Yuan Ye’s name has long been a myth, and it is such a myth that people are suddenly here.

A series of dull eyes looked at the blue robe man with negative hands. At this moment, that young face seemed to represent heaven and earth. Everyone was waiting for this young man’s words and dared not be presumptuous.
How can Yuan Ye be alive? How can you still be alive? A moment later, Guo Ke was suddenly trampled on his tail, and the cat screamed in disbelief. All the brothers in Feng Qing’s soul looked at Yuan Ye with red face and dared not.
Looking at this courtyard full of people’s various expressions, Yuan Yexiao shook his head and sneered, I was blasted to be respectful, but I didn’t die or stop fighting. Now that I’m back, how can I be blasted to be respectful?
Even the powerful Yuan Zun died in his hand. Guo Ke’s face twitched, and there was still an incredible feeling left in his eyes. A general figure who killed a master of Thunder Yuan Zun is now in front of himself, which is no less than a dragon staring at a rabbit.
French resistance, root resistance
What are you still doing? How many can you escape from all directions? Tell Yuan Zun’s adult Yuan Ye back quickly, or else Yuan Zun’s adult won’t be caught off guard. It suddenly seems that Guo Ke suddenly remembered something and roared.
Suddenly, the younger brother of the twenty-odd winds and clear souls was frightened and fled in all directions to face Yuan Ye, who had so many brilliant people that Bai Gen didn’t hope to escape.
Hum, a group of animals die. Yuan Ye waved his hand coldly and waved a circle of bright ripples. The palm of his hand rippled in all directions. The ripples were unpleasant at first, but they were very strange but constant. They were close to those who fled, and they could get rid of them by adding or adding or turning.
More than twenty people were attacked at one time.
Ah, Elder Tai, save me. A brother of Feng Qing’s soul screamed bitterly. His body was shrouded in light, and he immediately braved the white smoke and personally steamed.
One by one, the younger brother of Feng Qing’s soul burst, which was very strange. The burst body didn’t mean flesh and blood, but after the burst of light spots, one by one, fireflies flew around and then quietly landed on the ground. The light disappeared and the blood smell came.
On the other side, Guo Ke teleported to the side of Han Yingfeng, the deputy patriarch of Feng Qing Soul. At the same time, he drank a dozen brothers of Feng Qing Soul from the courtyard wall, and he also drank quarrelling and heard a sharp break from the body.
A series of cross-talk explosions sounded Guo Ke’s personal quiver, but he just repelled the power of the law of light.
It is not difficult to attack Guo Ke with the same body and eleven attributes.
In an instant, more than 20 brothers with the strongest scent of blood left slowly spread from all sides. That Guo Ke Han Yingfeng’s face gradually flooded with a pale look, and Yuan Ye glanced at the two of them. The cold voice before crossing the step made Guo Ke Han Yingfeng feel cold, and the wind cleared the soul. Many people died, so I thought Ziluo Wonderland was your way of reply. It’s really special and shameful, but I’m sorry that if people want to marry Xue Lu, then you can all go to hell.
Looking at the man Guo Ke, who walked slowly with a cold blue robe on his face, took a deep breath, clutching his palm with a dark blue sword and quarrelling with the flood boat rolling endlessly in his body, and the fear in his heart was reduced. He stared at Yuan Ye with his head tilted to his side and his face was pale. Han Yingfeng said that his attack just now didn’t seem so terrible. I’ll hold him off later. You must take the opportunity to tell Yuan Zun’s adult the news that Yuan Ye came back.
Words fall and he doesn’t wait for Han Yingfeng to answer. Shoulders quiver, and a pair of pale blue wings are emerging, while tiptoes tap on the ground, forming a blurred shadow mixed with sharp swords, and Yuan Ye suddenly and violently shoots away.
See Guo Ke suddenly hand Yuan Ye smiled indifferently, look at that in the eye pupil, one person, one sword, the corners of the mouth micro light green fog gradually appears.
The dark blue sword tore the cyclone with a sharp shock wave, that is, it shot Yuan Ye’s chest with a cold storm, but Guo Ke felt that it was gas. Take a look at Yuan Ye and disappear into the green fog.
The wizard of oz, the tenth sword of the devil
When people don’t know where Yuan Ye disappeared, Guo Ke suddenly turned his head and drank it.
Aside that Han Yingfeng, who had already prepared, listened to the soles of his feet and stamped his body, which was as high as a shell.
This way, I can escape. When I heard Han Yingfeng escape, I brought up a broken wind. A sneer came from the green fog. Soon, the small clouds in the green fog were generally instantaneous, and Yingfeng recovered the green haze faster than Han Yingfeng.
It was at this time that Guo Ke’s eyes suddenly turned around and rushed to the sky and turned to flee.
Well, old fox, come to Yuan Ye’s sneer again in the green fog. This Guo Ke is also a treacherous person. Earlier, he said that Han Yingfeng was allowed to escape first in order to attract Yuan Ye’s attention, so he had an extra chance to escape.
Poof green fog that frightened Han Yingfeng than don’t know where the sword is now demonstrated the soul place has now a deep red immediately face is suddenly a white blood spray in a flash a body burst into pieces.
Guo Ke, don’t run to the other side. Seven attributes must respect Yu Xinlan in an attempt to stop Guo Ke.