Summer dad’ he’ Mo Xiaoyan remembered his stubbornness and vacillated, but didn’t pay attention to what Aunt Qi whispered to Xia Shuqing’s ear.

Can’t I stay in the same room with my wife when I go to Mo’s house? Xia Shuqing eyes shrank and then turned around and said to Mo Xiaoyan,
"Wife, we have to hide it from the bear. Let’s live in the villa before they go. It’s quiet there. There are no people. We can have a baby quietly …"
Mo Xiaoyan nodded and agreed when he heard this.
Summer mother was so happy that she even made a few long stories and arranged things, and then when a group of people sat down, the team went to the big villa.
At the beginning of pregnancy, the family was very careful, and the speed of the car was even slower in the summer, which made Mo Xiaoyan sleep in the car until the big villa.
In front of the villa gate, the Xia family except Xia Shuying are all smiling to welcome Mo Xiaoyan home, while Xia Dad has a long face, but anyone can see the joy in his eyes.
☆, Chapter two hundred and nine Arrive at noon.
At this time, Mo Xiaoyan dressed up her feet in a sky-blue sportswear and a pair of exquisite flat-bottomed soft shoes of the same color. Her hair was also combed close to her face and faded some makeup, which showed that she was a girl.
Of course, this dress is Xia Mama Jie. She likes to dress up soft MengMeng girls. At this time, Mo Xiao put it bluntly that Xia Shuqing was a girl dressing place for Xia Mama when he was a child. He liked to wear bright and beautiful clothes since he was a child.
Grandpa Xia’s happy eyes narrowed when he saw the baby’s granddaughter-in-law. He put his daughter-in-law and eldest daughter-in-law around Mo Xiaoyan to ask for a few words of warmth, and then * * asked everyone to come in for dinner. Don’t be hungry for his great-grandchildren after sitting in the car for a long time.
There is a delicious meal in the restaurant. Mo Xiaoyan’s table is ashamed at first glance. She has a nutrition teacher’s college in front of her. She has customized a nutritious meal, which is a small bowl of four dishes, one soup and a bowl of glittering and translucent white rice, which is the weight of her meal. And the table is filled with those large dishes, which are also an arm’s length away from her recently. It is obvious that she is not giving her food.
When a quiet family eats, they smile sweetly from time to time. Mo Xiaoyan Xia Shuqing is even more proud. It is rare to ask others to help the cloth dishes to be popular. In fact, there is a grandfather sitting next to him. Xia Shuqing likes to eat several dishes and put them in front of him.
Xia Nainai and Xia Mama sat on both sides of Mo Xiaoyan, noting that Mo Xiaoyan was popular and didn’t say much.
After dinner, I went back to the living room to sit for a while and had some fruit after dinner.
Not long after, Xia Dad took the lead in saying that he would go back and work late. Xia Mom has grandchildren and everything is enough to stare at Mo Xiaoyan. It is absolutely not willing to go back. Xia Dabo and Xia Auntie followed Xia Dad and left. Before leaving, they also looked back and watched Mo Xiaoyan with envy. I wish it was my daughter-in-law.
Xia Nai Nai Yi tired and went back to the room with Grandpa Xia to rest in the restaurant, leaving Xia’s mother and the young couple for a while.
Going home with a wife with a baby Xia Shuqing was rarely taken back to work by his father. He was so proud that he grinned and went to Mo Xiaoyan’s side. He wanted to lean on her, but he was blocked by Xia’s mother and said with a flat mouth
"I know, I know, I can’t disturb her now. We are so tired by car that we have to go to our room and sit for a while before going to bed."
Summer mother ignored the’ we’ and gave Xia Shuqing an impatient "go go"
Xia Shuqing is not sure where mom’s impatience comes from, but I’m glad to hear’ Go’ and take my wife back to her room. When she goes to bed, he plays games.
Seeing the son holding the daughter-in-law to leave, Xia’s mother suddenly felt wrong and quickly stopped them "and so on"
“?” Xia Shuqing and Mo Xiaoyan stopped and looked at Xia’s mother waiting for her.
In the face of the young couple’s doubts and other answers, Xia’s mother feels that she is just like a bad mother-in-law in a TV play. It’s embarrassing to draw a drop of sweat and laugh a few times. Explain, "This is clear. You have to be careful that you can’t be impatient in Mao Mao …"
It turned out that the mother wanted to lecture the young couple side by side and listened to Xia’s mother chanting.
"If you eat at ordinary times, you must tell me if you don’t talk to Aunt Qi and the baby, you can go to the back garden and walk on the platform. You can’t go by yourself. You have to be accompanied by someone. If you have it clearly at ordinary times, let him accompany you or you can find me. You can’t go alone …"
Giving birth to a baby is a big deal. Mo Xiaoyan, little J pecks at rice and nods. This is the experience of the older generation and you can’t go for a walk by yourself.
"… and, uh …" Summer mother said a bunch of things and couldn’t remember what she wanted to say. Suddenly, she twisted her eyebrows and felt that something important had been forgotten.
Xia Shuqing blinked and asked, "Is mom okay? Nothing, let’s go to rest. "
Look at Xia Shuqing’s picture of wanting to run back to her room at once. Does Xia’s mother stare at her son with anger, and she doesn’t want to panic because she hasn’t seen it several times all year round? It’s annoying to say a few words.
Mo Xiaoyan quickly added to comfort Xia’s mother, "Mom will tell me later if she doesn’t remember anything, that is, we all live together in no hurry."
Mother Xia nodded "Is it urgent? Oh, yes" and said "Baby, call your father as soon as you go back to your room to rest, or your father won’t know what it is like for you to suddenly drop out of school"
"Good" Mo Xiao promised in her heart that she wanted to go back to her room and discuss with Nana. How on earth is it better to talk to her family than not to discuss with Xia Shuqing? Forget it. Xia Shuqing can’t wait for her to tell everyone about the baby.
Summer mother hesitated or added, "Your grandfather did call back to Mo’s house, but it is better for you to tell your family again."
"… good" Mo Xiao said sincerely, and she should know from home that she had something, and she didn’t discuss with Nana whether it was an honest account or a temporary one.
"Okay, okay, I left. I’m sleepy." Xia Shuqing urged me to cover my mouth and yawned intentionally.
Summer mother looked at it and waved the young couple back to their room.
"Oh, oh, oh ….." Xia Shuqing in his own room is alive and kicking like a fish in the water, singing an unknown song in his mouth, and the room is like a treasure hunt.
Mo Xiaoyan ignored Xia Shuqing and hesitated in a daze on the soft sofa, but decided to call his father.
Mo Haihua received the words, and the tone was excited and complained. "Yo, finally know to call me? It’s amazing that you can make decisions about big things this day. "
Mo Xiaoyan sweated her heart and said it was true. She didn’t make the final decision at home, but her mouth was busy explaining, "Dad, I didn’t know anything until my mother came here. I didn’t know I had slept a little in recent days."
Mo Haihua was still dissatisfied and said, "Even if you know you have it, then you don’t know how to go home?"
"… things are in a hurry." Mo Xiaoyan is too lazy to explain where to take a rest and have a baby. He is too busy to change the subject. "Dad, talk to mom and tell grandpa that it is a small language, so don’t say it."
"Also you say early know what time do you think it is late to tell me? Am I still your father? " Mo Haihua’s tone is not good
Looking around for things, Xia Shuqing’s ears are standing upright. Listening to his wife’s voice is not busy, I just heard the last sentence. I can’t bear to let my wife complain. I took the phone over and spoke. "Dad, it’s me. I’m clear. Don’t blame her. It was my mother’s idea to come to my house. You don’t know. My mother was so happy when she knew that she had a baby. Zhang took us out of school for a year and brought us back .."