Jiang Xiaoshi Youzi rambled, "What did you just shout? Kang Long has regrets. This isn’t really a dragon, is it? I’ll go … "He looks up at the sword, but Qi Yufeng slaps it with one hand, and the palm force turns into an arc, and the scattered force turns round and wide, which is really unavoidable.

Immediately, he accompanied "I’ll go …" When he exclaimed, his toe was a little bit like an arrow, and he flew back flat, and then he flew out three feet away and escaped his palm. It was really flying fast and erratic.
Qi Yufeng’s palm failed to stride forward immediately, and the yellow dust rolled behind him like a big yellow dragon.
Jiang Xiaoliu floated to the ground and roared, "You sneak attack!"
Qi Yufeng smiled without a word. Did you sneak up on me less?
The two men’s tight fists staggered, and their legs changed to their body shapes. They danced as straight as a dragon’s shadow and a flying eagle. At one time, they stirred up dust all over the sky and covered the sun. The two men’s strength filled the air and their clothes were cracked layer by layer, and soon they were tattered and straight as beggars.
At this time, the two men’s martial arts skills are quick, just and fierce, and the gist of the way is that they are heavy, fierce and masculine, and they don’t want to change a lot. That is to say, the trick must be the most exhausting. If Qi Yufeng hadn’t got through the strange meridians, his arm would have been sore and hurt by itself.
In the long yellow sand, the two strong men are flying around, showing their abilities …
An hour later, the two of them were already panting and tired, and they looked at each other and cried, "Don’t you?"
"The …" Qi Yufeng, he has fought more than 500 strokes at this time, but he is already a little impatient with his skill. The seven methods of winning the dragon’s palm have been repeated for seventy times, but the stamina is still strong and biting, but it has gradually decayed.
"Ha ha, how do you say I can’t do it with a sword?" Jiang Xiaoshi laughed and immediately lay back and looked at the mysterious desert towering into the clouds, and the lakes and wetlands were far from quiet, panting.
Qi Yufeng also sat on the ground to rest, but quickly asked, "If I give you the key to fencing, can you beat me in fencing?"
Jiang Xiaoshi bowed his head and pondered for a good half-day before shaking his head. "Even if I can’t, my talent is limited. I’m afraid I can’t learn your sword. It’s hard to become a national player after all."
Qi Yufeng’s heart was silent, but it also proved his guess that "Nine Swords of Dugu" can be learned, but the meaning of Changbai Sword Sutra can be understood without words. I’m afraid I can’t explain it clearly by myself.
The two men became silent and looked at the setting sun far away, but they saw that the original golden light swallowed the sky and the sun was already dim, and the sun was as dark as blood, and the yellow desert was integrated. It looked dreamlike and unreal.
After a while, the setting sun sets, the fire burns like clouds gradually dim, and sometimes there are clouds floating in it, which seems to be like a dream in a veil. Qi Yufeng can’t help but move slightly when he sees this beautiful scenery.
"In this kind of depressed mood, it seems that this beautiful framework is a barren headland; This magnificent tent covering the sky of all beings, this solemn house dotted with golden fireballs, is a lot of dirty miasma, which is a great thing for human beings! How noble and rational! What a great power! What a beautiful instrument! What a graceful move! How like an angel! How much wisdom is like a god! The essence of the universe Primates of all things! " Jiang Xiaoshi suddenly rose like a spring and sang loudly in the desert.
Qi Yufeng somehow recognized this line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but I don’t know why Jiang Xiaoshi actually felt it at this time.
Jiang Xiaoliu shouted at the sun and turned around and smiled shyly. "When I was a child, I was an old man with wenqing problems!"
Qi Yufeng is not interested in the madness of literary youth, but he also managed to laugh. "It’s good to have some feelings."
"What a fart! Sometimes it’s like being stuck in sb’s head, but the root cause of this disease is now that I get up every day, I scold Xu Zhimo dozens of times, and sometimes I can’t help but get hysterical." Jiang Xiaoshi talked about himself and couldn’t help but pull a long face.
Without wanting to talk more, Qi Yufeng tentatively asked, "Where did you learn this kung fu?"
"Hey, you post-90s people may not be familiar with what magazines I read when I was a child, such as Story Meeting and Companion. There are small advertisements behind them to monopolize Wulin cheats. I just followed that practice, and when I grew up, I went into the mountains to fight wolves, leopards and bears a little bit, and then I came out." When Jiang Xiaoshi saw Qi Yufeng get up, two young people dressed in rags like wild people in the mountains wobbled toward the car.
"After years of work and money, I went to Africa to hunt with crocodiles, lions, orangutans and pythons with my bare hands. Hey, you may not know, but sometimes I think this beast is more difficult to deal with than people." Jiang Xiaoshi said happily.
When they came to the car and opened two bottles of beer, they took a mouthful of it. After this war, they had already talked about it.
"What about you?" Jiang Xiaoshi looked back and asked
Qi Yufeng smiled. "My secret is this sword."
"sword?" Jiang Xiaoshi looks up at the long white sword far away and can’t help but frown.
"Can I have a look?"
"Well," Qi Yufeng promised happily. Anyway, this Excalibur, Ling Huchong and Qu Fei-Yan, have all had a little hunting.
Jiang Xiaoshi pulled out his long white sword a few steps ago. Although it was dark at this time, he drew his sword, but there was still an arc that was clear and bright, and it was crisp and dazzling.
"Good sword! Yi ….. "Jiang Xiaoshi just praised a but couldn’t help but feel suspicious. He suddenly screamed and danced with a sword to detain the light of the blade. Suddenly, the tip of the sword gave birth to a three-foot throughput, and the green mountain was like a long snake.
"sword mans!" Qi Yufeng suddenly a surprised how could he …
Jiang Xiaoshi holds a sword like a wind and a cloud, chopping out dozens of swords in an instant, and seeing the green mountain crack and fly all over the sky, white light Zhan Zhan suddenly turns into day!
It turns out that his sword has such attainments!
Qi Yufeng can see that his swordsmanship is not his own, but it is unique, strong and skillful, and the realm is far better than the world. All kinds of clever swordsmanship have achieved high attainments in martial arts!
But seeing him dance faster and faster, he will dance the sword into a ball, and the green light will sweep across the oblique cutting blast, and the dust will be rolled up and the impact power will be really invincible.
So fencing can still do this? Qi Yufeng entranced to shine at the moment and drifted off to see another realm of martial arts.
While he was meditating, suddenly, when the sword in Jiang’s little hunter was collected, the crows around him seemed to be missing even the unique shaming here.