Hu Fei just a thoughtfully when looking back Chen Yuanhou Zhao Laosan two people nodded his head.

Chen Yuanhou got a hint that when Zhao Laosan, a spy, came out and said, "Brothers, the Black Dragon Gate has surrounded this place and everyone has heard the Manchu Tatar. What do you think?"
Everyone in the hall cried and talked about it. Just now, Wang Mingwei was asked to release the elder Chen Yuanhou’s bag and said, "Since the Dalai Lama wants to exterminate us, the two natural elders and Master Hu will follow."
The rest of the people are also responding to each other’s J and jīng spirit to salute Pei Hu.
Only that killed by Qi Yufeng Pei Hu left more than a dozen people with soft legs and feet and looked at the bodies on the ground.
Everyone gathered around and someone said, "But what are your good ideas for dealing with Master Hu?"
Someone cried, "We have martial arts, so we are not afraid of the Tatars coming to block the way …"
Just then, he looked up at Chen Yuanhou and shook his head. Then he couldn’t say anything.
Chen Yuan is kind. "We Jianghu people are used to fighting alone. If it’s not a lance or a fist, it’s a feat. There are more than 100 masters outside hidden weapons. If we are clever, we can’t beat others."
Although they are not so close to this Chen Yuanhou, they also know that this person has always been superior in martial arts, high strength and ability, and they have lost their breath. A pair of eyes are looking at Pei Hu who guards the door alone
Pei Hu leaned against the door and looked up for a long time. Suddenly, Yuan Guannan frowned and turned around as if thinking about something.
I can’t help but ask, "Does Brother Yuan have a good plan?"
Yuan Guannan said, "There are ways, but you need someone with a high skill to go out and deliver letters."
Then he turned to Chen Yuanhou and Zhao Laosan and said, "To tell you the truth, Master Du is still alive!"
Chapter 43 Bearer nu
When Yuan Guannan said this, Chen Yuanhou and Zhao Laosan couldn’t help but be surprised. Especially Zhao Laosan was most excited. "Where is Wang now?"
Yuan Guannan laughed and said, "Wang Du has appeared injured and is recovering in Safu."
Zhao Laosan frowned and said, "Lord Du went to Tatar territory?"
Yuan Guannan smiled and told a story slowly.
Queen Ganlong Laoer is the sister of Minister Fu Heng.
Fu Heng’s wife is very beautiful. When she came to the palace to inquire after the queen, she saw Ganlong’s drought. Yin Dao was an affectionate girl, so she had an affair with her sister and gave birth to Fu Kangan.
There are four sons and three sons in Fu Heng who are all married to the princess’s wife, Fu Heng, who has been puzzled for several times and asked Fu Kangan to respect the Lord, but he could not smile.
Because he knows in his heart that this Fu Kangan is his own, how can he marry his daughter again?
In those days, Chen Jialuo repeatedly pretended to be Fu Kangan and walked in the ruling and opposition rivers and lakes because of their close blood relationship and similar appearance.
It’s a secret that can’t be told.
Later, the world once wrote a poem sarcastically saying, "The family Yaner paid attention to the pepper house and the dragon species came down to the side; Single interpretation of several mystery Fu Wenxiang who once sealed Bei Qianqiu "This Fu Wenxiang said is Fu Kangan."
Ganlong is not very fond of his own son, and he is particularly fond of this illegitimate bastard.
First, he was appointed as the commander of the imperial guard, and then he was promoted to his Ministry, and he was still appointed to his shell. He also thought about sealing his sovereign.
It’s because of gossip that there is no reason to end it.
But even so, no official in the whole Qing Dynasty was as comfortable as Fu Kangan.
One meter can’t make another meter. He Fu Kangan chose J and jīng soldiers as his generals and lieutenants, and he has also made many military achievements over the years.
In the original history of Qi Yufeng, when Fu Kangan died, he was eventually made a sovereign by Qianlong. Although the white-haired man sent the black-haired man, he got what he wanted.
Fu Kangan’s father, Fu Heng, was also happy to be confused when he wore a cuckold. He worked as a prime minister for decades. Later, when he died of illness, Gan Long also wrote a poem, "The brave family in my life will be taught and trained by your son." The word "your son" is fair and square to admit that you have been wearing a cuckold for years, and I will take good care of it.
Later generations, a novelist wrote "Princess Huanzhu", which changed Fu Kangan’s name to Fu Erkang and made him marry another illegitimate daughter of Qianlong. I don’t know whether it was intentional or intentional.
Fu Kangan’s military exploits are outstanding and he is deeply favored by Qianlong. He is the first favorite in the world.
The local officials everywhere he commanded the army gave huge amounts of property; The front line was bloody, but the Fu Kangan barracks were still singing, dancing and playing, and the sound of the war was lingering. In fact, most of the war affairs were under the control of Hailancha A Gui and other talented generals.
Wu Chen in the Qing Dynasty should have ridden a horse and sat in a sedan chair. For example, Fu Kangan, a military commander, was a bit pustule and couldn’t practice martial arts, and he was favored by Qianlong. Even Fu Kangan couldn’t ride a horse but could sit in a sedan chair when he left for the army.
This sedan chair in Fu Kangan is very spacious and needs thirty-six bearers in turn. In sedan chair, there are two children who are responsible for loading cigarettes and pouring tea, and there are hundreds of kinds of cold and hot snacks. Even the emperor can’t enjoy the glory.
Such a general who can rely on the lieutenant to fight against the wind doesn’t know that he was actually praised as a national hero in later generations, but that’s another story for the time being.
His domestic slaves are also very arrogant, demanding money from local officials and often causing trouble and disturbing people.
The story told by Yuan Guannan lies in his sedan chair.
This time, Fu Kangan rushed to the northeast to encircle Changbai Mountain, and the people were not half as old as him. The sedan chair bearer rode a marooned horse and walked in front of him with his guards.
These bearers got into trouble when they arrived at the ancient city of Wula.
At that time, a big family was doing things in the courtyard.
The northeast ritual is called "Shaman Dance", commonly known as "Jumping God", which means a man and a woman sing and dance.
When inviting the gods, the shaman wears a long bell and holds a single drum, and plays drum rotation in beating drums and swinging bells, inviting all gods.
These bearers have not seen this thing in Beijing for a long time, so they stopped to watch it one by one.
Later, when I saw that "Er Shen" was beautiful, I had evil thoughts and deliberately took the opportunity to argue with the shaman girl.
They used to do these things all the time, but this time it caused disaster.
It happened that people were originally from the Fifth Xiaoqi School. When the owner heard about it, he quickly dissuaded them before going home, but they were beaten to death by the bearers.
General manager Wu La was very ajīngry when he heard about it. How can the leader of the tribal god J and ng be bullied? Immediately detained the bearers guards want to wait for two Rui fu guard to complain again.
At this time, someone told him that Fu’s position is high and he always pays attention to the big and puts the small. How can he understand these small things? If you go to him to make him angry, it will be troublesome; You handled it in your own way, and nothing happened!
When the manager listens to this statement, it’s also good for me. He’s also a senior official. Several bearers, Fu’s adult, must also give me a face.
So I took these bearers out. The bearers didn’t know a catastrophe. They used to be slaves in Fu Kangan and still roared in court.
The manager sent an official to beat the bearers with a stick, and one person slapped them for forty times. Those officials, who had befriended the Xiaoqixiao School, became heavier. When they carried them back to the lobby, the manager found that none of these bearers had been killed.
When Fu Kangan arrived at Daisheng Wula, the manager immediately confessed to Fu Kangan face to face and reported the matter. Fu Kangan immediately comforted him and didn’t take it to heart.
However, when other bearers got the news, they went on strike.
Fu Kangan always gave generous comfort to the people around him. The bearers helped them save some noodles and secretly made an idea to let them secretly beat the manager to vent their anger.
Those bearers went into the general manager’s office, and one person punched three feet, which actually killed the three decent officials and killed the Ulla manager alive.
This matter can make a big fuss. The officials in Wula City are afraid of it, especially the remaining three xiaoqiao schools.
Just then, Yuan Guannan and his wife and the poor family of the Four Heroes of Kunlun helped Du Lengding to the ancient city of Wula and heard about it.
Du Lengding has been operating here for many years, and there are quite a few contacts in the central plains, so he secretly bought off these three xiaoqi schools, saying that if Fu Kangan wants to kill you, he will mutiny the soldiers and civilians and I will take you to the green forest to join the partnership.
The three xiaoqiao schools are also quite bachelor-like, thinking that they have offended Fu’s adult. Even if they are not decapitated, this officer will be the first to do it. Suoxing secretly brought his share to the manager’s communication.
The manager is a bannerman, but his son teaches Mr. Han, and Du Lengding has some hookups.
The manager came to take advantage of Torre’s hegemony in Liaodong. At this time, the important skill "Spelling Dad" was deleted by several mean slaves. When he flew into a rage and couldn’t take care of many, he agreed to Du Lengding’s conditions.
When the three parties hit it off, they secretly sent people from all walks of life to collect and fight for the soldiers and prepare to mutiny.
Fu Kangan was not a native here, and I don’t know where this section is. I didn’t find that Y and N lived in the general manager’s office. Today, this official sent a few strings of East Pearl Day, and the official was very busy honoring a few wild ginseng.
At this time, outsiders were sparsely populated, and most of the Han people in places under Wula’s jurisdiction committed major crimes of exile.
Among these exiles, there are those who hold enmity and falsely accuse, those who rebel against the oppression of the Qing Dynasty, Muslims who rebel against the Qing Dynasty and restore the former dynasty, those who conspire with the San Francisco rebellion, those who are blamed for official misconduct, dereliction of duty, or officials who fall out of favor in official battles, and those who are convicted of the imperial court case and * *.
At that time, it was said that I would rather go to Ningguta than sacrifice Wula.