Mu Feng was a little frustrated and excited because he finally learned that the girl he met on the night of drunkenness was Ji Yue. He had been speculating that Ji Yue and Miss Ji were the same person, and it was not until then that Mu Feng was sure that Miss Ji was Ji Yue.

But Mu Feng couldn’t find Ji Yue, and he was worried, but he also wanted to find someone in this huge hotel in vain. He didn’t want to bother Ye Yuan because Mu Feng didn’t want to tell her about himself.
Finally, Mu Feng was lost and walked out of Tianfeng Hotel. He was not in the mood to go back and get it. When Mu Feng took the bus to Shalang City, Mu Feng knew that it would be difficult for him to see Jiyue. Whether it was in reality or in the game, Mu Feng had a lump in his heart at this moment.
Back in the Bauhinia Garden, the world has been completely gloomy. The dark night enveloped everything and the surrounding environment was unusually quiet. This quiet night made Mu Feng feel even more depressed, as if something was suddenly missing in his heart, and now it hurts faintly.
Mu Feng came home. Mother Liao has come back. When she saw Mu Feng’s melancholy face, she asked Mu Feng. Mu Feng shook her head and went downstairs to undress and take a bath.
After washing and getting dressed, Mu Feng looked at himself in front of the mirror. Although he looked at himself, all he could think about was Ji Yue. He could even see Ji Yue’s beautiful appearance in the mirror.
Suddenly, Mu Feng heard a distant ancient song. This is Mu Feng’s cell phone ringing. He hurried back to his room and picked up his cell phone. It was Ji Yue, but it was not Su Xinxin.
"Mu Feng, do you have it?" After the connection, Su Xin’s beautiful voice rang in the microphone. After listening to it, Mu Feng barely got up and said, "What is it?"
"Well, I have a younger sister’s birthday tonight, will you accompany me to celebrate her birthday?" On the other hand, Su Xinxin sat in a taxi and bit her pink lip and said to Mu Feng Jiao Dada that she also read Mu Feng in her heart and could go with her.
"When did you have a sister?" Mu Feng asked in surprise.
"Oh, yes, I’m coming to the gate of Bauhinia Garden. You have to pick me up." Su Xinxin said that she was afraid that Mu Feng would not agree to go to Mu Feng by car first.
When Mu Feng looked at it, it was already 10 o’clock at night. He didn’t want to go out at this time. Plus, he met Ji Yue today, which made him look listless. He probably went to be a piece of wood.
I was just about to refuse Su Xinxin when I heard a phone call to Su Xin’s heart sound, "Well, you must come. Anyway, the sky can’t enter the game. If you don’t come, I will go to your house to harass you every day."
"…" Mu Feng smiled again for a while. He was afraid that Su Xinxin would harass himself? Estimated to have been bullied by yourself, but after Su Xinxin said so, Mu Feng was in a better mood. Finally, she was silent for a while, and Mu Feng promised to accompany her tonight.
When Mu Feng went out from home to the door of Bauhinia Garden, he saw Su Xinxin waving at himself in the street lamp. Mu Feng walked over and put her waist around her, and then they stopped a taxi. Su Xinxin spoke the address, and then the taxi went out with Mu Feng Su Xinxin.
After parking, Mu Feng and Su Xinxin arrived at a kv, and it was no accident that the birthday party was held in kv.
"Let’s go" Su Xinxin smiled and hugged Mu Feng’s arm and walked into it to get familiar with it and brought Mufeng to a private room.
After entering, there was a burst of perfume coming head-on. There were all kinds of smells. Mu Feng was almost dizzy by these perfume smells. At a closer look, Mu Feng, a man here, suddenly felt his heart beat faster. Even if his concentration was no matter how good, it would be difficult to break out in a wild manner according to his patience.
In this room, besides myself and Su Xinxin, there are six girls sitting on the sofa. They are young and 16 or 17 years old, but they are all young and beautiful, and they are as long as Su Xinxin. One of them, a 2034-year-old beauty with curly hair, looks better than Su Xinxin’s. The long legs and rough chest just make Mu Feng want to hook up.
After Mu Feng and Su Xinxin came in and sat down, all these beautiful women stared at Mu Feng and talked about themselves. It was a little embarrassing for Mu Feng to listen to it. Fortunately, Su Xinxin helped to clear the way. In front of all the beautiful women, Mu Feng was her boyfriend, which made all the beautiful women dispel their thoughts about Mu Feng, but he didn’t speak.
Other beautiful women dare not hook up with Mu Feng, but a beautiful woman asked her name. This beautiful woman is the protagonist tonight and the sister who is going to have a birthday in Su Xin’s heart.
This beautiful woman is good-looking, with a pair of big black and white eyes, quiet facial contour, peaks and peaks on her chest and personality. Mu Feng guessed that this beautiful woman must be a grinding demon after her long hair, and her name is Mu Xuexue.
When I introduced myself to you in Mu Feng, I was hit at the hand washing door in the private room. A tall, thin young man walked out of the room. This young man was wearing a shirt and trousers with oblique bangs. After a simple understanding, Bi Sven said that he was Mu Melissa Zhou’s boyfriend.
Looking at such an attractive little beauty who actually has a boyfriend and that person is not herself, Mu Feng immediately felt a kind of regret, but this regret did not last long because he was surrounded by Su Xinxin, who was still relatively good-looking among the other six beauties.
After everyone appeared, beautiful women sang songs. Others also picked up the table beer and drank it. Looking at this lively scene, Su Xinxin took Mu Feng to sing, but Mu Feng refused. Mu Feng generally ignored the singing in kv because he could not sing.
"Come on, brothers, why don’t we have a drink?" The tall and thin young man looked unwilling to sing, so Mu Feng hit two bottles of beer and took one for Mu Feng himself. He also picked up a bottle of Mu Feng and smiled and sang. He couldn’t drink, but Mu Feng was never afraid of clinking glasses. After that, a bottle of beer was drunk by Mu Feng.
The tall, thin young man looked at Mu Feng and had to hold his nose and drink all the beer. The rest of the beautiful women looked at Mu Feng and dried up. Although they were women, they were not bad at drinking. Even Su Xinxin drank less than half a bottle.
After drinking five or six bottles of beer with these beautiful women, Mu Feng finally felt that his stomach was a little full. At night, he ate a big meal at Ye Yuan’s place, so he didn’t digest it. Now he drank beer crazily. Mu Feng couldn’t stand it. He found an excuse not to drink Mu Feng and chewed peanuts. At the same time, he saw a girl walk out of the bag.
Mu Feng spent this birthday party chatting like this. However, soon after everyone was happy, a man came in. The man was tall and bloated. It was fat to a certain extent.
"Pang Hua, why are you here?" Mu Xuexue, the main character of tonight’s birthday, looked at the man who came in and said angrily, she didn’t invite this person
"Yes, Melissa Zhou didn’t call you. You have to be shameless." Su Xinxin also got up and scolded.
Mu Feng also knows this man who came in. He is the only chairman of his former company class and the one who said he would marry Su Xinxin. His nickname is Pang Hua.
Mu Xuexue, Su Xinxin and several other beautiful women are all in Pang Hua, and his father’s company is ignorant of this person. Today, he rashly came to disturb Mu Xuexue’s birthday and made everyone hate him.
"Ha ha Melissa Zhou, it’s good that you didn’t tell me about your birthday. I came to accompany you this time." Pang Hua rubbed his hands and then came to Mu Xuexue.
"I don’t welcome you to leave!" Mu Xuexue roared that she was not bullied by this man in the company. It’s her birthday and she doesn’t want to see this man.
Seeing that his girlfriend was in a bad mood, the tall and thin young man got up and rushed to Pang Hua and shouted, "Get the fuck out of here and leave my girlfriend alone."
Tall and thin young man seems a little drunk, shaking his head, but Pang Hua doesn’t know that he is drunk and scolds himself. Pang Hua is holding Mu Xuexue’s hand in anger and says, "Mu Xuexue, look at your boyfriend’s virtue? If you want to follow me, I will give you whatever you want. "
Pang Hua’s words came to him as soon as there were beautiful women present. One of them shouted, "Pongo, don’t you love me alone? I just gave you my first night last night. You can’t go back on your word. "
Listening to this beautiful woman, Pang Huacai realized that she had just let slip another beautiful woman who had sex with Pang Hua and yelled at Pang Hua.
Watching Su Xinxin and Mu Feng suddenly dumbfounded, Mu Feng was fine, but Su Xinxin seemed to understand something at this moment. Originally, this surname Pang usually not only flirted outside, but even Su Xinxin, an employee in the company, and her sisters were defiled.
Thinking of this, Su Xinxin said to Mu Feng, "Mu Feng, I want you to help me kill him!"
"Ah?" Mu Feng listened for two seconds.
Chapter 9 Strong explosion beauty stabbed
Looking at the messy party, Mu Feng didn’t know what to say, but this Pang Hua was so wishful thinking that he didn’t even let go of the company’s beautiful women. Fortunately, he didn’t have sex with Su Xinxin, otherwise Mu Feng wouldn’t make him feel better.
After Pang Hua and two beautiful women tore him off, Mu Xuexue also hated him on his birthday today. Mu Xuexue’s boyfriend rushed to slap Pang Hua.
The tall, thin young man seems to be really drunk. These two slaps are loud and clear, and even several beautiful women are calm. Pang Hua has also been annoyed, and Mu Xuexue’s boyfriend just took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers with one foot.
Pang Hua and his father came from other places to set up a business office in Shalang City. He didn’t speak Mandarin in his words because Mu Feng didn’t understand the words in his hometown, but he frowned. He felt that something bad would happen next.
"! I miss you for hundreds of days every night, you bitch. If you don’t give it to Lao Bao today, you won’t get out of this bag! " Pang Hua was carried away by a desire. Holding Mu Xuexue, he went to his arms and held a pair of big fat hands and tore her clothes. Mu Xuexue had no strength to resist and could bully himself by violence.
The tall and thin young man wanted to save his girlfriend, but as soon as he passed, he was kicked to the ground by Pang Hua and rolled Su Xinxin. He was also anxious for Mu Xuexue, but her closest sister wanted to take her sisters to celebrate Mu Melissa Zhou’s birthday today, but she didn’t want to rush out halfway with a surname Pang Hua. He seems to really want to give Mu Melissa Zhou a bud.
Other beauties saw Pang Hua and outrageous attack and didn’t stop them, because two of them had already had sex with Pang Hua, and even the last one watched Pang Hua, as if she wanted to bully Pang Hua.