Guo Xiaosi sneered at the fact that you three reported your names first, and then I got mixed up.

Alas, the young woman laughed. The immortal normal university students bought us, but they wanted us to stay with the immortal normal university students for many years. My family is called a plum. These two are called a orchid and a peach. We are the three most gorgeous flowers in the garden in spring.
Three coquettes are actually called flower bones. Guo Xiaosi almost couldn’t help laughing, but it was a wave of his hand, a white light was lasered from his hand and nailed to the forehead of a orchid. A orchid suddenly stood on the ground and couldn’t move, so his mouth couldn’t close properly anymore.
Fairy Normal University people, how do you say this? What are you going to do? A plum is panicked when you see it, and the peach is scared to death. You already want to escape, but when you think of Fairy Normal University’s unpredictable means, your legs are soft and you fall to the ground, where can you go?
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t talk to them too much, so he will settle a plum and a peach directly, and then he laughs. I asked Yan Hong’s family to buy you for a long time. It’s a pity that you three talk too much nonsense. After I fail, I will call you plum blossoms, orchids and peaches, but I want you to be somewhere else.
The three women all shouted in the same way, but they were all at a loss. This fairy teacher bought them in the Spring Garden, but they didn’t know where else they could do laundry, so they were not good at it.
Guo Xiaosi walked over and took off the residual clothes of plum blossom, orchid and peach blossom. It’s not that he suddenly became interested in these three women, but that he should remember to refine the puppet. If a mortal makes a material, he must first peel it off. Once the mortal body is poured into a large number of spiritual forces, it will inevitably withstand the huge pressure volume miscellaneous gas and turbid gas, and if it is blocked for a while, it will reverse and return to the body. In this way, the body will eliminate the impact of miscellaneous gas and turbid gas and cause the flesh to swell and crack, so the material will be abolished.
Guo Xiaosi is not in a hurry and will bring it over again. He must be careful not to make any mistakes when refining puppets for the first time
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Bitter puppet
Guo Xiaosi chose the big-breasted orchid to refine the puppet experiment. He couldn’t be cruel to the Xiao sisters, but he didn’t hesitate to refine the big-breasted orchid, plum blossom and peach blossom. These women were refined into puppets, which can be said to have saved them to some extent. Of course, Guo Xiaosi is not a philanthropist. He must refine these three women into puppets, otherwise he will never kill the opportunity.
Guo Xiaosi got through the meridians of the orchid body in strict accordance with the steps, and the right index finger touched the acupoints in the chest to continuously convey the spiritual force into the orchid body. The orchid suddenly felt a hot heat dripping into her body from the chest, and soon the body was hotter than the blood, but the brain was spinning. It was Guo Xiaosi who infused her with an aphrodisiac. After a while, the individual lost consciousness and never thought about herself again.
Plum blossoms and peach blossoms see Guo Xiaosi’s fingers point to the orchids, but soon they find that Guo Xiaosi closes his eyes and concentrates on them, and a layer of pale white mist is curling up on his head. The white body of orchids gradually becomes flushed and whiter than it gradually becomes sparse, a kind of bloodless and pale.
Guo Xiaosi immediately put a Dan medicine into the orchid’s mouth, then bit his left index finger, and then a little blood at the fingertip of Yintang point between her eyebrows quickly melted into her Yintang point. At this time, the orchid’s eyes suddenly lit up, which was a sign that the puppet recognized the Lord. It was also remembered that Guo Xiaosi had finished drinking an orchid with satisfaction but went to the house.
Orchid heard Guo Xiaosi wordlessly turned and walked towards the house, and it didn’t slow down at all. The big orchid in Guo Xiaosi’s heart has become half a puppet, and it will take a few days to become a puppet controlled by him completely.
The plum blossom and peach blossom over there also looked wrong. Both of them were scared out of their wits but they were struggling to move and shout. However, Guo Xiaosi soon let their souls leave their bodies and let them completely forget their fears and completely leave the evil world. For puppets, their soulless thinking is really a walking corpse, but they have actually died and reported to the Yamaraja Temple.
However, the cat puppet technique is different from the general puppet technique, but it doesn’t look too dull and dull. Guo Xiaosi should respond to the surveillance of Yan Hong family and let Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle find three sets of women’s clothes, saying that their clothes have been torn to pieces in previous wars, and then let these three puppets make waves every night as if they were in their joint war. A few days before the war, Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle also ran over and overheard it. Later, he heard that he couldn’t help himself and went straight to Songfeng Mountain to find someone to vent his fire. Then Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle didn’t bother to eavesdrop, but Guo Xiaosi still did
It is the first step to turn these three people into puppets. The next thing to do is to let these three puppets practice. This is more troublesome. Guo Xiaosi can see the results as soon as possible, and he has stopped his medicine. He should try his best to make the puppet alchemist leave Lingshi, and all of them have reached these puppets.
In order to better manipulate these puppets, Guo Xiaosi has to practice the corresponding methods constantly according to the methods, so that his own practice has slowed down a lot, which is close to stagnation. However, he is not worried that the most important thing now is to cultivate puppets to practice for himself, so he can practice slowly in the future. It is not too late to be in a hurry to be able to improve his skills slowly.
A year later, the three puppets were finally able to cast the most common spell, Xuanhuo, as when Wu Jiao awarded it to Guo Xiaosi, and their basic skills had reached the third level.
In addition to refining puppet people, Guo Xiaosi has refined Dan medicine for Yan Hong’s family this year. Several people have been able to build a foundation, and Guo Xiaosi has refined the elixir-seeking Guo Xiaosi. However, he won’t leave nine for Yan Hong’s family, saying that the failure rate of this elixir-seeking family is relatively high, but Yan Hong’s family won’t doubt that it has spent some more materials.
When orchid, plum blossom and peach blossom have been able to cast mysterious fire, Guo Xiaosi asked Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle for a few prostitutes. Now, it is no longer necessary to deal with these things. He secretly thinks that this old guy is too verbose and this matter is not a big deal, so it is not necessary to show that Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle is busy refining a middle-class magic weapon at this time, which makes Yan Hong Wu Ya Bundle feel more relaxed than this trip. He caught five prostitutes who are also coquettish and sexy and sultry than his figure is bumpy.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t value the appearance of these women. According to the previous model, the five women were given new names. Although the names of chrysanthemum, lotus, camellia, pear and osmanthus are tacky, they are in line with these women’s identities. Even if they are refined into puppets, Lan Meitao makes outsiders look particularly coquettish and coquettish.
It’s really a chat and a long time to refine the puppet. Guo Xiaosi estimated that a puppet can also help himself to break through this prison dragon array in the future, so he will no longer ask for a prostitute’s Yan Hong Wu Ya bundle. After a long time, he is too lazy to come to see Guo Xiaosi’s anti-getting some Dan medicine from here every month. What’s more, Guo Xiaosi’s long-term alchemy is that several women fight hundreds of rounds later, and it’s also important not to delay the alchemy.
Ten years have passed, and the last puppet has entered the period of rotation.
Thirty years later, the first puppet, orchid, entered the final stage of Dan.
They all swallowed Guo Xiaosi Lian to mask the breath Dan, so it seems to outsiders that these women are just some women who know some basic skills. Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu suddenly found a woman who showed her spiritual strength to quickly sweep away her knowledge, but she smiled ha ha. Rest assured, this woman has been hanging out with Guo Xiaosi in this courtyard for 30 years, but the basic skills must be that they are moving towards Guo Xiaosi magic, so Guo Xiaosi pointed them out. It is no wonder that after 30 years, these women are still so coquettish and charming and have practiced basic skills.
At this time, the Yan Hong Wu Ya beam achievement method has reached the spinning stage. Of course, this is all due to Guo Xiaosi Dan medicine, while Yan Hong Po La Shu and other elders have reached the spinning stage. Guo Xiaosi, the top of the group, has also refined Qi Dan. This is mainly because the puppet people are preparing for the Dan-knot stage, but at the same time, Guo Xiaosi also warned them that they are not experts in protecting the law. They are root methods to resist the bombardment of thunder.
All the elders of Yan Hong’s family had a hard time practicing Tao. Who wants to practice Tao for many years? Therefore, although they have reached the top of the spinning period, no one dares to take a chance to make a knot. Otherwise, Yan Hong is quite good, so the elders may have entered the knot period.
Orchid enters the stage of ending Dan, and Guo Xiaosi is in a big mood. Although his achievement method has not reached the middle stage of ending Dan in 30 years, after all, his energy is focused on refining the puppet and refining one of the puppets into the stage of ending Dan, which is enough for him to meet. However, it is not enough for such a puppet to enter the stage of ending Dan, and Guo Xiaosi has been practicing hard for more than two years before the other seven puppets have also risen to the stage of ending Dan.
Together with others, in Guo Xiaosi, it is now equal to nine experts in the Dan-knot period. Although he also knows that Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu let slip one day and said that the dragon array in prison has gained some power, Guo Xiaosi also knows that it is time to break the dragon array in prison and kill Songfeng Mountain. Now the lack is just an appropriate time.
It can’t take too long to break the prison dragon array, or it will disturb the Yan Hong family after a long time. They can arrange another array outside the prison dragon array. At that time, they will be shocked by holding these puppets. I am afraid that Yan Hong family will never let him have such an opportunity again.
Therefore, it can’t be too long to kill the loss, and it must be a one-time success. If it doesn’t succeed, there will never be a chance. Guo Xiaosi has waited for more than 30 years, and he doesn’t care to wait for a while. These days, he is still refining Dan medicine for Yan Hong’s family step by step, and at the same time, he has raised his practice to the puppet to reach the stage of knot Dan, but the practice speed can be temporarily slowed down.
However, after half a year, Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu sent a lot of food at one time, which made Guo Xiaosi wonder that the Yan Hong family would send a certain amount of food every day, but this time they sent enough food for three days. Maybe they didn’t send food for three days.
Master Yan Hong sent three days’ rations today. Guo Xiaosi vaguely felt that this seemed to be a good opportunity and took the opportunity to ask.
Yan Hong Wu Ya Shu burst out laughing excitedly. Haha, you don’t know it, do you? Elder Shu has already understood how to cope with the fate of Dan. Although his old man’s house is a little wordy, he is still the cleverest person in our Yan Hong family after all.
Your family didn’t knot Dan period master dharma, he is quite spine shu how dare to deal with knot Dan Armageddon ray power is not you can imagine Guo Xiaosi continued.
Elder Bo La Shu said that we can arrange a set of array to resist the thunder bombardment. Since the array can resist the joint attack of twenty or thirty experts in the Dan-knot period, it must also be able to resist the thunder bombardment. Therefore, one day we will arrange a set of large array in the valley of Songfeng Mountain for Elder Bo La Shu to break the Dan-knot. Haha, our Yan Hong family’s Dan-knot master is about to be born. Anyway, thanks to Guo Daoyou, we can’t practice such a high level without so many pills. Elder Bo La Shu is not surprised.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Kill Song Fengshan
Guo Xiaosi’s heart thumped, and Yan Hong was quite a thorn. Actually, she also thought of the law to deal with the fate of Dan, but she was also clever. But whether she could make Dan depends not on the level of cultivation, but on the luck. Many cultivation of immortals stopped at this card, not because she couldn’t reach it, but because of luck, in other words, she didn’t make a great fortune.