The reason why other workshops will attract the attention of these male brothers is because of another workshop.

This workshop is called Paradise Workshop, and it was also written earlier than Tang Desheng Shengyun Workshop.
I chose Xindu when I was playing the game.
Shengyun workshop has occupied the capital, and the best shops are doing more and more prosperous.
Xindu veteran workshop naturally isn’t angry in my heart.
There are so many people in Xindu, and a large number of people have been assigned to Shengyun Workshop. Their monthly profits in Paradise Workshop are bound to drop.
Moreover, the drop is not 1.2, but more than half.
Although Tang Desheng has always been doing business in a proper way, he still broke the financial path of other small workshops in Paradise Workshop.
Fortunately, those small workshops didn’t lose many customers, and they didn’t dare to occupy the first shop-Shengyun Workshop.
But the paradise workshop is not good. The guest base of Shengyun Workshop was taken from the paradise workshop.
However, when Sheng Yun’s workshop arrived here, he got the first luxury shop in Xindu, and the paradise workshop was temporarily forbearing for fear of kicking the iron plate.
Moreover, at that time, Shengyun Workshop had just opened, which had little influence on Paradise Workshop.
But this year Tang Desheng vigorously developed the paradise workshop, which went from bad to worse and almost closed down.
Last year, the Paradise Workshop made a little probe into the Shengyun Workshop. At that time, they didn’t think that Shengyun Workshop would affect their status in Xindu.
This year, after realizing that his position as the boss was in jeopardy, the Paradise Workshop stepped up its exploration efforts.
Finally, last month, I dug up the things in Shengyun Workshop.
Later, the paradise workshop specially made people make friends with Brother Xindu.
Rich road, these male brothers soon accepted the people in the paradise workshop.
Then, the people in Paradise Workshop intentionally told this group of brothers how much money Sheng Yun Workshop made.
Successfully transferred the eyes of this group of male brothers to Shengyun Workshop.
If these guys want to talk about money, it must be more than ordinary people, but no matter how much they have, they can’t get much money every month, even if they have money at home.
In the workshop of heaven, people make suggestions, and this group of male brothers have plans to deal with the workshop of Shengyun. To be continued.
Chapter 329 Planning
Today, while eating at Lingyun Line, I received a text message on my mobile phone.
It’s the transfer information sent by the bank
Lingyun as usual point swept a ready to delete.
The information is more than 20 Chinese characters and a few Arabic numerals.
Lingyun saw at a glance that the number has five digits, and the first is nine.
Lingyun knows that this is Tang Desheng giving himself dividends.
But a few months ago, it was all six figures, but this time it was five figures. Lingyun was a little strange in his heart.
He took 30% profit, although he didn’t go to the workshop to check, but he still knew how much profit he had every month.
This time, Tang Desheng paid more than 90 thousand rmb to his card. Obviously, the profit of the workshop this month is 300 thousand
It’s much less than a month’s profit. Lingyun knows that there must be something wrong with the workshop
Otherwise, how can the profit gap be so big?
Say Tang Desheng intentionally gave this lingyun less don’t believe it.
Tang Desheng would never cheat him with such a small sum of money. If it was necessary, Tang Desheng would not have refused when he withdrew his shares.
And even if Tang Desheng has this heart, it is impossible to do it so obviously, but it will gradually decrease month by month. Where can it be reduced by more than 200 thousand?
And this transfer is a few days slower than in previous months.
Delete the message Lingyun called Tang Desheng.
"Is there any difficulty in the general office of Tang?" Words rang two was answered lingyun directly asked.
On the other hand, Tang Desheng was silent for a while before saying, "Since you found out, I won’t keep it from you."
When Tang Desheng will workshop problems and lingyun said.
The identity of those male brothers and Tang Desheng, a participant in the paradise workshop, are not concealed.
There is nothing to hide from Lingyun at this time. On the contrary, it will create a gap between the two.
Tang Desheng obviously knew this very well, so he told Lingyun all the information he got after Lingyun took the initiative to ask.
While listening to Tang Desheng’s words, Lingyun’s brow wrinkled deeper and deeper. I didn’t expect him to be in such a big danger only after half a year in the workshop.
If we can’t handle the Shengyun workshop properly, it is obviously impossible to continue to go to Xindu.