"Hey, you’ve gone too far for such a foul. This is an ordinary attack." Paul is fleshy. If he didn’t hurt the festival, he would be the number one. James obviously said angrily to Ji Guoqiu before throwing himself on the street. Look at Paul’s angry face at the moment. If Ji Guoqiu is not always famous, it is estimated that Paul will be scolded.

"You’d better not come in. My brother is angry and even I’m afraid." Ji Guoshi quickly embellished it and threatened Paul.
Paul was so popular by the two men that he made two free throws at the free throw line, but the two brothers thought it was absolutely impossible for him to be afraid of this method. After shota was angry, he once again strengthened his breakthrough goal, which was Ji Guoqiu.
That’s what Ji Guo’s enemies are like, but it’s really hard for Paul to clean up when he’s crazy. He’s tried his best to be picky on both ends of offense and defense today, but Chris Paul’s state is amazing today. Billups’ defensive end was blown too hard at half-time, which led to the offensive end of the Clippers’ abnormal performance. If Mr. Yuan Jian can play with Paul, it’s still unknown who will win or lose, but now both Billups and Ji Guo’s shame are not in the state. It’s too difficult for the Clippers to win on the road.
At the end of the third quarter, the score was 74:5, and the Hornets led by the leader core gained an 11-point lead and entered the final quarter.
Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 1 rebound, 4 assists, 3 blocked shots, 1 steal Ji Guoshame 6 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocked shots, 2 steal Billups 1 point, 5 assists and Crawford points.
For the Hornets, Chris Paul scored a game-high 3 points, 6 assists, 1 rebound from Bynum and 7 points and 5 rebounds from David West.
Charles Buckley laughed at the end of the third quarter. "Today, Paul defeated the Clippers, and he also proved that Billups can’t always dominate him. I think Paul would have been qualified to compete for mvp last year if he hadn’t been in a small team like the New Orleans Hornets and a small city like New Orleans. This year’s mvp, I think the league can consider Paul, whose average game is close to 23+11, and his data is not worse than that of the two mvp Nash."
Kenny Smith also said, "Paul is rare in that he has not only the top control ability in the league, but also the offensive ability of a superstar. But he is a point guard and needs to organize the team first, only in the playoffs, Paul has the ability to attack and end the battle at the crucial moment."
Charles Buckley went to the Hornets not long ago and said, "Hornets Chandler traded from the Lakers to Bynum, which is stronger in attack but not as good as Chandler. Whether it is a blessing or a curse for the Hornets is predictable, but at present, the deal is still worth it. David West, the second-in-command of the Hornets, has a poor defensive performance against the twin brothers. He has a low offensive efficiency on the spot, and he can’t find a shooting jumper. In the fourth quarter, West must change. The team needs him to take on more offensive responsibilities."
Kenny Smith agrees with this. "It’s hard to say which side is winning or losing in this transaction, but both sides have got what they want at least. I wonder if we have forgotten Maghetti? Today, he didn’t play with a minor foot injury, which made the game less interesting. In fact, I want to say that Bynum and Maghetti Hornets are still worth the deal. The salary is less than 60,000. Maghetti is not expensive at all. Although many people say that he is a brush, it is impossible to brush the data without the strength. "
In the last quarter, the state of Ji Guo’s humiliation still didn’t recover, and Crawford didn’t smoke the wind and strike the iron one after another. Billups was caught by Paul in the fourth quarter and got the third technical foul this season. Except for several substitutes of Ji Guo Chou He, the Clippers failed to perform.
The Hornets Peja hit two 3-pointers in the last quarter, and Paul still stopped the Clippers from narrowing the score to single digits. Finally, he lost to the New Orleans Hornets in the away game and ended the February game. (Good activities and cool mobile phones are waiting for you! Note ~ point/WeChat official account (WeChat adds friends, WeChat official account enters dd) to participate immediately! Everyone has a prize. Note dd WeChat WeChat official account now! )
Chapter four hundred and fifty-six Another devil in March
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On March 1 ST, the Clippers lost to the New Orleans Hornets, the devil, in March.
Chris Paul scored 43 points in this game, led the team to defeat the league leader and gave the Clippers the tenth defeat of the season, announcing that he definitely has mvp strength.
The Clippers lost the game and still ranked first in the league, but they were caught up by the Spurs by four games. Their first place was not as stable as expected.
Next, the Clippers will play San Antonio Spurs at home on March 3, which is their third meeting of the season. The Clippers lost twice before. If they don’t want to be killed by the Spurs three times, they must take good care of losing another game at home, and the fourth battle at home will probably be killed by the Spurs four times. That is by no means what the Clippers want to see, because if they want to reach the finals, they will never be able to bypass the Spurs.
Of course, Clippers fans want the Spurs to be solved by other opponents now, but they don’t want to meet the Lakers. If anyone can kill the Spurs this season, I’m afraid the Lakers can do it except the Clippers. They will definitely meet one of these two teams in the playoffs if they are unlucky, hehe.
"You know, they’d better both lose in the semi-final, each with two or three main players, so whoever plays against us will be relieved." Ji Guoshi cursed his two main opponents with malice before the game. He scored a rare single-digit score in New Orleans this season, which made Ji Guoshi receive several congratulatory messages after the game. I don’t want to know who made Fox angry at that time and wrote back directly asking, "Are you Kobe Bryant or Ginobili?"
If the dead fox thinks so, it’s wrong to blame Kobe Bryant. People ridiculed him in his forum vest. Yesterday, his forum was brushed with a screen of "2/14" by a king egg. This is Mr. No.24, Jie Yu. Of course, it was their opponent, Argentina, who had big hair and Duncan’s mobile phone. I don’t know that Durant and James also sent him congratulatory messages. One is Rondo’s mobile phone, and the other is West’s mobile phone. Although the little emperor himself wondered why West’s mobile phone would be found on his sofa?
The Clippers had already lost one game the day before yesterday, but they didn’t want to be killed by the Spurs and lost two games in a row. They haven’t tried it this season, and they finally tasted this feeling at home.
Chris Paul killed Billups the day before yesterday when he met himself. No one was his nemesis. However, Ji Guoqiu was the second year after all. In this game, the panda warrior was caught by Duncan and taught a lesson. The stone Buddha scored 25 points and 12 rebounds to help the Spurs overturn the Clippers’ three-kill season on the road.
Ji Guoshi’s performance picked up today, scoring 26 points and 1 rebound.
Ji Guoqiu’s performance was significantly lower than that of a game, and he got 12 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. In the game, he was caught in a foul crisis and came out for 3 minutes, and finally he was almost fined.
Brother Fox said after the game that they didn’t value the regular season record, even if they were killed by the Spurs four times, it wouldn’t hurt if they could eliminate their opponents in the playoffs.
The American reporter secretly snickered. It seems that he didn’t say so in the last meeting. He also vowed to show the Spurs a good look at home. Now he is beaten at home, which makes him indifferent to the victory or defeat of the regular season. I don’t know what the fox will say if he loses to the Spurs again in the last regular season. I am still a little excited.
Ginobili is probably the happiest. An Argentine said that they will speed up their pace to catch up with the Clippers ranked first in the final stage of the regular season. This is the home advantage of the playoffs. After the Spurs beat the Clippers, there are still three games left in the western conference and 22 games left in the regular season. If the Clippers lose too many games in March, it is not impossible for them to be chased by the Spurs.
Cleveland fans are the second happiest after the Clippers lost, because they want to win one game, and the gap between the Clippers will become two games. At that time, they may overtake the Clippers and become the first in the league at any time, but Cavaliers fans never thought that they were killed by the Bucks in Milwaukee!
In this game, the Cavaliers attributed the loss of the game to the sharp drop in local temperature. It is reasonable to say that the temperature in Milwaukee has changed, but on the day of the game, the temperature suddenly dropped and the adjustment in the arena was not very good. As a result, LeBron James, their core, had a cramp tragedy in the fourth quarter! The knight, who was chasing the stage, suffered such a blow, and nature will fight back to the end and finally lose the game that should be under control.
LeBron James cramped in the game, which is a big news. The eyes of the media have shifted to Cleveland, which is about to go bankrupt. Everyone knows that the little emperor has never missed the game due to injury in his career. Every year, except at the end of the season or before the star break, LeBron James hasn’t stopped injured, but in such a disparity between the strong and the weak, he cramped at the key moment in the fourth quarter.
To add insult to injury, LeBron James was examined after the game, and the doctor suggested that he take a week off, which means that the little emperor may miss the regular season game for the first time because of injury, even if it is a minor injury.
Most media believe that the reason for James’ cramp is that no matter how healthy Mike Brown is, it is impossible for him not to rest, especially in the second half of the regular season. However, this season, when the little emperor appeared, he averaged 4 minutes per game. With the help of Brand, Xiao Mo, West and others, it is obviously an exaggeration for the little emperor. If the rotation of old Deng Liwei is bad, then Mike Brown can be worse.
Old Deng Liwei was hiding in Los Angeles, feeling glad that the media finally criticized Mike Brown, which made him feel relaxed. Earlier, everyone was complaining about his abusive twin brothers, and I don’t know where so many animal protectors came from.
On March 5, the Clippers finally beat the Memphis Grizzlies at home to stop their two-game losing streak.