"Where did the last ship go? Don’t you have any points in your heart?" Xie Hengyan chilly to ask

Yin Yan rubbed his eyebrows to limit his fatigue. "I’m not sure … whether it’s what I want."
Xie Hengyan asked again, "Did you tell those people what you did?"
Yin Zhu was stunned and immediately replied, "Naturally, I didn’t say that. How can I say that?"
Xie Hengyan sneered, "You are clever once, knowing that you didn’t stick the operator paper on others."
India poured callous way "… I’m not stupid"
"A big ship has been out to sea for more than 20 years, but none of those people who left the island together have come back."
Xie Hengyan turned over and lay flat to the straw pile line slowly tunnel "… what did you say they could do in the end? Dead or alive, it’s easy to guess. "
Yin Yan squints at him. "You know it’s a guess …"
"Otherwise, what else can you do?" Xie Hengyan sighed, "You have to ask me how many people I have contacted over the years. The world is so big and my head is so small. Where can I think? I can say that when the imperial court banned the demon, no matter whether people or livestock wanted to wear the karma seal on their heads, it was a shoot-to-kill … You say, what will happen in the end if they try their best to escape to land and treat the’ disease’ brought by transplanting the karma seal? "
Yin Zhu didn’t speak. He thought that when he was still in Fuze Mountain, the masons had talked about some things that were killed by two families during the earliest "demon ban" period.
With a reward, you can kill all the living who stand in the way, even if they have not made a mistake.
"The names of the two houses in the Jade Mansion have never been too good," Xie Hengyan said. "Nowadays, they are all poor people who can be dead set on following them. What do you think they will think of you if you let these villagers know what your master is doing? Still enthusiastically going out of the tent like this, do you rest and sleep? "
Yin pour some infarction in my heart, but in theory, Xie Hengyan is not wrong.
The villagers in Yongcun are not as secretive as the former land people. On the contrary, they regard the arrival of the employment seal as a precious redemption-just as saving lives, they are determined not to be despised and trampled on important things.
People like Cheng Daofeng, whose hands are stained with meat and blood, are afraid of being unacceptable in their hearts.
"I know …" India poured extra hard tunnel "I won’t let them know this"
Xie Hengyan said, "It’s not just you and my dad … Once we spill the beans, we’ll be finished together."
India poured sink a way "can’t say"
Xie Hengyan is a long sigh of relief and lay back in the haystack and never spoke again.
When they were silent for a while, but the seal was not idle, he held out a hand sadly and gently pressed Xie Hengyan’s chest.
And there are still several bone needles that are uneven to the touch and somewhat awkward.
"… what are you touching?" Xie Hengyan almond eyes narrowed into a line but did not deliberately push the seal away.
"You told me before that you were not the one who was born here." Yin said that "someone else transferred to you."
Xie Hengyan truthfully said, "I have already broken myself."
Yin Ying asked, "Do you think that woman is still there?"
"I don’t know if we haven’t seen each other since." Xie Hengyan looked up at the top of the tent and her eyes kept drifting. "But she was not very good at that time … since she gave birth to a child, the whole person has been in a state of emotional collapse … I think she should be a very responsible woman. This kind of responsibility also makes her more fragile than the average person."
Yinzhu said, "Do you know her name?"
Chapter 18 Xiuen Love Time
Puppet facial features are not amazing at first glance, but after a long time, you will feel very gentle and compliant with that type.
To be honest, he is especially like a delicate and touching little animal. Even if he just doesn’t say a word, his big black eyes are embedded with water and light, and they are mixed with temperature limitation, softness and tenderness. When he looks around, he can always make people feel a little strange and pity.
India poured unconsciously looked at Xie Hengyan, and was slightly absent for a while.
After a long time, Xie Hengyan felt unnatural all over. He pattered over with a pair of oversized straw sandals and raised his eyes. He said unhappily, "What can I do if I wear it like this?"
Don’t pour too much, the mosquito buzzes and praises him "good-looking"
"What?" Xie Hengyan failed to hear clearly.
Suddenly, Yin Yan became nervous as if afraid of being known by him, especially unconsciously. "If you don’t look good, you won’t look good … Puppet can choose what clothes and wear them."
"Then don’t wear it!" Xie Hengyan savagely barked at him, "You ugly thing, you can cover it with leaves!"
Print and pour "…"
Both of them were quarrelling along the way. Although Xie Heng Yan unilaterally blew hair, it was noisy until the end of the path when Una opened a big tent curtain in front of him, revealing Yang Deyi’s deep and vicissitudes, an old face full of fine lines.
At that time, Xie Heng Yancai consciously silenced again, and like a little puss-head, Nuo Nuo hid behind the seal and stretched out his hand and twisted his sleeve pitifully, tugging, tugging and pulling, probably in fear.
"Nothing to worry about"
Yin poured the puppet palm and led him to Yang Deyi. He said to the old man truthfully, "I made some accidents last night and brought people here today … If the village chief has anything to ask, just ask."
Yang Deyi is wordless, and a pair of small eyes really stare at Xie Hengyan, almost from beginning to end.
While Xie Hengyan’s eyes are slightly dodgy, they also avoid it before it happens-both of them looked at each other in silence for a long time. After that, Yang Deyi took the initiative to narrow his eyes and asked, "What’s your name?"
"Xie Hengyan" puppet frank should answer.
"Never heard of it," Yang Deyi added. "Where are you from?"
Xie Hengyan added, "My dad in Tongjing Island …"
"I picked him up." Yin poured a lie for him indifferently. "I’m afraid the village chief has never heard of where we live … but there’s no way to ask anything."
"Well, I really haven’t heard what kind of island it is. I’ve been in this village for so long that I don’t know what the outside world is like." Yang Deyi shook his head and sighed. "It’s just that I don’t want to ask these questions again. It’s also more important to call you here today."
"You ask" Xie Heng Yanwei bowed his head and was very docile. "If I know it, I will not hide it."
Yang Deyi "heard that you are a demon"
Xie Hengyan "Yes"
Yang Deyi "Can I borrow the demon seal to have a look?"
Xie Hengyan’s pupil miniature fundus surfaced somewhat hesitant.
Yang Deyi knew that he was alert and naturally didn’t insist, so the old man took the lead in Xie Hengyan’s reply and slowly peeled off the gray hair before the puppet’s eyes, and then revealed a faint glowing demon print with reservation.
Xie Hengyan was stunned in an instant, but when he saw the light seal on Yang Deyi’s head, it was particularly obvious to ordinary people at a glance. On the right day, he was forced to implant in Fuze Mountain, just like his father.
Suddenly, I saw that Xie Hengyan was still a little flustered. After all, the individual chaos was caused by Xie Xie. If he didn’t intervene in this matter, Xie Hengyan would not believe it.
However, at this time, Yang Deyi was close at hand, and Xie Hengyan pretended to be calm and said, "I heard that the village chief’s business seal was transplanted by people … and it can cure the disease."
Una nodded at the back and replied, "The village chief has lived the longest in the village at present. At the beginning, he went to the island to settle down together, but now there are none left because of the spread of" strange diseases "."
"You have repeated these words many times, but when I heard them last night, I felt something was wrong." Xie Hengyan glanced at the seal and suddenly said, "… I don’t think you are sick."
India poured when I heard that also involuntarily offset the eyes.
It seems that to some extent, what they think is not too bad.
Una said, "What is not a disease? Can it still be a monster? "
Chapter 19 Yan Yan plays with me