Including the curtain is also a finger studied a and then to the Han Xuanxuan way

"Well, it’s not bad. After wearing a suit, it’s estimated that you will gain a vote of fans in this Jingwu Tianshen League."
Hear the ending Han Xuanxuan sneer at one.
"I’ve always had more fans than you, but I’m not like you."
Hear Han Xuanxuan ending is not to be outdone hurriedly fight back.
When I saw Han Xuanxuan and the ending, two people didn’t agree with each other and got up. I thought it was also a big feeling that the head and a line of people pulled the ending and Han Xuanxuan away before they followed the crowd to the cafeteria.
At this time, there are already a lot of people in the cafeteria. Because Han Xuanxuan changed clothes, we thought that the pedestrians came a little late. At this time, the cafeteria was quite quiet. There was a party that wanted to wait for people to feel familiar with middle-aged men talking.
Wait until a few people opened the door and walked in.
Taiwan that middle-aged man also stopped speaking and then said with a smile
"Ha, the protagonist of this Jingwu Tianshen League has appeared."
After hearing this middle-aged man’s words, I want to wait for someone’s eyes and deliver them in the past.
Everyone’s face is a little more shocked.
"Netease boss? Ding Sanshi? "
Don’t say it’s Fang Xiang, it’s Han Xuanxuan and the ending are all leng Yi.
Because to tell the truth, Ding Sanshi Netease bosses rarely attend such activities, let alone be a host as they are now. It is good that they can send a high-level person to take charge of the dream westward journey in peacetime.
Not to mention just now, Ding Sanshi even specially stopped a few of them and scattered all the dazzling light on them.
I can’t feel the hundreds of eyes staring at me in the cafeteria, and I want people to bite the bullet and say hello to everyone.
And this time Ding Sanshi also smiled and added.
"Well, it’s not easy to get everyone together this time. I know that it’s a fate to get together with all your families or yourself as leaders from all walks of life."
"I won’t say much about the pleasantries. I hope everyone can get good results in this Jingwu Tianshen League."
"And I’ll send drinks to you after the league. Of course, before the game, let’s not drink. Otherwise, it’s not good for people to drink and drive. It’s dangerous for us to drink and play games easily, isn’t it?"
Listen, everyone at Ding Sanshi Humorous Talk Station laughed.
It was also at this time that Ding Sanshi took the glass from a master of ceremonies. His triangular glass was filled with red wine.
"I stole this wine from a winery owner when I was in France. What is the specific name of this wine? I don’t know the reason. I don’t know the year, but I know that this wine is expensive and it is the only way to meet everyone’s identity."
"I won’t say anything now. I’ll dry this glass of wine until the end of the game. I’ll invite someone to give you a dinner. If there are entertainment activities in Shenzhen tonight, you can enjoy yourselves. Netease will pay for everyone!"
Speaking of which, Ding Sanshi waved his hand and then gulped down the wine in his glass.
Taiwan is also a palm, that is, Fang Xiang and others can’t help but be infected by the atmosphere of Ding Sanshi or Netease
Is there entertainment in Shenzhen to be reimbursed by the department tonight?
To put it bluntly, although everyone at the scene may be embarrassed to spend this money, what if it is spent? And according to these people’s identities, it’s not easy to spend hundreds of thousands a night alone. And a hundred people, that’s ten million!
When Zhengfang wanted to wait for people to be shocked by Ding Sanshi’s atmosphere, Ding Sanshi once again raised his glass and walked towards Fangxiang’s table.
Once again, the focus is on Fang Xiang and others.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two What are you?
Fang wants to wait for someone to watch and come slowly towards his side. Ding Sanshi also has a nerve-racking feeling.
For example, if people like Ma Yun came over, they would not feel this way.
After all-
Fang thought they were playing Netease Fantasy Westward Journey!
So many years of youth have also contributed to the dream westward journey.
In Fantasy Westward Journey, players complain about what they like to say most, and what kind of Ding Sanshi is my father?
At this time, when I saw Ding Sanshi coming towards my side with a smile on his face, I thought it was unnatural to wait for someone.
It was also at this time that Ding Sanshi filled the goblet in his hand.
He went to Fang Xiang and others and said with a smile
"I won’t say anything more. You should know what I propose to you."
"I have two words to say to you guys, and that is-"
"thank you"
After finishing this sentence and drinking this glass of wine, Ding Sanshi walked towards the outside of the room. When he quickly walked outside the room, he didn’t turn his head, but his hand was higher than his head and he waved a few times.
"Everyone, wait until the game is over and I’ll celebrate for you!"
Looking at that road, everyone once felt that Fang Xiang and others couldn’t help but squint when they left than Wei Wei.