His size is like a spider with many limbs.

His speed is extremely frightening.
Even if you are not in the abyss, your strength is inevitably limited.
Is still as fast as black flash.
When he charged, the air current was lifted, and the weaker demons around him were forcibly torn into pieces.
Even the wind element, which does not rely on vision to capture the opponent’s race, can’t observe his actions, but can perceive the danger and approach quickly.
And as he sprinted and shouted
Those who have been beaten by [Wind Element Corps] for a long time due to geographical disadvantages are also excited and cheering, rushing out like prisoners and rushing to distant cities!
It was also at this time.
A large-scale war spell jointly cast by a name [Wind Element] was released!
Billions of flash like a giant blue eagle from the outskirts of Qi Fei rushed out to those [demons] …
That harsh flash makes the dark sky seem like day.
The dust caused by the violent hurricane makes the whole plain like a desert area …
That feeling is like a curtain covering the sky trying to cover all the demons!
But even so,
The deafening shouting and killing is still clear in the storm!
"Rumble …"
Huge noise
The crimson fire is cut straight from the depths of the sky!
The wind and thunder drew a clear line.
Counting the wind and thunder, like the divided sea surface, broke away toward the depths.
And at the center of the crimson fire line
A blow cut the thunder curtain [Barlow efreet] and strode out of it.
Hold high a mighty sword with burning flames and point it at a distant city …
soon afterwards
Several ferocious demons poured out from behind him …
Since the war!
And the deepest part of the city
[Duke of Wind Elements] The tall body also starts from its own seat.
Count the thunder and the wind and go out along the deep passage!
It crossed a distance of tens of kilometers.
Reached the top of the city
Looking at the demon king who is charging here quietly …
It is calmer to have eyes made up of thunder.
at this moment
Feel his eyes
That is wantonly slashing the enemy and enjoying the pleasure of killing [Miska] can raise his head.
Look at each other.
Facing the enemy’s calm manner
He disdains sneering
"The horse is your death."
【 boast 】 look remains the same.
Is calm than have answers whispered.
"Unfortunately, I think the result may be the opposite."
Say it.
[Miska] Gaze
A huge staff.
Appeared in his hands
At the same time
Several powers are instilled in the mind.
A series of distorted thunder descended from the sky like being pulled, and surrounded by [Akwa].
Formed a huge ring …
It also makes the staff in his hand shine with striking silver-white brilliance!
What’s that?’
Just raised the idea in my mind at the same time.
Yu neng’s sense of crisis urges
I haven’t been able to make a decision.
[Miska] The tall body consciousness has retreated two steps in succession.
"I’ll wait for Shen Weilichen!"
"From now on, when the end comes, you will be imprisoned forever …"
Because I’m not sure if the other person is in two places and lives in different places.
Give up the idea of killing each other directly.
Instead, I intend to seal all the members of the other body together through the other body!
"No way! !”
Panicked and angry
【 Mishka 】 Intends to adjust his strength and forcibly send himself away.
But from the wind element god-Akadi 】 Weili has already been connected in series around 【 wind 】 to forcibly lock everything around.
soon afterwards
[Miska] That stare big eyes.
The silvery-white thunder column swept through all obstacles along the way, surpassing the glorious speed.
Straight at him!
on passage
Whether it is the name who broke the spell of large-scale war with one blow [Barlow efreet] or his demons are as fragile as dust …
The slightest blocking effect is caused by law!
at this moment