The private investigator said that he would give him news until tomorrow.

After listening to Xie Yiming, I nodded and asked him to tell me the Thai phone number. I took out my mobile phone and entered the Thai phone number.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Mawei District
Xie Yiming woke up when I saved my Thai phone number. It’s far from my time to challenge the Thai.
I put my phone number in my pocket and told Xie Yiming that I had written it down, that’s all. Now Meishan is still eyeing me, and I have no energy or ability to challenge someone else
Xie Yiming took my hand and smiled and said that one day in the near future, the two of us will be able to sweep the yin and yang.
I nodded and said it was a compliment to Yi-ming xie, who was insightful and smiled brightly.
Back to renting a house, Xie Yiming’s cell phone rang just before the food was ready and brought to the table.
Chufei and I went to the kitchen to serve dishes and Xie Yiming answered the phone.
Xie Yiming answered the phone and told me that what he just said was from a private detective. He said that Meishan had been in and out of Mawei District recently. Meishan went to Mawei District this afternoon and has not returned yet.
However, Meishan went to Mawei District to do specific things, and what the private detective said has not been found out yet.
Xie Yiming said that Meishan is not an ordinary lonely old man, but has five directors whose financial resources are unpredictable.
I can’t get over what Xie Yiming said.
The reason why I can’t get over it is not because Meishan’s financial resources are unpredictable, but because the disappearance of people in Mawei District before me is very likely, and the speculation that Meishan is connected has become a reality.
What exactly does Meishan want to achieve through such a move? When and how will he strike me?
Xie Yiming patted me on the shoulder and let me have dinner together first, and then it’s not too late.
Chufei stood at the dinner table and watched me sit with Yi-ming Xie before he sat down to eat together and remained silent.
I ate in silence. Xie Yiming told me and Chufei a few jokes, but I couldn’t laugh.
Chufei listened to Xie Yiming’s jokes, but he was very supportive and laughed to make the atmosphere of the meal less boring.
After dinner, Chufei scrambled to wash the dishes. Xie Yiming took me to the living room sofa and comforted me. Relax. There’s nothing wrong with it.
Xie Yiming said that although Meishan often went in and out of Mawei District during this period, the disappearance of people may not necessarily be related to Meishan. Everything is our guess, guess and guess, not fact.
I nodded, and Xie Yiming asked me to go to wash and rest early and go to Mawei District with him.
I got up and went back to my room to get my pajamas, and then I went to clean and wash.
The sanitary shower comes out with clean water, and I’m ready to undress when I test the water temperature.
At this time, the clear water flowing out of the shower turned into thick blood and the smell of blood came to the nose.
I pulled the sanitation door and ran straight to my room. I took out the soul-eating whip from my backpack and ran to the sanitation again.
Sitting in the living room, Xie Yiming and Chu Fei, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, followed me into hygiene.
Once again, I entered the sanitation, and I saw the flowers spill out of the sanitation and restore the clear water-like ground again. Just now, the thick blood was gone, and there was no smell of blood.
There is nothing unusual in hygiene, as I just saw it was an illusion.
This situation makes me stupefied. Everything is normal in hygiene. Can’t it be normal? Did I just see it as an illusion?
I shook my head, maybe I was too nervous. When Xie Yiming asked me what happened just now, I said nothing.
Yi-ming xie didn’t continue to ask hello ChuFei from health with him.
Soon Xie Yiming turned back and told me that he would accompany me at the door of the sanitation. Just call him as soon as there is anything.
Xie Yiming gave the sanitary door to stand outside for me.
The water in the shower keeps flowing out. I stared at the shower for a long time in my health, but I didn’t see the abnormality happen again. I put the soul-eating whip aside and reached out to get to the place to undress and prepare for a bath.
When my hand just dipped into the shower, the water instantly became thick blood again, and my hand was red.
I stretched out my hand with horror at the bottom of my heart and took the soul-eating whip to alert me and stood still.
Now I am naked and can’t call Xie Yiming to come in and help. I can rely on myself.
The shower keeps spraying thick blood all over the floor, and the red blood has spread to my feet, and the smell of blood is strong.
Xie Yiming asked me why I haven’t taken a shower with a low smile from outside at this time.
When I heard Xie Yiming’s inquiry in the health department, I knew that what I saw in front of me and the smell I smelled should be directed at me.
I can see this situation and smell it alone.
Otherwise, it is impossible for Xie Yiming not to smell such a rich blood smell.
Is this Meishan’s attack on me? I’m in a bad mood.
Xie Yiming didn’t get my response. The knocking at the door outside was hard to hide. He asked me if he could go in.
Xie Yiming knocked at the door and sounded the shower. Sprinkling water returned to normal again. It was pure water droplets. The ground was red and visible to the naked eye, and the speed gradually replaced pure water.
I responded by saying that Xie Yiming said that I was fine and quickly dressed and pulled the sanitation door.
Xie Yiming, after I pull the sanitation door, I glance at the sanitation situation and then pay attention to me.
"Honey, why didn’t you take a shower? What happened just now?" Xie Yiming is used to calling me Honey when we are both together.
Strange things have happened twice in a short time, and continuing to hide the truth from Xie Yiming will make you more worried. I will tell Xie Yiming exactly what happened to me just now
Xie Yiming frowned and hugged me for a while and said, then don’t take a shower tonight. If I really want to take a shower, he can go in to the health room to accompany me.
I took a white glance at Xie Yiming and returned to my room to sleep with my pajamas and soul-eating whip.
The next morning, Xie Yiming and I went to Wang Dalang Xiangbiao Store early. I first served the white paper and went to Mawei District with Xie Yiming.
Mawei district is not far from our district, and it takes an hour by bus.
Because it takes three hours for me to present blank paper every day, it was near noon when Xie Yiming and I arrived at Mawei District.
After getting off the bus, Xie Yiming and I will find a place to eat first, and then go to Meishan yesterday afternoon to stay at Xinlong Hotel in Mawei District according to the location called by the private detective this morning.
In the words, the private detective office did not tell Xie Yiming that Meishan stayed in the specific room because Xinlong Hotel in Mawei District kept the information of the guests confidential.
It is estimated that it is not the ability of private detectives, and the private detective office of Xinlong Hotel in Mawei District is also given a supplementary introduction