Chapter 93 Class coach

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Although he was eliminated in the World Cup group stage, the Chinese media generally fully affirmed the international players’ performance, but before the World Cup, he had offended many people. However, the national football coach Ali Han was caught in a situation of "the wall fell and everyone pushed him". Various media criticized him for his stubbornness and low level. Obviously, he wanted to force Ali Han to take classes.
"It’s a bit headstrong, but the level is low. It’s much better than that’ iron egg’ anyway!" Gao Jun put some words in the newspaper in his hand and sighed. On the day after the national football team was eliminated, a real leader of the football association took the initiative to find Gao Jun. He said that the football association was ready to cancel the contract with Ali Han because of a series of mistakes he made in the last World Cup. I hope he can understand and don’t make an embarrassing move for the football association. After all, there is no doubt that he is now the core of the national football team. If he openly plays the devil’s advocate, it will be very difficult for the football association not to deal with Gao Jun. The football association must have dealt with Gao Jun. I’m afraid that even the national football team will rush out of Asia again
Ali Han’s performance in the World Cup was really bad. From the performance, he failed to achieve the goal of qualifying for the group. From the process, the most important game was that Ali Han’s tactics were the main reason for losing the game regardless of luck. In addition, there were many other mistakes, so Gao Jun was not good at his defense. He directly asked a more important question, "Has the head coach been selected?"
"Our idea is to hire a high-level foreign teacher, but we can’t afford a world-famous coach now. In the next two years, the point is that the national team of the Beijing Olympic Games has nothing important to play, and the coach of the first country will cope with it for a while. Gao Gao, don’t look at the Football Association, but we are really poor! I can’t afford to pay a million dollars a year, "said the leader, almost complaining.
"No money is much better than the same period in history. Pretend to be poor with me? Isn’t it convenient for you to sell international places by watching the national coach push you around? If you choose a younger coach, even if you train a young coach to pay for school, it is easy to accept that you have chosen a coach who has no club and wants to be angry. "The more you think about it, the more angry Gao Jun will be on the spot, but on second thought, he still controls his emotions." I am now playing abroad, after all, and there is no one to support me. Although I don’t have to be afraid of these grandchildren, if I really turn my back, it is estimated that both sides will lose, and the result will be a great blow to China football. Let’s just endure it until the year when the status of that one is
In the end, Gao Jun agreed not to publicly object to the transition of dismissing Ali Han and the late native coach Yin Tiedan. The Football Association also agreed that Gao Jun and other Olympic-age players who played overseas would not be called into the national team to play the Asian Cup and the preliminaries until two years before the Beijing Olympic Games, and the Olympic team would not be called up to play the warm-up matches in the European League. Another important point is that the Football Association guaranteed that the Olympic team would not change coaches before the Beijing Olympic Games. They also re-signed a contract with Crouchen to greatly increase the amount of liquidated damages. It is safe to say that Gao Jun has offended.
Although it’s a bit disgusting to exchange terms with these guys, it’s easy to solve the problem of robbing people with the club at the same time during the season. Otherwise, if Gao Jun and others always have to fly back and forth, maybe Dresden will really be dragged to the relegation zone and those really promising seedlings will emerge in the next few years. Even if the Football Association fucks around for two years, it won’t move the foundation of the future national football team. "I will always play the ball honestly two years ago, right? I don’t care about anything else, and I don’t want to care for the time being. "
Gao Jun’s silence became the last straw to overwhelm the camel. Although he was very unwilling, Ali Han still had to leave the throne of China national team coach for three and a half years. During these three and a half years, Ali Han made many almost amateur and low-level mistakes due to his lack of coaching experience, and he was too fond of offensive football, which led to the national football team’s defeat in the World Cup group stage for the second time. However, Ali Han’s admiration for offense in the future also greatly affected Gao Jun’s growth in many young international players, because offensive play was more training than defensive counterattack, and it was more in line with the nature of young people.
In addition to Alihan Gao Jun, I have learned another lesson news these days, that is, Ulf Kearse Teng, the former coach of the second team in Bayer Leverkusen, said that it was still hurt by Gao Jun. Kearse Teng’s special training for Gao Jun at the beginning would have delayed a little. His employees were dissatisfied with some officials of Bayer Leverkusen Club at that time, and this World Cup Gao Jun also participated in the special training. After the blockbuster, the top management of Bayer Leverkusen team was even more angry, but his employees didn’t do a good job but helped future opponents to train players. Are you undercover in Bayer Leverkusen?
After some communication, because Kearse Teng didn’t want his special training to give up halfway, the two sides broke up in discord, and then the Leverkusen Club fired him. Gao Jun was very sorry when he learned of this accident. He immediately called Jansen Rudy, chairman of Dynamo Club in Dresden, and when Jansen Rudy learned of it, he immediately invited Kearse Teng to join Dresden. Because during the special training of Gao Jun, he had eliminated his bad feelings with Dresden fans, and now Dresden is also a Bundesliga team. Kearse Teng accepted Rudy’s invitation very readily, because Kearse Teng was a world-class excellent center and a former special training Gao Jun and others, and it really helped them improve their level quickly. Dynamo Dresden Club put him in charge of the team’s offensive training.
Kearse Teng’s unexpected joining is a great enhancement to the coaching staff of Dynamo Dresden, but it also brings a hidden danger that many people didn’t expect at this time, because at the beginning of the season, Kearse Teng continued to train Gao Jun and others specially, and he was too busy to give birth to distractions. The problem was not immediately exposed.
In the process of talking to President Rudy, Gao Jun asked a club signing worker by the way, but Rudy’s answer made him laugh and cry. vidal, the team’s most needed midfielder, paid 450,000 euros to transfer to Jansen Rudy because the other side had decided to focus on training. But lewandowski, the most famous Polish striker among the "Little Demons" circled by Gao Jun at the beginning, spent hundreds of thousands of euros to buy it. But now Dynamo Dresden actually needs the striker most, and he is destined to wait until Gao Jun leaves before he can make his mark.
The only thing that makes Gao Jun feel gratified is that central defender Hummels succeeded in getting his hands on it. Although Bayern didn’t agree to a direct transfer, they accepted the proposal of "rent first and buy later", and Dynamo Dresden Club only needs to pay the salary on behalf of him during the loan period, and the buyout is only 120,000 Ohumels. This deal is really worth it!
In addition to Hummels, Dresden also dug two others from Bayern in the same way, but they were just covering for Hummels, and Dynamo Dresden wouldn’t buy them out unless they could accidentally kick them out.
After Hummels was hired, Dynamo Dresden’s main line of defense in the new season was determined. Except for right-back Dexterstromgen, who was 25 years old, the other three were still under 20 years old, and behind them was the talented goalkeeper Neuer, who was also very young. This combination is hard to reassure, but Dresden fans still placed great expectations on it.
In addition to Hummels’s "rent first and buy later" situation, Dresden directly buys young people for the purpose of enriching his youth team. A Bundesliga team and the second team are still hanging out in the fourth league in Germany, which is not only detrimental to the face, but also detrimental to the growth of young players. Dynamo Dresden Club asked the second team to rush into the regional league last season.
Although the signings can’t be counted as failures, it’s a little weak to fail to introduce the important midfielder position of Dynamo Dresden in vidal season. If you buy well-known players, it will definitely exceed the transfer balance difference of the club. It’s also of little significance to introduce them, and you should attach great importance to Yang Hao to grab the position with Gao Jun.
However, before the World Cup was over and Gao Jun was still on vacation, he got a good news. Mark Wagfeld, an excellent midfielder who was loaned to Dynamo Dresden in the season, found the head coach Stano and said that he still wanted to play here before the transfer. He would try his best to say that Nuremberg reduced the number of both sides. This was a hit, and the final strength was good, and Mark Wagfeld had already been integrated into the team. The price of 110,000 euros was officially transferred to Dresden Gao Jun, and he was finally able to take a vacation with peace of mind. To be continued.
Chapter ninety-four Moving house
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In fact, Gao Jun didn’t go anywhere, but he just stayed in Germany to watch the World Cup live. It was said that Gao Jun never had a chance to watch a World Cup live because of his busy work, which has always made him deeply sorry. Now it is rare for him to have a chance, but Dynamo Dresden will prepare for the new season on July 1, and it is impossible to see the final.
Because there is no strong dialogue place in the group stage, Gao Jun chose to watch the games, mainly those with Asian teams participating less and being more familiar with them, which is also convenient to compare with China. However, history is obviously not so easy to change. Although Saudi Arabia did its best, it still lost to Spain by one goal, thus becoming the fourth expenditure bureau team in Asia.
In this case, South Korea has become the only hope for Asian teams to advance to the knockout stage, and their situation is really good. In the final round, it is very likely that they will qualify for the group if they draw with Switzerland. If they win, they will still ensure the first place in the group. Therefore, the Korean media were very optimistic before the game. However, Gao Jun, a "Korean expert", knew the characteristics of South Korea too well. It was only a quarter of an hour before he judged that it was difficult for South Korea to change history.
"The South Korean team’s attack is too dependent on counter-attack. The first two games relied on excellent defense and good luck and achieved satisfactory results. But this time, the opponent Switzerland is also good at counter-attack and superior to the South Korean team in both defense and counterattack. More importantly, this time, the Swiss team needs to draw to ensure the qualifying, and the South Korean team must win to advance steadily. This situation forces the South Korean team to take the initiative to attack, which is tantamount to attacking its own shortcomings. It is really difficult to win unless the South Korean team is lucky and can advance the ball." This is Gao Jun’s judgment after watching the game for 15 minutes.
However, in the 23rd minute, the Swiss team seized an Italian goal to header the goal of South Korea. After seeing this goal, Gao Jun shrugged his shoulders and knew that there was no suspense in the game. Finally, the Swiss team really won 2 games. When the referee blew the whistle to end the game, Wan Li came all the way to the scene to cheer for the South Korean team. It was hard to accept this result, and the South Korean team players could not afford to kneel down one by one. It was hard to accept the harsh fact that they needed to take another step to advance to the knockout overseas for the first time, but nothing could be taken this step.
"Although the South Korean team had a good chance to score in the game, judging from the game, they really didn’t play better against the counter-attack and the counter-attack. From this point of view, neither the South Korean team nor the China team is qualified." Gao Jun left the stadium with a frown.
In this game, Gao Jun also saw a former opponent, park chu-young, a new star in the Korean team. Although this small number has improved a lot compared with the original Asian Youth Championship, his performance in this game is not good, and his dribbling directly led to the second goal, so he was replaced by the head coach early.
Gao Jun is therefore deeply gratified. "Historical park chu-young has always been stronger than Yu Hai since its debut. Two years after Yu Hai’s big injury, the gap between the two is further widened. At the peak of park chu-young, it was a star who could squeeze into the best array in Asia for ten years, and Yu Hai even couldn’t squeeze into the best array in China for ten years. But now park chu-young is a little worse than Yu Hai. This is the platform influence! My efforts in these years have not been in vain! "
South Korea’s exit made the major media in South Korea feel bereaved, but they still stubbornly believed that South Korea’s performance was among the five Asian teams. The best reason was that South Korea got the highest four points and ignored the game process.
"In fact, if you look at the game process, Asian teams still have some remarkable points in this World Cup. For example, our attack and Japanese defense, er, the Korean team actually played well. Unfortunately, the football world is always a success or failure. No matter how good the hero team is, there is nothing to do. Moreover, the first World Cup in Korea and Japan, especially South Korea, has a home advantage. It is also an important factor that some off-site moves have achieved results far beyond their own level, which has raised the expectations of the media and fans. In fact, this year’s results are not bad according to the pre-World Cup standards. "Gao Jun briefly reviewed the thoughts of Asian teams after the World Cup journey, and also had greater expectations for the South African World Cup four years later." After four years, the strength of the Korean team will rise to the peak of ten years, and the Japanese team will find the efficient shooter they need most, but by that time, the strongest team will definitely be our China team! "
Gao Junlai also planned to watch the one-point final on the spot, but Hao suddenly called and said that his parents were coming to take care of it and decided to move out and rent a bigger room, so he had to move to his new home before preparing for the new season. In the process, Gao Jun’s personal belongings were not unexpected, so he suggested that he should go back, so Gao Jun could return to Dresden’s residence early and those who could not watch the game tickets could be given away.
There is more than one player in Dresden who wants to move. Because Dynamo Dresden was a Bundesliga relegation team in the season, the treatment in all aspects was relatively poor. Now that it has been promoted to the Bundesliga, the treatment of the players has greatly increased, and housing is naturally one of them. In addition, many players are on loan in the season, and they are not sure whether they will stay in Dresden, so the housing requirements are relatively low. Now that Jidu has officially moved, the possibility of long-term settlement has greatly increased, and the housing requirements are naturally higher.
For China players, it is also an important reason for them to take care of themselves after the formal transfer. Gao Jun has no objection to this phenomenon. First of all, most China players are only children whose parents are far away from home and can’t see their children. Secondly, players who have parents to take care of their lives can also put more energy into training and competition; Moreover, unlike other teams, Dynamo Dresden has so many China players that China players who play here don’t need to adapt to the local customs and culture in a hurry.
Suo Gaojun emphasized to those uncles and aunts that they must cook for their children according to the requirements of dieticians, and solemnly stated that not doing so would affect their position in the team and their future career. In addition, they told several teammates not to affect the progress of learning German because of their parents’ arrival, and they left it alone.
Everyone else has changed their new homes, and the Dresden Club will naturally treat Gao Jun as the top star of the team. They also helped Gao Jun to unite a new residence. The owner of a large private villa is a rich man who likes sports, so there is a gym and a private swimming pool. There is also a soccer field (five-a-side system). Since he rarely returns to this villa in the east, the Dresden Club has been idle for a long time. After contacting the owner of this villa, he agreed to rent it to Gao Jun for one year at a rent of 50,000 euros.
Although there are some expectations that he can live a luxurious life as a world-class star so soon, not only Gao Jun, but also he is not melodramatic. Compared with apartments and villas, the biggest advantage of his team members is that they can live together after they can’t live too far away from themselves, especially it will be much more convenient to eat master Lin’s cooking, and this villa is also very exciting for Gao Jun. In addition, with the increasing name of Gao Jun, he will be more and more likely to encounter potential dangers such as kidnapping, and the villa is definitely better than the apartment in terms of security. The club has paid the rent for Gao Jun, and Gao Jun soon moved into his new house. Before moving, he specially said hello to the old Werner couple to live with Gao Jun, as well as personal fitness coach Henry, personal nutritionist Xia Chuanliang, personal doctor Liu Siyuan and the most important chef Lin.
Speaking from the outside, I don’t think that after living in it, everyone realized how big their new residence was. It was too spacious for five people to live in it. It seems that the cleaning workers must rely on housekeeping.
Knowing the market better, Henry immediately said that the rent was 50,000 euros a year later, which was definitely a preferential price. This kind of good thing only happened in East Germany before the population outflow. Although the house was built earlier and has not been occupied for several years, the "scientific and technological content" is a little poor, but for Gao Jun, a player under one year old, this villa can’t be better in any way.
Although he became the first player of Dynamo Dresden to live in a private villa after the reunification of Germany and Germany, both local fans and Gao Jun’s coaches and teammates did not think that such treatment was too high, because Gao Jun’s performance in the World Cup in Germany has fully proved his value, especially after the World Cup was finished and Gao Jun beat Klose by one goal to become the youngest top scorer in the history of the World Cup.
Chapter ninety-five Golden Boots for the World Cup
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The new feature of that 26-year history of the world cup in Germany is that defense has been paid more attention. in the end, the champion was won by Italy with the strongest defense, but none of the player except Klose scored more than two goals, which led to the emergence of a silver boot winner in this world cup. At this time, the situation has not changed fundamentally. Although Zida was awakened by Gao Jun, he still failed to control his anger in the final, so the French team handed over the World Cup to the Italians. However, Klose still scored five goals. If Gao Jun, a young man who suddenly appeared, magically scored six goals in three games, he would have won the Golden Boot Award in the World Cup under great pressure.
It is precisely because there are so many goals and so few players that Gao Jun is more valuable when he wins the Golden Boot Award that he is very appreciated. FIFA President Blatter even praised him as "the greatest discovery of the World Cup". Even Diego Maradona, the king of the ball, said that "without any accident, I think he can surpass Pele in the future". Although it means that Gao Jun’s performance has been recognized by Diego Maradona, even in Diego Maradona’s eyes, it is precisely because not all cats and dogs can compare with Pele. This Gao Jun is recognized as a world-class star and no longer a promising star with amazing potential. Of course, whether this understanding can be consolidated depends on his performance in various competitions, otherwise Gao Jun will just be a flash in the pan.
Interestingly, the fact that Gao Jun won the Golden Boot of the World Cup once caused a wide debate. Some media and fans thought that Gao Jun’s goals were of relatively small significance in the group stage and his opponents somewhat despised him. In addition, China adopted extreme tactics of sacrificing defense and playing around Gao Jun, which made his amazing performance. If these factors were excluded, Gao Jun’s real strength could not be compared with Klose. Gao Jun’s supporters believe that Gao Jun scored six goals in three World Cups, which is more efficient than Klose’s method. Moreover, Gao Jun’s support from teammates in China is far better than that of Klose. Therefore, Gao Jun’s performance in this World Cup is definitely better than Klose’s.
Because of this debate, the national football association and the media took the opportunity to speculate 26/ In the 27th season, the competition for the top scorer in Bundesliga has become a hot topic for German fans, and the odds of Gaojun are second only to Klose’s among the top scorers predicted by major gaming companies. Even Dynamo Dresden, where Gaojun is located, has been affected. Before the World Cup, the media generally predicted that although it is unlikely that they will be relegated, the final ranking is estimated to be around 1,214. However, after Gaojun and several other Dresden players performed well in the World Cup, the German media have greatly raised their predictions. It is generally believed that Dresden will play well in the top ten without any problems.
The popularity of the media has made Jansen Rudy, chairman of Dynamo Dresden Club, smile all day. The sales of season tickets are gratifying, and jerseys and other products are also selling very well, which makes him confident in the financial profit of the club this season.
Mendes, Gao Jun’s agent, is more happy than Jansen Rudy that the World Cup is indeed the biggest stage. Although Gao Jun had already gained a lot of fame before the World Cup, he was still a new star. It is impossible for any giants to be willing to really spend a lot of money. However, after this World Cup, Gao Jun has completely overwhelmed Messi and become the best 2-year-old player in the world, and his market valuation has exceeded 20,000 euros for the first time.
Now Mendes estimates that he is sure to sell Gao Jun at a sky-high price of 40,000 euros, which is higher than 50,000 euros. If the China market factor is taken into account, the future transaction price is likely to break a new record in international football. Mendes even joked with Gao Jun, "If your price goes up again, you may not find a buyer."
It is an exaggeration to say this, but Mendes does realize that with the rapid rise of Gao Jun’s value, his transfer options have been greatly reduced since he left Dresden in the future, and he can afford to transfer more than 50,000 euros. How many are there in Europe? No matter how it is calculated, it will not exceed two indexes!
However, it is good to have a definite goal. Although Gao Jun can’t vote for another home before the end of this season because of the lack of lease contracts, Mendes feels that it is necessary to run a high army in advance to pave the way for future transfer.
In the personal business value, Gao Jun’s popularity is even more surprising to Mendes. After the World Cup, Gao Jun even has more and more fans abroad, and his popularity is even more purple among Chinese and overseas Chinese. Mendes now regrets that he signed so many endorsement contracts immediately after the World Club Cup. If all of them are left until now, it is not impossible to double the conversation income.
As the saying goes, "some people are happy and some people are worried", but Stano, the head coach of Dynamo Dresden, has been heated up by the media before the new season. He still wants to make a fortune and pretend to be a coward at the beginning of the new season to beat those Bundesliga opponents. This is great. It is estimated that many Bundesliga teams will play Dynamo Dresden as a strong team, which is not good news for the attack is quite dependent on preventing anti-Dresden.
Gao Jun feels the same way about this, so as early as before the pre-season training, he joined Kearse Teng in the hope of special training as soon as possible. Although the strength of Gao Jun is not inferior to that of Kearse Teng at the peak, from this rare and short world-class center, he feels that he still has a lot to learn. Kearse Teng is naturally very happy with Gao Jun’s request, but after the pre-season training, he feels pressured. When he was in Leverkusen, he gave Gao Jun their special training. They all asked for leave. Now he just returned to Dresden to teach. I’m sorry that Ma can do this. He can give Gao Jun
However, Gao Jun and others who received special training were obviously more tired. Even the goalkeeper Neuer felt a little depressed when he had less rest and entertainment. Gao Lin quit the special training because his physical strength was really difficult to support. Hao accompanied Gao Jun until the completion of the special training. Therefore, although he was in charge of the special training, he got no less help than Gao Lin, and the progress of the special training was obviously accelerated because of the decrease in the number of people. This is naturally a good thing, and it has little impact on normal training after all.
Dynamo Dresden’s pre-season training went smoothly without any unexpected events, but it is worth noting that Dynamo Dresden’s defense will be relatively stable in the new season because of the conservative personality of head coach Stano, and it is no longer aggressive along the season.
Of course, if we look closely, the difference between the two formations is not as big as it looks, that is, now the two wingers of Dynamo Dresden team need to take on more defense, more like wingers than wingers. Hao Junmin on the right is very adapted to this, and his recovery speed is much faster than originally expected by doctors, which is very promising to appear in the first game of the new season.
For Stano, a high-ranking soldier on the left, when he wanted to continue to adopt the season defense method, Gao Jun and Gao Lin were transposed, but Gao Jun consciously made some progress after practicing hard during this period and decided to take this one himself.
Gao Jun, the leader of the team, can increase the team’s enthusiasm for fighting and returning to defense. Considering that in the new season, each team will definitely take various targeted measures to limit Gao Jun’s play and expand the scope of Gao Jun’s activities, it may just get a miraculous effect, so Stano finally agreed, but the effect of doing so needs to be tested by a formal competition.
Although Dynamo Dresden did well in the warm-up match, including the young central defender Hummels on loan, it did show the strength of winning the main position, and the arrival of Polish energy striker lewandowski made Gao Lin finally have a suitable substitute, which was very gratifying, but the warm-up match was different from the official match, which Gao Jun and other China international players had a deep understanding in this World Cup.