Don’t talk. Wei Yang gently turned his head to let Acacia see his face and smile, hoping to reassure Acacia, and then turned his head to look at those monsters that gathered step by step to the center. Which one of you is the boss?

Uh, acacia rolled her eyes. Why is that so like asking the bandit to be the boss?
I’m a monster beast, but it’s strange that I always miss the monster beast, but the monster beast doesn’t think that soon the monster beast group will be divided into a road, and at the end is the monster beast called the boss
Ah, when I saw the monster beast, I felt homesick and stroked my mouth and exclaimed, because she saw it was actually a white nine-tailed fox, and now it is still a white nine-tailed fox, which is even less. Don’t say that this monster beast world was before, and she had never seen a pure white nine-tailed fox. I didn’t expect to see it here.
No one and no monster cares about lovesickness. At this time, every monster’s attention is on Yu Weiyang’s body, and the only one except lovesickness is also on the nine-tailed fox.
At this time, the nine-tailed fox crawled on the bottom of the volcano, and in front of it was a red grass. Acacia would notice that the grass was because the monster beast in the crater was in the center of the grass, and the nine-tailed fox never left the grass when he spoke.
What are the last words of human beings before they die? You can say that the cold tone of the nine-tailed fox is not urgent or slow. Come over and still stare at the grass.
Yan grass, but you came from Yan grass. It’s a pity that even if it is Yan grass, even if you temporarily renew its life, you will never be able to achieve your goal. Yu Weiyang seems to know what he believes and disdains.
You seem to know that many nine-tailed foxes have finally turned their eyes from that plant called Yan grass.
Acacia looked from Weiyang’s shoulder but was scared back. But it’s not the kui that this group of monster beast boss’s eyes have made her tremble. It’s a horrible murderous look.
It seems that you, a human being, didn’t come here by mistake, so talk about your purpose. I hope you can be interested in me, or you will die. The nine-tailed fox seems to be faint, but with its voice, the monster has taken another step forward
Of course, I just came to help others. Yu Weiyang still smiled, but his words made Acacia want to strangle him. Isn’t that pure death? She has the same idea. There are many monsters except the nine-tailed fox.
Oh, tell me about it. The nine-tailed fox actually got up and took two steps forward
I can save you and save the bird. With Yu Weiyang’s words, the nine-tailed fox has taken two steps forward, and I can let you finish what you have always wanted to achieve but never reached the realm.
What? With Yu Weiyang’s words, the nine-tailed fox has gone several steps forward, and even the sound is excited. You mean you can not only save Lord Feng, but also make us all become.
That’s right, Yu Weiyang said firmly.
How do you make us believe you, nine-tailed fox? Look closely at Yu Weiyang’s lovesickness behind him. Both of them are still children. Children will not believe it. But at this time, because they are children, they also know the biggest goal of their monster beast family and dare to believe it. All these make it impossible for them to choose to believe something more important. It will not miss this opportunity even if it is a glimmer of opportunity. But although the monster beast family is not human, they are different from the fox monster beast family. Their wisdom is better than human beings.
I can help you to save the phoenix from believing that Yu Weiyang suddenly smiled and pointed to acacia behind him. I will give you my fiancee.
Good nine-tailed fox nodded.
Ah, don’t be homesick and shout at the sky. At the same time, she thought for a long time and finally pinched Yu Weiyang’s neck.
Chapter 31 Will Hum Demon Crane for Pink Tickets
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Dead Yu Weiyang stinks Yu Weiyang. I hope you choke on eating, drinking and sleeping. You fall out of bed and walk and get hit by bird droppings.
These are the words that Acacia has repeatedly called Yu Weiyang’s curse in recent days. Although her short experience will not make her curse more and more vicious, even one or two words she dare not really curse. Who knows if it will suddenly come true? If she accidentally curses him to death, she will also accompany her to die.
You’d better pray that human can cure Lord Feng, or hum.
You see, Acacia looked at the fierce one. She was an eagle, but the other party said she was a crane monster. That’s why she didn’t dare to curse Yu Weiyang to die, even if he said she was his fiancee without her consent.
But it’s really irritating to think that he just threw himself to these monsters and went to this place I don’t know where, and he just followed the nine-tailed fox and disappeared, so she became a hostage. It’s pathetic that she was taken hostage by a group of monsters, but there was nothing she could do.
Crane boss, where is your chicken’s adult? Will you take me there? I’m a little homesick. I’m constantly asking for all kinds of things. Because I told her the current situation before Yu Weiyang left, Yu Weiyang saved that phoenix. Then he is the monster beast benefactor. Then she is the monster beast benefactor’s fiancee. It’s not too much to ask. Instead of saving both of them, he will enjoy it for a while before he dies.
Hum, since the demon crane was called an eagle by Acacia once, he has never shown her a good face, except occasionally meeting her requirements rather than eating or drinking anything.
Acacia wrinkled her nose, which is also expected to reflect. She is also used to that hum, and she can listen to its mood from that hum.
Boss crane, what’s wrong with your chicken?
Boss Crane, how long do you think it will take them to come back?
Boss crane, what shall we eat tonight?
Otherwise, can you fly if you are so fat?
Why don’t you take me to heaven to play?
I heard yesterday that Gebiyutu’s family gave birth to a baby. Is it true?