these two pieces of equipment has exceeded that of other equipment.
During this time, he was trying to attract hatred for himself, let the other side kill himself and let his teammates ambush him.
Every time when the other side is about to kill him, his enemy will fall and let the other side kill him.
In this game, Lu Zhan has given up the auxiliary routine, and he has turned himself into an output point by everyone.
Lulu is a single, but now it seems that angels have become the second single output is even more powerful than Lulu.
It was after playing this routine several times that the second team of Ghost finally reacted.
"Shit, how do I feel that he is deliberately letting us kill him and finally fold the equipment?"
On the second team of the nether world, everyone is very uncomfortable watching the angels fold up their equipment little by little.
"No, we have to decide the situation early," said the ghost potion angrily
No sooner had he finished taking the angel alone on the road than he met the mouse.
When the mouse came stealth and tried to sneak attack the angel mouse, the angel approached A, and a small soldier stacked the ghost rope effect on the layer. Immediately, the E skill was matched with the mouse.
When the mouse was stupefied, he didn’t expect the angel to dare to fight hard with himself.
In Ad, mice are the least afraid of spelling a few ones
But the angel added a Q and an E to hurt the mouse remotely, and half of its blood was destroyed.
The mouse’s eyes are about to fall out. Who would have thought that suddenly the angel had grown to this point? A Q broke his confidence and he had to retreat.
But the angel Q slowed down, and the angel stuck to the mouse’s wing and slammed it with two attacks.
After angel e, there is a bonus for every attack. These two have smashed the blood of the mouse.
Angels give themselves a W, speed up and one more.
Rats die!
"I wiped it!" The mouse is lying on the ground
"It hurts so much!" The second team of the nether world froze
Unconsciously, angel damage has been so high, and ad has actually been hit a few times.
It’s 17th floor. Angel Kill and Kill Knife are upgraded at the same time.