The pain of not remembering the scene still haunts my heart.

Once upon a time, I was so happy, tender and blessed.
In the plain, it looks dull.
Once upon a time, that tenderness and honey meant a little love.
Now those two-winged birds
Today and the past have become everything.
Everything is a dream of spring.
Beautiful and unforgettable
The spring dream was scarred and I woke up with tears in my eyes.
Who is crying in many sleepless nights?
Memories of the past
Past tenderness
Yesterday’s honey
Love in the past
Pushed an infatuated man into the abyss of deep hatred
Feng, I know you’re upset, but let’s go first. We’ve closed our gods and hidden our breath. No one knows that we’ve returned to the protoss. Let’s stay at my house for a while and find Xiao Sheng when I regain my energy.
Yefeng yiran
In fact, my heart is sleeping, and I also want to cut such a kind, beautiful and gentle girl with a knife. Alas, after all, I didn’t call you in those days. Maybe we will all have another ending today.
Stop it. I said that from the moment you promised me, we had forgotten everything. I wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t call me. Maybe this is the arrangement of nature.
The night maple sound rings again. We are gods who created all things in the world, but God can’t restrain the world. On the contrary, so can we.
Perhaps this is the law of the world, and God is also thinking. Without thinking, he would not have created the continent of Western Chu. Isn’t this the performance that you hate me in your heart and want to be now?
Father, eldest brother broke the seal, and then he lost his breath. I’m afraid our night Yu Xueer is still slim, and her head is low, said night Yu alone.
Alas, I know that your eldest brother released the flame, and his breath energy was sealed. I can’t find them either. From this day on, the protoss will be completely chaotic, and maybe our family has reached a low point.
My father and his brothers are together at night.
I expected this day from the moment I sealed your eldest brother and wounded your sister-in-law thousands of years ago, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon. At first, I was blamed for being too greedy to be satisfied. Alas, Sina Jackie Chan sighed heavily.
It’s all my fault that I’m a bad mother. I didn’t feel that since Maple was sealed, my heart hasn’t been quiet for so long. When it’s out of date, Maple is holding on to it. It’s enough for our relatives to stand by and do nothing this time. If he wants to retaliate against us, don’t fight back, because we owe Maple too much. When it comes to the end, it’s hard to say no more.
Night Yu night night Yang three brothers and their wives are listening to the wind in silence.