Qi Yufeng felt that the palm of his hand on the other side was loose and his hand strength suddenly changed. His right hand folded and he punched his chest with two fingers, half fists and half palms, while his left hand took this trick and pushed the left hook to the inside at the same time. It was extremely difficult for the enemy to evade, but it was a trick of "hiding the dragon" in the ten palms of the dragon. But when he saw this trick, he used his arms to walk like a dragon snake. The man was amazed and dared not care, so he dismantled it.

Two people in this enter the dragon exhibition on this high platform, the man knew that Qi Yufeng had contributed himself, so he took some effort. Who knows that Qi Yufeng’s swordsmanship, although complicated in martial arts, is also strong all the way. His fierce and sharp moves are just similar. They have to compete from time to time, but seeing two people flying in the palm of their fists and spinning in shadow really looks good. The snow anger that has seen such a master compete straight in front of their eyes, staring at the two people’s fighting, turning saliva into ice and buttering up into ice stubble, even forgot to wipe off their claws.
Qi Yufeng saw that this man’s tricks were honest and vigorous, but he had a lot of kung fu, which he had never seen before. He said to himself, This man is a Persian master, but he spoke Chinese. Why did he come all the way to this Tibetan border?
Just thinking about seeing each other’s two strokes and punching the wind, it was really serious. Immediately, I was full of profound blocks and left and right to attack the enemy’s palace.
The man saw the moves Qi Yufeng is also strange than in addition to his familiar martial arts, which almost surprised him. Immediately, he couldn’t help but slap his heart with more solemn and malicious force. He wanted to beat the young man first.
Qi Yufeng gradually recovered his strength when he saw each other in the palm of his hand, and he was able to hide whatever he could, and he realized from the nine swords that Tai Chi was extremely lonely, so that all his strength would come out, which was just like being an enemy.
The two men have been fighting for hundreds of tricks, and this is the real effort. Then they can show any mercy. Both of them know that the other side is the enemy martial arts. When the highest number of people will be in their lives, they will be slightly negligent and they will be defeated by the other side.
This time, I flipped through more than 200 strokes. Qi Yufeng suddenly felt that the moon was dark at the moment, but I didn’t know when it was hidden and the sky turned black
Previously, it was still noon when he was away from the temple mountain, but now he was unaware that he could see each other’s hearts clearly because of the white snow and moonlight, and at this time, the moon disappeared into darkness, and they could not see each other clearly, and they immediately kept their doors closed and dared not attack.
The man suddenly laughed. "Little brother, let’s light a fire and burn the midnight oil." Words have been aligned with the wind is very kind.
Qi Yufeng nodded. "Just what I want!"
The man took out a torch from his backpack and casually waved it in the middle. Even if he lit Qi Yufeng’s smell, he could not help but be surprised. He said that this man could ignite gunpowder by waving this torch in the middle, but he could not do it himself.
The man put the torch in a crack in one side of the rock and looked back at Qi Yufeng with sparkling eyes and smiled. "Let’s have another fight first, and then I’ll treat you to wine and meat!"
Qi Yufeng was overjoyed and said, "Good!"
The man wanted to see through his details and immediately changed his palm method. His arms and feet kept spinning and dancing, but his clever ratio changed all the way. Qi Yufeng, but when he waved his arm, the torch rotor suddenly and violently drifted three feet away to see this section, he knew that his fist was strong and he immediately dared not neglect his busy attention.
The man even made a few quick punches. Qi Yufeng met Tai Ji Chuan one after another, but he saw that the man suddenly turned a foot in the middle of the body and never kicked out of Qi Yufeng sideways. He let his hands hold and run Yin and Yang like a Tai Chi ball. Suddenly, he rubbed his hands and turned the man’s body for half a circle.
The man staggered in the middle, quickly steadied himself, and suddenly gathered himself up like a big ball. Although it was strange, the offensive was fierce and unable to stop him, it was enough to make the seven-flower footwork avoid it and push it with all his strength. He wanted to push him out for a few feet, but when his hand came out, he saw that the big ball suddenly stretched out a hand and stabbed him in his lower abdomen to detain him. He was stiff and could no longer make any effort.
The man fell lightly to the ground and laughed. "Little brother, you have great martial arts, stupid brother Pei."
Qi Yufeng depressed way "is not lost".
The man shook his head and said, "This trick of mine is a unique skill of Persian martial arts. It has never been used in the Central Plains to force me to use this three life-saving tricks. You are the first one!"
Then he picked up the rucksack and churned out a few pieces of wood in it. He knocked on each other and lit it. Then he took out the frozen meat and hung it on the shelf. He smiled and said, "Come and I’ll buy you a drink."
Qi Yufeng took the hip flask and took a gulp of it. The man praised it as "frank like a man". He immediately took the hip flask and took a gulp of it himself. Looking at Qi Yufeng Youzi’s hard thinking, he laughed. "I’m calling for the fire-torn aside, and I’ll use it with the ice thorn. It’s even if we’re a leader."
Qi Yufeng listened to this man as if he were teaching everyone to be surprised at once and asked, "Is Ge a Chinese teacher but I don’t know your name?"
The man nodded and said, "My name is Dastain, but I am the Golden Lion King of Middle-earth religion."
Chapter 60 The fog is thick, and some animals dive into the ravine.
Qi Yufeng heard this person actually bearing himself as the Golden Lion King. Immediately, I couldn’t help zheng heart way. Didn’t Xie Xun, the Golden Lion King, go into Shaolin Temple and ignore him? Why is there a Golden Lion King here?
Dastain looked at Qi Yufeng with a twinkle in his eyes and asked with a smile, "Are you a disciple of Yu Erxia in wu-tang clan?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and smiled "No"
Dastain conveniently recorded a frozen piece of venison knocking on the fire and roasted it for a while. "That’s a little strange. I can’t guess that there is a second person who can teach you this kung fu and it’s hard and soft …?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and smiled. "My master is a Taoist priest, but my martial arts are from many schools, not one."
Dastain suddenly realized, "Yes, so did I. In the past, I studied art in the Assassin Sect of Persia, and then I met the leader Zhang. My martial arts was great, and I just returned to Persia to handle affairs the year before last."
Qi Yufeng surprised way "Zhang hierarch is to Persia? Is he in Persia? "
Dastain shook his head. "Why don’t you ask this? And how did you come to this snowy mountain since you studied Central Plains Kung Fu? "
Qi Yufeng laughed. "King Wei Fawang and I are guests at Zhuoqian Temple not far from this mountain. Can we go there together after eating?"
There was a surprise in Dastain’s eyes and he couldn’t help asking, "How do you teach me … who are you?"
Immediately, Qi Yufeng told this Dastain what happened after he crossed the border. Dastain heard that Yan Sanfen was actually living in Liangzhou as a country of his own, and he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh, "I haven’t been in China for more than a year. I didn’t expect such a change."
Immediately, he pondered for a moment and nodded, "Let’s eat some food and recover some strength. We’ll go to King Weifa. Speaking of which, we have never met before."
Qi Yufeng wondered, "Since you are collectively called the four kings, why haven’t you even met?"
Dastain said, "I was bestowed by Master Zhang when I was in the Western Regions five years ago. Later, I went back to the altar and paid a visit to Master Yang Yin Zuo. At that time, King Wei Fa, a five-scattered man, was not in the altar, so naturally I never met him."
Qi Yufeng puzzling heart way this teach a class apart also just incredibly haven’t met each leader?
Dastain saw the doubts in his heart and smiled. "You must be an outsider. Can’t you see that Yin Zuo’s emissary is now the strongest in the southeast, and the Sanfen people also have old grievances and don’t communicate with each other on weekdays. It is natural to have some matchmakers."
Qi Yufeng suddenly woke up when he heard this. "Is that you?"
Dastain nods, "Yes, the post of monitoring intelligence in teaching is under the control of Wei Bat King, but after I entered the church, the leader Zhang Xiuyang negotiated and gave this position to the purple, platinum and green four French kings."
Qi Yufeng nodded and said, "I’ve heard of the predecessor of the White Ape King Smenda. I don’t know who this purple king is at first sight?"
Dastain saw his curious face and asked, "Didn’t the Bat King tell you?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head. "He never talked about it."
Dastain laughed. "I won’t say it for the time being. We’ll know when you meet her."
Qi Yufeng thought for a long time in his mind, but he couldn’t guess who the purple dragon king was. It is said that Ng Man Tat, the king of white apes, has better martial arts than Shi Huolong, the former leader of the Beggars’ Sect. And this Dastain martial arts is weird and self-contained, which can also be called a generation of masters; In Wei Yixiao, he is an old French king, and all three of them have a much better position in martial arts than Sanfen. How can you find another similar person in this world?
Immediately his heart couldn’t help but move. Did Zhou Zhiruo practice the Nine Yin True Classics and run to teach to be a French king? No wonder these two people are hesitant to say.
But think about it carefully, but feel that it is almost impossible to avoid it. Now that you have left Zhou Zhiruo, what are you doing to teach hard? Besides, if she takes care of herself, the head of the Emei Sect will be self-abased.
Immediately, the two men and a tiger ate some bacon and rested for a while. Dastain said, "The second person in the Tibetan Buddhism of Zhuoqian Temple, Bo Barrage, is more profound than the French king. It is said that his skill is unfathomable. Since he told you to stay for three days, he must naturally have his reasons."
Qi Yufeng shook his head with a wry smile. "I think he just wants to find a civilian worker to do things."
Dastain thought for a moment and said, "So let’s go with you and let’s see what the monk said. If Tubo and Xiliang can be connected in a line, it will be of great benefit to the great cause of revival of our teaching."
Qi Yufeng nodded and immediately two people with snow anger cliff, although all the way dark dense jungle covered the moonlight, but Dastain distinguishes the road and almost prevents Qi Yufeng from secretly admiring him to find his way.
When Dastain saw that he seemed a little curious about his random road, he immediately smiled, "I was born in the desert, and sometimes I stayed in the wilderness for a few days. Almost everyone will have such a trail in our place."
Qi Yufeng was even more surprised to say that it’s not easy to see things at night, even if the martial arts are superior. It’s not easy to say that Persia has become a bad street and everyone can learn skills.
After a while, the two men suddenly saw that everything in front of them was shrouded in clouds, and the clouds were getting bigger and bigger. Gradually, the road could not be seen immediately. Dastain couldn’t help frowning. "This can be difficult. Let’s not touch any beasts."
Qi Yufeng heart way even touch what beast with our two people also afraid of what the Wolf bug butch?
There was a whisper in his heart, but after a while, the two of them felt that the cold wind invaded the skin, the mountains were covered with white fog, and the mountains were silent and all was quiet. Occasionally, a few wild animals roared in the distance, and immediately Dastain couldn’t help but frown. "We can’t even see a tree in front of us. Let’s take a break until the fog clears."
Qi Yufeng nodded and promised to come to Dastain quietly. He found some moss from the hole in the tree and some dry branches and bark. He took out the fire and lit a fire. He carefully blew the fire and added the branches and bark bit by bit. Soon the bonfire was burning brightly.