Zhuge Yi’s daily drinking didn’t work, but it made Zhuge Qinglan cry even more.

Situhao has finished getting up and wearing pants at this time, which turned into a little flying insect and landed in the bark of a big tree next to it.
No, he ran away in the bark of a flying insect in Situhao, when Zhuge Yi had a drink.
Swish drink did not fall a figure flashed ZhuGeYi day flying in the weeds with a frown looked at that pile of steaming things.
A moment later, Zhuge Yi’s body shot straight into the sky and flew to the treetops to stand and look around.
Situhao didn’t expect Zhuge Yi to be sensitive to this day, but he just realized that he was no longer local.
It is conceivable that his skill has reached a horrible level.
Brush at this moment a full face of tears ZhuGeQingLan also came to the spot with fly and ups and downs in the treetops beside ZhuGeYi day did he really run? ZhuGeQingLan sob to ask a way.
What kind of achievement method is this little practice that can escape at the bottom of my eyes and his body has left a weak breath of your body? According to the Tao, I can sense him when he is within 200 miles, but at this time I can’t sense him at all in Zhuge Yi’s extremely confused tone.
Wow, haha, he escaped. Great. Wow, haha, Zhuge Qinglan is a little girl’s mentality after all. When she heard her father say that Situhao escaped, she immediately laughed.
What a fool! Situhao looked at Zhuge Qinglan’s happy heart and flashed all touched. At the same time, he couldn’t help cursing 1 in his heart.
Hum, even if he goes to the ends of the earth, we will find him and kill him in Xuanmo Island.
Dad, what? Why don’t you let me be with other boys and other boys be with me?
When you are twenty years old, you will know that I won’t tell you now. The mysterious magic island will not be completely destroyed. Situ Hao must die. If you die, we can’t hide it. You stole the mysterious magic order.
It’s still in Situhao’s place. Dad, please help me destroy the ancient home. You don’t even know that Huiyang’s ancient home robbed me. The mysterious magic order put a message in Xianmo Road, hoping to be impeded in the end. They actually sent someone directly to kill me. If it weren’t for Situhao, I would have been killed by them. Seeing that Dad still refused to spare Situhao, he could forget to track Situhao.
Now when do I want you to be okay with these things? I have to take you back to the mysterious magic island and find a way to get you back to life. When Stuart dies, everything can be settled. Zhuge Yi’s voice fell to the ground and he flew forward directly with Zhuge Qinglan.
ZhuGeYi day strength has reached the body crossing virtual chapter 6 old fox.
Situhao is quite depressed. He thinks he is lonely.
He practiced the secrets of animal repair, and it was not easy for him to get rid of the forbidden spell and do what men should do. Just Gong Sunrelin had a good relationship and lived a happy husband and wife life, but it was ruined by her mysterious dad. Today, it was very difficult to get Zhuge Qinglan, a beautiful girl, but it was also ruined by her dad. Is it true that he was born with his father-in-law?
Especially ZhuGeQingLan, because he took somebody else’s virginity, he would become an enemy of the mysterious magic island, which is really fucking incomprehensible.
What kind of secrets are hidden in Zhuge Qinglan’s body?
Her presence will involve the safety of a mysterious island.
The mysterious magic island is independent from overseas, and its body is beyond the fairy magic mainland. Even the strength of the mysterious magic island is by no means the enemy of the fairy magic mainland martial force team, but why would they be so taboo?
Is this world more powerful than the mysterious magic island?
When Stuart heard that Zhuge Yi was going to take Zhuge Qinglan back to restore his virginity, he had no doubt about this. After all, this kind of thing can be done through surgery even on earth.
The most depressing thing for Stuart is that the mysterious magic island is not implicated. At the same time, it is necessary to kill him and let his breath completely disappear from Zhuge Qinglan.
If human beings are always the masters of physical strength, it is a nature that no one can change. In this way, the mysterious magic island will definitely kill him. With other things, even the fairy magic mainland martial arts can’t handle the true mysterious magic island people, and one of them can kill him.
Situhao can sigh that God is blind and has offended a powerful person who shouldn’t have offended him.
Thinking about ZhuGeQingLan’s perfect beauty and charming body, Situhao is an impulse to blame others and want to curse the heaven.
This is just an impulse. Situhao didn’t do it either.
Just listen to ZhuGeYi day because he ZhuGeQingLan happened, he also left ZhuGeQingLan body breath to him less than two hundred miles away from ZhuGeYi day, he can feel that he can’t take the risk to be tracked by ZhuGeYi day.
In front of such a peerless expert as Zhuge Yitian, it is impossible for him to avoid killing him when he sees him.
He doesn’t want to die. He wants to be stronger and stronger. He wants to get GongSunReLin back from his father and ZhuGeQingLan from Zhuge Yitian.
Although these two prospective parents-in-law are not easy to mess with, setting such fewer goals is also a powerful driving force for him.
These two Xiao Ni are not beautiful, and their charming and harmonious bodies also make Situhao very addicted. He can’t let them become other people’s wives.
Situhao saw ZhuGeYi day with ZhuGeQingLan crossing the virtual, he didn’t change into a body, but changed into an eagle soaring in the kilometer high school and flying to Fengyun Jianzong.
Although I have been in trouble now, my mother can’t help but check.
Moreover, Situhao has been longing for the dragon-shaped handle weapon at the bottom of the precipice since he knew the state of the mastermind technique.
At that time, he entered the dark forest at the bottom of the cliff, and the scene of ghosts attacking him was still vivid. They were very afraid of dragon handle weapons, which was the most important symbol of the weapons in the later stage of the soul-taking practice.
If you want to get the dragon-shaped handle weapon, maybe it will be a thunderbolt Excalibur to compete with the fairy artifact.
After all, at the bottom of the precipice, there are five immortals’ immortal powers to generate purgatory and ambush magic array. A person can go deep into the dark forest to die, which means that the strength of that person is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
The array of purgatory in the abyss is aimed at creatures, whether they are human beings, immortals, demons or demons, they are dead and alive if they enter it.
What Situhao wants most today is a good weapon. If he can really get a fairy or magic artifact, it will be good for him.
SiTuHao heart make up such an idea is wholeheartedly to the wind and cloud sword cases flying rapidly.
Fortunately, Zhuge Qinglan turned him into a woman and taught him voice change. No matter where he went, he didn’t worry about being given two weapons by fairies and demons. It seems that his flight to Fengyun Jianzong was smooth sailing.
But in this process, another message is to let Situhao scold Zhuge Yitian again in his heart.