The strange moves made Mu Jue’s face slightly changed. Obviously, I didn’t expect the other side to have such a wonderful unloading method. From that seemingly fragile layer, he could penetrate the arc of light with one finger, but he felt an almost irresistible force, pulling his fist directly and uncontrollably in another direction. Even some fists that had been blasted out were bounced back. Despite the injuries caused by the method, his blood was churned.

"Damn it!" Mu Jue was somber. He finally knew that Qin Mo dared to hold the earth so close to himself, but he didn’t panic. Instead, he poured more power into the offset fists to try to shatter the arc of light, which made the arm dark and shiny like a metal. However, just as he tried to pull back the fist, Qin Mo was once again in a flash, and another jade palm and five fingers condensed into five invisible slender black thorns at his fingertips, and then he rushed straight at Mu Jue to stab and shrink with amazing cold.
Mu Jue’s eyes are slightly cold, but Qin Mo’s face is not afraid of color in the face of the opportunity to attack himself. He still pulls his fist with self-care and does not make any defense or dodge. Although this is also because his body is being pinned down by the light arc, Mu Jue doesn’t care. Even if he doesn’t protect his body and rely on his physical strength to attack, it will do him no harm. Unless the other party exerts some powerful spirit skill, even the strong at the peak of the earth won’t leave scars on him.
"It’s not that easy to beat me!" Eyes riveted on that less than three steps away from their stunning beautiful image, the latter body exudes as if it were born with an iceberg breath, and it invades the skin along the pores of the body, so that Mu Jue can’t help but tremble slightly. However, his face is still sneer at a way
"Really?" Qin Mo glanced at him lightly, and returned with a kind of look like an ice goddess looking down at her feet and knowing that she was a humble worm. She ignored Mu Jue’s disdainful sneer expression and leaned out five mysterious black thorns, and she wanted to fall toward the latter’s chest.
Chapter 11 sneak attack
"Do you want to hurt me so much?" Mu absolutely didn’t care, but he laughed. Soon, his two dark gold arms suddenly shook, which turned out to be a hard drag to get rid of the body and punch back to five or six points, and that thin light arc was also finely cracked in Juli’s impact.
"Miss Qin Mo, I’m sorry. I’m afraid it’s better to leave this mysterious vein of Yin stone to my Muwangfu." I feel that I have regained control of my strength and smiled grimly. It seems that I have already seen my victory. Although it seems that I have been pinned down at this time, I have to completely break the light arc to restore my strength and instantly hit this delicate and cold woman, but the other party can finish watching this victory scale. It seems that everything will fall to my side.
Qin mo’s beautiful eyes looked up at the face of puffed up and proud, and her lips were slightly curved, which seemed to ridicule and pity.
The original narrow black thorn of the jade finger flicked its fingertips, but it suddenly expanded in a circle. Just as it was about to fall on the body, five clusters of dark flames that were unremarkable and almost indistinguishable to the naked eye suddenly seeped out at the tip of each black thorn.
Tiny and dim than candlelight, the dark flame is like a handful of ashes left after burning. If it is placed in other places, it will definitely attract people’s attention. However, it is these seemingly small and weak flames that can hardly bring up the slightest fluctuation, but make them feel like lightning strikes. A pair of pupils contract violently, and the needle-like face is suddenly solidified, like a clown’s heart full of intense horror, which makes him blurt out, "What’s the fire? !”
Qin Mo’s cheeks were like frost, but they didn’t stop at all because of the horror. The black flame floating at the tip of Qin Mo was mercilessly stuck in the body like a rock. However, the seemingly indestructible rock layer burned in a strange flame as if it had melted into a big hole than the fragile tissue paper in an instant. The body suddenly became stiff and the face became pale. The color in the eyes had already turned into thick horror and disbelief.
It is difficult for him to shake the body easily at the peak of the earth yuan, and there is almost no resistance in the so-called "Yin Kui Fire"
"get out!" Qin ink coldly looking at face crazy change mu beautiful eyes slightly flashing fingertips that is about to spread the black flame is suddenly retracted, then palm strength spewing to avoid the key directly to mu unique shoot spit out one mouthful blood straight toward the stone stage to fall.
She didn’t intend to slay Mu Jue. Although the vein of this competition belongs to it, it is not the kind of deathless duel. If this Mu Jue had an accident, Mu Wangfu would never let it go.
Around the stone stage, it is in a dead silence again at this time. The sound of heavy objects falling on the stone stage is also because this silence is particularly loud and harsh, and the eyes are consciously moving the whole body. Lying in the stone pit, I couldn’t move, and then I looked at the white beautiful image that slowly fell like a fairy. Just a long time ago, there were some repressed shocks, and the inspirations sounded one after another. Many people’s eyes were still a little stunned, but their strength was obviously still slightly moved. In their view, it was like a white-hot battle that suddenly came to an abrupt end. Only a few of them approached or reached the land, and the strong people’s original theatrical look disappeared. Looking at the ice beautiful image, their eyes were full of thick dignity and even a little deep.
"Win!" The crowd around it seems that it has not yet recovered from the silence. The Qin Wangfu side is already a cheer. Every Wangfu brother’s face is an ecstatic expression. On the other hand, Muwangfu was so flat and agile that he was defeated on the first day of seeing the Wangfu. All of them shook their lips and turned pale as if they still couldn’t believe it, which made them more frustrated.
Ai Luo, who was hidden in the crowd, was a little relieved at this time. He was also a little surprised that Qin Mo could beat him so quickly. He always knew that Qin Mo was very strong, but now it seems that he still underestimated the strange black flame that the latter had previously condensed by relying on excellent soul force. He also felt that this "Yin Kwai Fire" flame was a kind of extreme compression of Yin Qi to some extent, but it was difficult for even the strong at the peak of the earth-yuan realm to do this. Only then did he initially surpass the earth-yuan realm and half-legged into the Tianyuan realm.
"It’s really amazing." Elo clenched his fist and murmured softly. Although Qin Mo won the competition unscathed, he also felt an urgent pressure. Now, the gap between her strength is too big. If two people fight each other, even if they attack Elo twice, they won’t recognize that they have defeated the latter. Maybe he will catch up with her, because he doesn’t want to always be a weak brother who needs protection in her eyes. Although it is still far away, he believes that one day he can really stand in front of her with a strong attitude.
"The ground is overcast and sunflower fire!" When Chen Tianhua finally broke out from the crowd, the elder Muwangfu’s face, which had remained indifferent, was finally slowly gloomy. This change was obviously beyond his imagination. Even if they were the most outstanding Muwangfu talents, they had just reached the peak of the land. Who would have thought that Miss Qin Wangfu was even more horrible? The elder Muwangfu naturally knew what the Yin Kwai fire represented.
"But even so, it’s useless!" Dry palm will be a mass of air, and it seems that I want to take this opportunity to shock the skinny old man. The ugly face of Yin crime suddenly reveals a strange sneer. It seems that I am worried that I can’t finish the second defeat except because of Qin Mo’s unexpected strength.
"You lost" stone stage Qin Mo looked at the struggling to get up from the stone pit indifferently, and even the deafening surrounding failed to make her have a little fluctuation.
"Bah!" Mu Jue braced himself on the ground with one arm and spit with gravel and blood. He bowed his head, his body trembled and rubbed his teeth tightly, giving off an ugly sound. His twisted face was also shrouded in a thick shadow. Although he looked very embarrassed on the surface at this time, he actually suffered some serious flesh injuries when he left his hand with Qin Mo key, but even so, his heart was still filled with anger and resentment that seemed to burst his chest.
He is the most outstanding genius of Muwangfu, who has always lived in the admiration of people around him. However, today he was easily defeated by a woman from Qin Wangfu! In the past, pride seemed to be trampled on by all people, and even in the future, others would not look at him with pure awe as before, which was an unspeakable shame for him who was arrogant.
Qin Mo’s fluctuating eyes swept his body and trembled slightly. Mu Jue immediately turned and walked in the direction of the Qin Wangfu team. Although according to the rules, when one party was beaten to the bottom, the other party won the real victory, but now the result of this situation is obviously obvious to everyone. However, even if he won this battle that almost determines the ownership of the vein, Qin Mo’s cheeks are still like a piece of Xuan Bing that will last for ten thousand years. It seems that this important battle is a trivial matter.
It is an unforgivable blasphemy to watch that almost every young man in Qin Wangfu came back around the goddess, and those Wang Wangfu brothers who were ecstatic hurriedly stepped back as if they were close to each other.
Ai Luo looked at the body covered with gravel and dust, and looked at the old man in Muwangfu again. However, at this time, the latter’s face was not half-imaginary, and it seemed that he didn’t care about losing the competition. Suddenly, a subtle paradox passed through the muddy sunken eyes, which made Ai Luo’s heart detain a fiercely.
"Sniff!" At this moment, the stone stage, with its knees bent and half kneeling, and its body fluctuating as if it had been seriously injured, suddenly raised its head and saw a flash of hatred in its eyes, and then a strange and sharp new black mountain suddenly shot out from its broken sleeve robe like a fierce snake, aiming at Qin Mo, who is about to jump on the stone stage!
"Bastard!" The sudden change caused by the sharp breaking wind almost made everyone finish the reaction. The red-robed elder of the Qin Wangfu had a big change in face and shouted at him. With a wave of his hand, the bold spirit force suddenly rolled out. However, the speed of smearing the mountain was obviously very fast. Plus, he was a little far away from Qin Mo’s position at the moment. It turned out that he would not be able to fly to rescue and watch this scene with a black face.
Qin ink is also quickly turned around and looked at the sharp black mountain frost-like face in the eye pupil. It is also slightly changed, and she quickly tried to exert her spiritual strength to resist it. However, she obviously didn’t expect the black mountain to easily tear several hastily formed protective spiritual forces and directly enter even if her strength was already exhausted.
"Damn it!" Qin ink micro-biting silver teeth in the ink pupil is extremely rare to pass a bit of cold and murder. Just as she gritted her teeth and prepared to fight hard against that black mountain, a bit of thin figure was almost illusory like a gust of wind, but it was suddenly stopped in front of her without waiting for her to react. Then she saw a red light flashing with blood ShaQi and that black mountain slammed together.
Chapter XII Disputes
"ding!" Clearly visible gas ripples constantly spread out around like a small tornado, and the two lights were deadlocked for a moment, and at the same time, they were dim and fell, but they didn’t wait for them to fall to the ground. The strength was to hold up the last part and fly into the sleeves of that thin figure.
I saw with my own eyes that an attack as sure as a gun turned out to be a failure. The cruel sneer that had just emerged was instantaneous solidification. Even the skinny old man in Muwangfu in the distance had a stiff face.
Qin mo looked at it with some consternation, and suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked a sneak attack on the masked figure for himself. Obviously, I didn’t expect anyone to come out to help her at this moment, but then her eyebrows were slightly frowning. From this figure, she suddenly felt an unusually familiar smell.
Just when she was about to speak, there came an angry roar behind her, "How dare you!"