Although Chen Kai had some doubts about whether he could find the pilgrims, after seeing the kind green bars in the column, he sighed and walked out of the carriage. After greeting the night mercenaries, Chen Kai rode a spot with one foot deep and one foot shallow and searched for the direction of the old man’s guidance. The north roared in the past, wrapped in snowflakes, and quickly left Chen Kai riding a horse with horseshoe marks to hide, but at the same time, he slowly swallowed his figure. After walking out of less than 20 meters, he disappeared into the snow all over the sky. Chen Kai played his own map. Looking back, although he knew that the camp was behind him, he saw nothing but gray snowflakes through the snow. Fortunately, Chen Kai had marked the camp on his map. He was not worried about getting lost in the snow, but it would be a hassle to search for those pilgrims. Fortunately, when he got out of the carriage, he borrowed some blankets from the old businessman, which should be able to make those unlucky pilgrims walk in the snow.

"Come on, Spots, I’ll give you a hot bath when I get back to town." Chen Kai slapped his poor mount. He knew how much damage it would do to horses in this snowy day. Cold snow might make horseshoes rust and then infect horseshoes, which would lead to rotten hooves, but Chen Kai had to do it again. Of course, Chen Kai could also use sleigh as a tool. Unfortunately, he searched the whole backpack, but he couldn’t find such a thing. Similar to a sled, it’s just a broken plank or the rest of the boat that he dismantled in the past. It’s not impossible to slide in the snow with this kind of thing, but Chen Kai can’t fix himself. At least for a short time, he can’t chisel enough spots on the plank to put into the boot slot for temporary hard work, and then go back to the town to find a special veterinarian to see the facts for it. After entering the snowy plain, Chen Kai doubts whether those horse thieves have the courage to come out and rob in this weather, because the surrounding environment is so bad that he can hardly see anything 20 meters ahead.
After a few minutes, the whistling north wind wiped and trampled on the snow layer, which became the main music accompanying Chen Kai’s progress. In this environment, Chen Kai tried hard to search for the ground traces. Those bulging snow bags around the main road became Chen Kai’s first target, but most of the snow bags were natural snow mounds formed by the strong wind, and Chen Kai obviously could not judge whether those snow mounds were natural or human, so he could find them one by one. Finally, when Chen Kai found the first pilgrim who was about to freeze, it was nearly half an hour since he left the camp.
The hapless pilgrim who was about to freeze to death huddled in the snow hole he had dug out. If Chen Kai had not stepped through the snow layer, he would never have been found. He would never have been found by the farmer until the snow melted in spring, when he was already a corpse.
"Thank you, sir … thank you for saving me." Pilgrims who were almost frozen to death huddled in blankets and drank the strong liquor handed to him by Chen Kai. The warm strong liquor gradually dispelled the cold in his body and made his blue-purple cheeks slowly have a little color.
"You’re welcome. Do you know where the pilgrims with you are?" Chen Kai asked each other hopefully, but the expression on his face made Chen Kai sink. Obviously, he is a lone pilgrim, and this kind of pilgrim is the longest and most troublesome in the whole plain. They were originally poor farmers with devout faith and great gods, which is their only spiritual sustenance. Naturally, they will be poor because they have a linen coat and no fur to keep out the cold.
"Well, will you look for other pilgrims with me or stay here and wait for me to come back?" Chen Kai looked at each other’s faces and planned to continue his journey. After all, it was impossible for him to escort a trip alone. If the delay was too long, those who could have saved people would lose hope.
"I want to follow you." This pilgrim is obviously conscious. He knows that even if he stays in the snow, he will still feel biting cold. Although it is necessary to walk in the snow after Chen Kai, at least he is guaranteed and can drink hot spirits at any time. This is the most important thing for pedestrians in the snow.
The fact that Chen Kai once again set foot on the road full of snow and snow after following a burden on his ass is that it would be very dangerous for aborigines to walk in this snowy day. People with self-sustaining power will not be afraid of this danger because they can physically disperse the surrounding cold at any time. Obviously, in the eyes of the pilgrim who doesn’t know Chen Kai’s identity, Chen Kai has such a powerful person, and he will blindly follow Chen Kai’s footsteps to find pilgrims like himself in the dangerous snow.
Chapter 424 Nuobi
Chapter 424 Nuobi
Chen Kai spent a whole hour searching the snowfield without coordinates and indicators. He kept rummaging through those raised snow mounds, trying to find pilgrims who might be shrinking on the snow level. Of course, Chen Kai finally found them, but two of the seven people could not wake up. When Chen Kai found them, the two poor people had become cold corpses. Before they died, they almost stripped off all their clothes as if they were very hot, and this kind of death was very normal.
But in the end, Chen Kai released the two poor people’s horses. Even after they died, Chen Kai felt that their bodies should be buried well. Even if there was no thick coffin, there should at least be a big hole enough to bury the bodies. Of course, this can be buried in the camp. After all, Chen Kai did not recognize that he would have enough physical strength to take others back after burying them in this snow.
"Let’s go" Chen Kai looked at two bodies lying on horseback with a regretful expression. These two poor and poor old people had hoped to go to the dawn city to pay tribute to the miracles they worshipped, but they ended up dead in this wilderness because of the cold. This is a great sorrow for believers. They believe in God but they don’t get the shelter they deserve. Only when God’s followers pass away will it become serious, and the temple will hate horse thieves so much. Of course, it is not entirely correct to blame all the problems on horse thieves. If we don’t cut off this root, the horse thief disaster will never end, even if one day the player clears the last horse thief in the whole plain, and a new horse thief will be born soon, so those lords need horse thieves to cause trouble to their opponents.
When Chen Kai and the others were on their way together, the roaring snow continued to blow, but it was the front that reassured the pilgrims behind them. Although the temple knight occasionally stopped to look around, he did not hesitate. This kind of walking in the same direction made these pilgrims feel very at ease. Although it was very dangerous to travel in the snow, they did not hesitate to walk with Chen Kai wrapped in blankets.
"Well, here we are." When Chen Kai pointed to a big snow mound and pointed to the pilgrims behind him, he hesitated for the first time, but then they felt that their hesitation was so redundant because several mercenaries were waving at them behind the snow mound, and they were holding hot broth in their hands.
"Ah, it’s two poor people again." The old businessman looked at the bodies of two old people lying in the mud pit and sighed. He has been walking on this business road for many years. It’s not the first time that he has seen people freeze to death, but seeing poor people die every year still makes the old man feel very sad. After all, the pilgrims on this road should be the safest and should be protected by all lords, and they are not worried about being attacked by thieves or being in danger and suffering from hunger and cold in the wild.
"May you enter the great kingdom of God as soon as possible, where there is no hunger, cold, pain, sadness or illness." Chen Kaiqing, two poor old people, prayed, and the holy deed in their hands gave off a faint golden light. A small bottle of holy water slowly poured out in his hand and slowly entered the pit where the old man was lying. In this humble environment, praying like this may be the only comfort for the two poor old people after their death. After entering the pit, the glittering and translucent holy water exudes a strong sacred power, which can ensure that the two poor old people will die. The bodies are not eroded by evil forces, and the sacred light from the sacred deed in Chen Kai’s hand slowly invades their bodies, dispelling the blood accumulated on their bodies, making the two old people’s faces slowly return to ruddy as if they were alive, but everyone knows that they are still dead, which is a magical power to make their bodies look better.
When the first shovel covered the bodies of the two old people, the cold snowflakes had already covered their bodies with a thin white quilt, so the weather could hardly be regarded as a good day for burying bones. After all, there was no sun in the sky, and the atmosphere was full of cold snow, but Chen Kai buried the two old people with the help of mercenaries. Finally, he inserted two wooden crosses in two small mounds without writing their names. One was the emblem of the Morning Temple, but the burial on the mounds was two poor pilgrims.
The heavy snow lasted for three whole days, which is definitely a difficult process for people who are in a hurry to get to the dawn city. The whole world has no other color except gray. This loneliness has made him extremely depressed. Fortunately, of course, there are mercenaries around him who can talk. It is definitely better for an old businessman with rich experience to find someone to talk to in this snowstorm than to sleep alone in a snowdrift. Of course, if Chen Kai really does that, he will definitely have returned to a small town cemetery when he wakes up. In these three days, Chen Kai has been in addition to. On the first day, I went out to search for pilgrims, and Waiji has been shrinking in the camp. Every day, he patrols and prays with those pilgrims, and then chats with the mercenary group elders and businessmen around the campfire.
The huge snowfall makes a lot of snow piled up around the carriage, which can not only build a snow wall, but also build a snow house. Although the snow house looks very cold, it can at least shelter from the wind and snow, and at the same time, it can raise a fire on the ground to keep warm, so as not to make a fire like in the carriage.
For three consecutive days, the heavy snow has covered the surrounding roads and fields with a thick layer of ice and snow. Even if Chen Kai wants to travel after the snow stops, he will have to wait until the road snow removal array is started. For the empire, maintaining this commercial road every year consumes gold coins, which is equivalent to earning taxes on this commercial road. Of course, because the large wheat fields on both sides of the commercial road make the empire not give up control of this area, it can naturally bite its teeth and spend millions of gold coins to maintain the whole road, but sometimes the empire’s determination can’t be completely impressed. Chen Kai, the Lord with little mind, now finds that some "black-hearted" lords are too careless about the maintenance of infrastructure. The reason is that the snow removal magic array was activated. Because it was not maintained for a long time, the magic array became outdated. When Chen Kai played the core part of the array, he saw that it was not the original mithril array, but a piece of black iron casting and corrosion magic props.
"Don’t these black-hearted lords know how many people will be killed by this garbage array?" Ll angrily threw the spell array, which was almost rusted into a pile of scrap iron, to the ground with a click and crunchy cold. After hitting the hard ice and snow, the array turned into pieces. Looking at the original metal pieces, Ll felt that there were a lot of crows flying in his forehead.
"Get used to this array. I changed to this local Lord the year before last. I haven’t maintained the road for ten years. Haven’t you found that these rock subgrade has collapsed?" An old businessman, Lunahard, took out a few times from his carriage and took out a dark array from the most side of the seat. The shape and the array are as good as that of Chen Kai’s smashing, but the spell energy is still abundant. Obviously, it is a new thing.
"It should take about a year to change." The old businessman sighed and said that he had seen many facts about this. There were such small lords everywhere in the whole business road. They were short-sighted and knew to carry gold coins into their vaults, but they didn’t know that they were nothing after losing this business road. If the business road was really dead, the imperial emperor or the Temple of Dawn Grand Priest would not let go of the size lords of the business road. At that time, even if these lords had no amount of money, they could not change their lives.
"I heard that the lords here like dark magic." A mercenary interjected when he saw Ll take over the old businessman’s array and put it into the roadside spell base. However, as soon as this mercenary’s words were exported, he was covered by his head and forced to shut up with harsh eyes.
"If not, he said, I also know an idiot who prays for immortality. If black magic can really make people live forever, what empire will ban it? After all, which emperor of the empire or big noble doesn’t pray for immortality? The only estimation of this Lord is to become a puppet of black magic or a zombie, but once he becomes like that, the poor people in the territory will be unlucky." The old businessman sighed and said that the fact is that he is more well-informed when doing business outside. He knows that many local lords and nobles in mainland China are now. There is a craze for believing in black magic. Although black magic does exist at some times, especially in war instruments, the power of black magic creations is extremely terrible. With terrible cursing and killing power, black magic creations are very lethal, but because of this, black magic is banned by a large number of temples and official empires.
"All right, let’s go. It will take less than one day for the spell to take full effect. Let’s take down the horse wheels and change them into sledges. At least in this snow field, the sledge speed is much faster than that of the horse wheels." At this time, Chen Kaicai discovered that there was actually a row of sledges on the wheels of the carriage. Obviously, the old businessman was very aware of the situation in this area. It took less than two hours to take down the wheels and turn them into sledges. Of course, this included when the carriage was dug out of the ice and snow. It’s not easy for everyone at this time. After all, this weather has always been the favorite season for horse thieves. Fortunately, it seems that Chen Kai and them are lucky today. Those horse thieves haven’t gone out to rob when the heavy snow has just stopped, so they sometimes change their carriages into sledges.
"Let’s go, my mercenary colonel. We should go when those horse thieves haven’t come." The old businessman dumped his whip and said to the mercenary colonel around him. Chen Kai is now sitting behind the carriage. Although he can let Spot try to run in the snow, ordinary war horses are definitely not as fast as the old businessman’s. These horses are not fast enough to be war horses, but their feet are wide enough to support them to run in the soft snow. When he sees those horses, Chen Kai will know that he wants to arrive in Dawn City as soon as possible. This is the case before he finds the sleigh carriage.
A day later, Chen Kai arrived at a destination in a carriage, a small town in the snow. The whole town foundation was submerged in thick snow. Although all kinds of spells and magical lights were constantly shining in the town to sweep away the snow in the town, the whole city was still submerged in the snow. From a distance, the whole town looked like a hat that was constantly emitting colorful lights, and it was a quiet and peaceful town with those who were constantly smoking. It was also true.
"Welcome to Nobby Town, where you can find the most delicious roast suckling pig in the world. It used to be like this." The old businessman slowly stopped his carriage and lined up through the city gate to enter the town. His voice was full of a tone of regret. In fact, it sounded to Chen Kai that the other party had special feelings for this town
"Let’s go! Let’s go to the wild boar barbecue hotel and hope that the hotel is still in this town. The innkeeper is still a good man. "The old businessman stretched out his hand and threw out a whip, and at the same time stopped Chen Kai from trying to release the detection magic. Even if Chen Kai didn’t release the star eye, he could see the evil smell in the town. Because there is a temple in the whole town, the zenith is releasing weak magic light, and at the same time, Chen Kai knew that the town would never be a good place.
"Crunch" When the old businessman took Chen Kai, them and the mercenaries to push a rusty wooden door, Chen Kai never thought that this place without signs would be a hotel. The whole hotel was dark and shabby, as if it were a haunted house. If Chen Kai didn’t feel popular here, he would turn around and walk out for a moment.
"Sorry, it’s closed to the public." An old man with crutches slowly walked out of the shadows. He had a wooden prosthetic leg, and the old man was blind with one left and one eyed. What do you think of Chen Kai? This old man is related to the word "good man" said by the old businessman. From that point of view, this old man should be combined with tough or cold.
"Old Sam, my old buddy, what are you going to kick your old friend out of the hotel?" The old road Hanard was warmly greeted, but in exchange, the one-eyed old man was extremely cold and refused. However, ll found that the old man’s face showed a little smile when he heard the sound of Hanard, and his cheeks were slowly melting
"Serena, where have you been? Hurry up and help your uncle Ronald clean up the carriage. Are you lazy again? " The old businessman Ruhanard shouted enthusiastically in the hotel, but he didn’t respond. There was a cold wind beating against the window and the north wind whistling outside. Of course, occasionally there was a small step. Chen Kai’s eyes with weak dark vision could see a three-year-old girl coming out slowly in the darkness of the hotel. The little girl was very thin and yellow, her hair hung down on her forehead, and her cheeks were sunken into her mouth, which made her look very haggard and thin.
"Grandpa Ruhanard, my grandfather said that my father went to a far away place, so you couldn’t find him in the shop." After the little girl came out, she hugged her grandfather’s thigh, the one-eyed old man, and said to the old businessman in an extremely pitiful tone, when he spoke, her grandfather stroked her little head, and the only thing left was a tear in her eye.
"What’s the matter? Where’s old Sam Senna? Wait … not so small and so clever. How? Who is it? Who is it? " The old businessman’s expression reminded Chen Kai of some kind of bereaved beast. He grabbed the collar of the one-eyed old man, but in return, the little girl cried and beat him.
"Viv, go to the kitchen. Grandpa Ruhanard is not a bad person. Grandpa Ruhanard has something to say to you. Young people, if you want to live here, you’d better do it yourself. Well, there are those mercenaries behind you. You can try to clean the whole room if you can find a complete table and chair." The innkeeper said softly to the little girl behind him. Of course, those words behind him were directed at Llewellyn and those mercenaries behind him.
A few minutes later, Chen Kai heard an angry roar from the hall. The owner was the poor old businessman, Ruhanard. He was so angry now that Chen Kai thought he could hear the sound in the hotel kitchen.
"It seems that your grandfathers are very angry. Let’s find out if we can cook firewood." When Chen Kai got two candies for the little girl, she could temporarily make things in the kitchen, and at the same time, she wouldn’t let the little girl treat him as a burglar.
"How can that stupid woman do this? Is her whole town her territory? Won’t her husband stop him? After all, this is his territory. "Listening to the sound from the hotel, Chen Kai stopped rummaging through the ingredients of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, but turned to the little girl behind him and said," It seems that your grandfather Ruhanard is very angry. Can I borrow a stove? "
Looking at the little girl nodded, Chen Kai didn’t know whether the other person agreed with the first sentence or the last sentence, but it was obvious that even the first sentence was not ignited because he had fished out several bundles of firewood from his backpack. When Chen Kai took out a roast leg of lamb from his backpack, Wei Fu’s mouth appeared a mouthful of water.
"It seems that you want to eat it too, but you need to wait." Chen Kai smiled at the little girl behind him and then heated the food. Although the whole hotel was very shabby, it had a very complete kitchen, which was less in Chen Kai’s view.
Chapter 425 Lady Nobby
Chapter 425 Lady Nobby
Half an hour later, when the whole hotel lobby was calm, Chen Kaicai came out of the kitchen with a little girl carrying baked food. After passing the members of the mercenary caravan and the pilgrims who ate rice, the whole hotel lobby was temporarily restored. Although there were still a lot of broken boards piled up in the corner, there were also many broken pottery bowls piled there, but it was always clean and much more tidy.
However, due to the lack of candles in the hotel, the whole hotel looks very dark. If there are not a few mercenaries’ own torches in the surrounding walls, it is estimated that Chen Kai will step directly into the hole in front of his heel when he walks out of the kitchen. Of course, the biggest light source in the whole hotel is still the one that has been extinguished for a long time and is now burning again. The orange fire of the fireplace not only dispels the surrounding darkness, but also dispels the cloudy and cold air around the hotel. Chen Kai can see a trace of white smoke evaporating from those wet boards.
"It’s time for dinner," said ll, knocking on the plate. Although he is not a professional chef, at least he can heat the original cooked food. When two mercenaries carry out the soup cauldron in the kitchen with thick wood, the whole dinner is declared ready.
Now it seems that the most important thing in the whole hotel is a little malnourished little girl, Wei Fu, who gnawed at her heart and put it on her freshly washed plate. The food was rich in cheese and covered her whole mouth with greasy gravy, which almost covered her whole cheek. As far as the cleanliness of eating is concerned, my little girl is not as good as Chen Kai’s little dragon who is prone on the table to eat. At least he won’t throw gravy in others’ faces even if he does.
While other people were eating food there, Chen Kai and the old businessman hid in the corner and chattered and exchanged facts. When he saw Lu Hanard, Chen Kai found that the old man was ten years older after only half an hour. The reason was that his knees loved Lu Hanard like his nephew. He got a very bad news. The young man named Sena accidentally poured burning oil on himself and burned to death when he was a chef in his Lord’s wife a month ago.
Of course, this is the official statement. According to Ruhanard’s old friend who lost his life, his son should have died at the hands of the Lord’s wife who studied dark magic. The fact is indeed true. Old Sam was very unlucky to bump into the Lord’s wife to rejuvenate dark magic and was directly hit by the burning flame in dark magic. Although he was also burned to death in the end, he was hit by magic. Senna was wearing a strong dark force, and this dark force was just given by old Sam who poured holy water on his son’s body to pray. As a result, when old Sam found a temple priest to examine his son’s body, his unfortunate son’s body had turned into a terrible ghoul and ate the body of his poor wife and daughter-in-law. The whole hotel was originally a happy family of five. One day, the one-eyed old Sam and his little granddaughter Viv, who didn’t know that his parents and grandmother were dead, arrived at the hotel only half a month ago, and the priest almost turned into a ghoul. Senna was killed by the last poor young man. Rushed out of the window and escaped, letting his son rest in peace. Old Sam sold all the valuables in the hotel and recently got his poor son’s ashes from a traveler.
This is indeed one, but it is only completed, and at the same time it can be regarded as a follow-up. However, no player can complete the fact in this follow-up. After listening to Ruhanard’s narrative, Chen Kai quickly typed the web page and then browsed the town of Nobi. Chen Kai found the avenger who was called a pothead by the player. Because of this, there are two steps. The first step is to kill the unfortunate Siner who became a ghoul. This step has been completed by a poor adventurer team, but the original corpse eater suffered heavy damage. No matter how powerful the ghost is, there is a limit. They suffered a heavy blow. The whole team of 12 people finally came alive alone. Other people died together with the ghoul, up to level 6, plus advanced elite models and terrible burning flames attached to their hands. The scariest thing is that it attacked with tearing effect. Finally, the unlucky one accepted that the team member was a suicide attack of three players, and it cost a lot of holy water to put into the mouth of the ghoul to kill each other.
Fortunately, these adventurers are all players. Although they have suffered heavy losses, they can at least be revived, which is not like those adventurers in the game. Once they die, they will be completely finished. However, what makes people worry is that after the completion, everyone will get a total of 30 gold coins, which is not enough for these unlucky people to repair. Of course, it is indeed the only money that old Sam can spare. Because after losing his son, he can’t run the hotel with his heart. The Lord’s wife didn’t let the old man go. She would rather put this. Like other clergy in the town, the old man was either forced away or completely evaporated, but the vicious lady had no excuse. First of all, she couldn’t do it herself. Although the hotel was very dilapidated, it was surrounded by residents and adventurers in the center of the town. The old man himself used to be a mercenary, and he always hid in the hotel, making it impossible for the Lord’s wife to take soft words to avenge her son. Poor old Sam even sold her family treasures. How could such a person be? It’s no good selling your living place to your enemies for a gold coin. The old man is rooted in the small town of Nobi like a nail, under the nose of the vicious Lord’s wife.
"Well, what can I do? To kill a Lord’s wife just because I suspect that she makes a dark magic grandfather. Although I am a player, that is, a traveler as you say, I also need to abide by the law in the Hanseatic Empire. Plus, my position is at the same level as that stupid Lord. If I really do that, the aristocratic Senate will directly arrest me to death. "Chen Kenai spread his hands over Ruhanard. To tell the truth, he really wants to kill the lady, but he still has reason. Let alone those players who tried in the past, the result is high. The root of the 90-level dark mage is that Chen Kai can’t resist it, and this vicious woman doesn’t give anyone a handle every time she moves her hand. The most terrible thing is that she often goes to the temple to pray every day, so that people openly appear in the temple hall. Even if the players say how powerful it is, those priests will not believe it. Even if they believe it, it’s not as powerful as the highest priest in the whole town. It’s not as strong as the Lord’s wife. Chen Kai can’t beat the other side and soften her husband and Chen Kai. Lord and the other party is worse than ll. How to say it, he also owns a small town fief, which is much better than ll, a noble with a manor and an imperial city. He can’t suppress the other party. Even if the noble Senate suffers, it will be ll, so he can’t do anything about it.