"Hu kill …!"

In the hands of God, a number of sunflower flowers with pale inflammation hit the strange woman through the ice wall.
Kay’s eyes burst out with "the purple aurora of the magic emperor" and stood there sweeping sideways to find the strange woman’s position.
Out of the ice wall, the dwarfs carried ice guns and attacked Kay and Shen Gao.
It’s a pity that Nami Xiaoxin and Sophia gave Kay and God too much protection, and the medical care was too good. These dwarfs couldn’t really kill them.
Kay swept away and perceived the strange woman’s position. A "magic emperor’s death aurora" in Kay’s hand rushed out again, and thousands of sunflower flowers were also hit in this direction … The woman behind the ice wall screamed like she was wounded again by Kay and God.
They saw the ice wall crashing like flour, and the figure of a frozen woman sitting on her back appeared in front of everyone.
Nami Xiaoxin and Sophia are also very curious about this woman Yan, but they are afraid that this woman will turn around. People always feel that this woman is weird and terrible. They are both curious about her Yan but afraid to see her face!
For the third time, God flew to this woman with a pair of ghost wings.
They felt the ice dizzy in front of them, and the woman quickly turned around, but they didn’t see the woman’s face clearly, but they felt a little ice and pure magic hit their hearts.
God was shot down, holding his chest with one hand and laughing angrily.
Although they didn’t see this woman’s face clearly just now, they all felt that this woman was not human. There was always something strange about her face that couldn’t be said. Unfortunately, she just turned back too fast and everyone didn’t look carefully.
"Wow …!" Kai Zhang’s angel wings flew into the air in anger. He couldn’t stand this mysterious and magical feeling. He must see this frozen woman look scary today.
"Woo, ha, ha, ha … how ugly and ugly many women would be so afraid of being seen?" God drank a lot and flew over to the strange woman with wings.
Once again, they felt the ice dizzy in front of them, and the strange magic of ice cold once again directly hit everyone’s heart.
Kay has been waiting for her to turn around this time. Kelly wrote a "Magic Emperor Purple Aurora" in the middle of the middle school. It’s a pity that everyone still didn’t see the strange woman’s face.
Kay and God both feel that this strange woman’s magic is terrible. It turns out that these two magic have the effect of adding layers. All four of them are cold in their hearts and cold in their bodies, as if they were whipped by an ice demon.
"You woman!"
"You woman!"
God and Kay were angry and strode to the woman with her back to everyone again.
At this time, everyone saw the woman’s long hair dancing, even if it was not for a while, it could become three thousand white hairs and attack everyone.
Nami Xiaoruixin added the strongest fire protection to everyone, and Sophia added the strongest sacred warm magic to everyone.
God laughed wildly and Kay thundered, and the two men rushed at the strange woman again.
They felt that the ice in front of them was dizzy and dizzy, and the hearts of four people were directly attacked by this strange woman. Recently, Kay and God were attacked the hardest, and they were lying on the ground.
These times, all the people saw a little specious, and this woman Yan felt that this woman Yan had an indescribable strangeness, and this strangeness also gave people an indescribable cold feeling.
Kay, half lying here, suddenly felt the fire, and her ambition kept burning in her heart, but this idea was trapped in her heart by the strange woman’s cold magic and it was difficult to break out.
Kay herself, come on, freeze, chill, hammer the earth, and carry out her thoughts to my heart.
"Ah … ah!
Kay roared in pain and rushed at the strange woman. Cold magic banned a powerful fire, and her ambition appeared in front of Kay.
Kay, this magic burns, and the fire ambition stops in the middle, and then instantly bursts into the frozen woman with her back to everyone …
The woman turned around and hit Kay’s fire ambition with a halo of ice, but she heard a miserable roar from the woman as if she had been bitten by Kay’s fire ambition.
This sad cry hasn’t stopped yet, but another cry rings again. It turns out that this woman’s back was hit by Kay’s fire ambition and burned out a fire mark.
Kay and God have recovered at this moment, but they rushed to see that the woman had turned into a pool of snow and water like a snowman in the hot sun.
"What does this beauty look like?" Nami Xiaoruixin came over to play and asked Kay.
"Beauty? Is not like "Kenai laughed.
156 ice and fire jingu said
Nami looked at this pool of ice water. "This younger sister seems very unhappy! Maybe someone bullied her? "
"I don’t believe that we were almost bullied by her just now, okay?" Kay also laughed
"It is said that this is a strange woman who is the hostess of the Ice and Fire God Palace," Princess Sofia said.
"Then the hostess of this shrine must be a wonderful flower!" Nami small core core asked.
"No, on the contrary, the hostess of the Ice and Fire God Palace is a beauty and a little beauty."
"Is it as beautiful as Nami?" Kay suddenly flirt way
"Isn’t it? I’m not such a ghost! " Nami small core core cried.
"The hostess of the Ice God Palace is said to be a beautiful and likable woman, but she has the frost witch who is unhappy, which is precisely her unhappy shadow!" Sofia avenue
"What’s wrong with a beautiful and likable woman?" Nami cocked his head and asked.
"She loves one man but thinks of another."
Nami was stupefied at that time. She didn’t quite understand this kind of feeling. Kay and God were puzzled. "This way, women can also be likable."
"She is sincere and true. She loves the male owner of the Ice and Fire Shrine, but she can’t forget another admirable man!" Sophia said bit by bit.
"This feeling is too wonderful, isn’t it?" Kay asked incredulously
"We don’t always have a lot of strange love, and the love of loving someone all our lives is a wonderful flower," Princess Sofia said suddenly and seriously.
"It must be very good to make the hostess think about men," Nami took the words.
"It’s a strong man," Sophia said.
Kay and God both think it’s a pity that this man doesn’t live in the same era, otherwise we must understand what a powerful horse is!
"So we didn’t see the frost witch alone?"
"It’s not a monster, but a shadow. It’s the hostess of the Palace of Fire and Ice. The hostess of the Palace of Fire and Ice poured all her hate and yearning into this shadow. Three thousand white hairs are the end of missing waves, and the ice wall is the limit. You can’t see your face, but your heart. That’s a mystery that makes people afraid to touch your mind." Princess Sofia said.
"Ho …!" When Princess Sofia was lyrical, the stupid bear suddenly roared.
Nami pinched its big bear’s head and said, "You don’t know romantic bear. You don’t know romantic bear. Why are you yelling?"
"Ho …!" The bear roared a reply to Nami Xiaoxin.
When Nami Xiaoxin saw this silly bear, he couldn’t say clearly until dawn, so he simply ignored it.
The bear shook his head and continued to listen to Sofia’s story.
Sophia said, "I heard that the mistress of the Ice and Fire Palace, the Ice Lady Pavilion, is the highest point of ice magic. The male owner of the Ice and Fire Palace, the Fire King Pavilion, created the terran fire magic. The two highest magicians at that time pursued each other and chased them to the bitter north. Later, they fell in love and didn’t want the world to disturb them. They set up the Ice and Fire Palace here!"