I yelled at an angry weirdo who took me for a stupid moment. Although the monster was very fast, I also captured its appearance as a geek. At this time, he was actually sophistry and the way of sophistry was irritating. Isn’t this insulting my IQ?
"I know you must have misunderstood. If you don’t mind, can you hear and explain? If you can’t give you a reasonable explanation, how about taking my life and never resisting it?" Weirdo face as usual said
"Well, I’d like to see how you can argue?" I fought back my impulse to attack in an instant, and I tried my best to calm myself down. It’s not a weirdo in front of me, but ten thousand people who dare to attack rashly will be drowned by many weirdos.
The strange man smiled, as if he had been lonely for a long time and finally found someone to talk to, and said slowly, "Don’t you think it’s strange that a large forest disappeared in the blink of an eye? I know you must be very confused. Well, in this case, I won’t talk nonsense. Everything is illusory. The forest attacks you, weirdo. You are like shooting a film. The director controls us, but we are at the mercy of others."
This …
I have a confused look. Weird words are really trendy. The word "filming" pops up, but what does he mean in the end? Everything is illusory. How is that possible? If ten thousand weird Woods are illusory, I can understand it, but I am real!
The weirdo sighed heavily and said sadly, "outsiders, you will never understand what we phantoms have experienced?"
"Phantom clan?" I wondered that these weirdos belonged to a race called Phantom Spirit, but I had never heard of this race. Then I thought it was probably a hidden race in the science of uniting, and I was relieved that I didn’t know whether it was normal after all.
"You see, I forgot that you don’t know about the Phantom clan. Well, I’ll start from the beginning. My name is genkai, the head of Phantom clan, and all our ethnic people are surnamed Phantom clan. We are living a competitive life. The outside world will always be closed to avoid disasters. Sorrow is Phantom clan or not. Playing with that day, I can still remember vividly in my mind. A terrible person was born. It should not be called God. It should not be called devil. He brought disaster to Phantom clan. We have become this person. It is all his fault.
The illusion is very excited, and the hatred in my eyes seems to be undisguised. I sighed, regardless of whether the illusion is true or not. The experience of the illusion family is indeed pitiful. Of course, I will not be stupid to let my guard down when I have not yet figured out whether it is true or not.
After a while, the illusion finally returned to normal.
"I’m sorry to think of him. I can’t help it."
"Nothing to go on!" I shook my head and said lightly
The magic heart cleared his throat and said calmly, "Since he was born only one day, he has grown up and his thinking is comparable to that of an adult. The most terrible thing is that he can predict the future. Although the magic family can predict a person’s upcoming words in advance, it is far from reaching the point of predicting the future. It is something that only a real god can do. However, he has it at that time. I was also blessed by God. The genius of the magic family loved her very much, and we gradually forgot it when she grew up one day.
A month later, relying on her ability to predict the future, we found an ancient artifact to touch the divination mirror … "
Wait! What did he say? Did I hear him correctly?
I screamed with a shocked look and interrupted the rest of my fantasy. "What did you say just now?"
"Yes, it was the greatest secret of heaven and earth in the ancient artifact, but it was a pity that there was too little time left for me in those years, and she took the artifact away before she came to understand the secret in the magic divination mirror. Honestly, this has always been a regret in my heart."
The magic heart said strangely, "What’s the matter? Do you know the magic divination mirror?"
"This ….." I hesitated. The magic divination mirror is becoming more and more precious. It seems that everything has something to do with it. I suspect that the magic divination mirror is not a Zhong Kui door baby. Now this doubt has become a fact. The magic divination mirror turned out to belong to the illusory clan. Will the master be surprised if he is still alive? And so on. The master seems to know the importance of the magic divination mirror and wake up again and again. I take good care of it. And the master once said such a thing ..
I can’t even think about it!
The magic heart was even more confused and said softly, "What’s wrong with you, stranger?"
"Nothing to go on!" The words of magic heart make my heart tense. Fortunately, the other party doesn’t have the ability to peep into the mind. Otherwise, the secret of my body will be exposed. The magic mirror belongs to the phantom family, and the artifact is also the culprit that evokes their painful memories. Imagine if it is exposed, will it be torn to pieces by the angry phantom family?
The magic heart nodded and there was no such thing as continuing to ask questions. I was secretly relieved not to ask the best magic spirits. Although they can peek into your heart, they have a kind of predictability. If they continue to ask questions, no one can guarantee that they will not accidentally spill the beans.
"At that time, the Phantom Clan was so excited that the power of the ancient artifact was unimaginable. However, it was good to get the artifact, but I neglected one thing. An important thing was that the birth of the artifact would bring disaster since ancient times. My Phantom Clan was isolated from the rest of the world, and absolutely no outsiders knew that we had got the news of the magic divinatory mirror. Unexpectedly, a large number of practitioners came the next day. The most incredible thing was that they found the Phantom Clan’s hidden residence, and a fight was like this. As time went on, more and more practitioners were not good at fighting, and the Phantom Clan was not
When it didn’t last long, most people of the Phantom clan fell into a pool of blood, and a dozen people came alive. In the end, the practitioner besieged the Phantom clan and turned it into a practitioner’s fight. The blood dyed the Phantom clan’s peaceful residence. At that moment, I knew that the calm day would be lost forever. It was no longer a phantom without worries and sorrows, but a demon full of hatred, which made all practitioners feel afraid of demons. "
Man is a greedy animal and can never be satisfied!
Chapter 7 Mysterious Curse Power
A famous saying rang out in my mind and I sighed. Now I believe in the truth, the identity of the phantom, and the experience of the phantom family. They are all poor people, worried that the phantom family has taken the road of revenge. Who caused greedy human beings?
They all deserve to die!
Ah! I woke up suddenly. What’s the matter? I just had a hatred of human beings in my mind, as if I were not human. At this moment, I really doubt whether I have a split personality.
I hope you can help us find out who leaked the residence of the Phantom Clan and the mystery of the array. If the array was not broken in a flash, how could the practitioner easily kill so many people? The magic heart said angrily that I was a little strange. Did she just listen to the magic heart hate words or that she leaked everything, but now the magic heart asked me to investigate the truth of that year? Doesn’t he know?
"It’s not her. I hate her because she took her people to find the magic divination mirror. She is the disaster of the Phantom clan. Her birth brought disaster to the Phantom clan." Phantom heart shook her head and I was about to ask, but I swallowed my words.
"When I was very angry and wanted to kill her, who knew that a person unexpectedly appeared? He saved Yuan Qing. If I had a conversation later, I would have been able to solve this disaster …" The magic heart was filled with anger, and my whole face was twisted and scary. I had been listening to every word silently. Suddenly I heard a familiar name …
Yuan Qing!
Every time I meet this evil ghost, I always feel scared, as if Yuan Qing is my nemesis. Now it looks like it is. She will always appear when you don’t expect it, but this time it is her name.
My body trembled. I was surprised and said, "Fanxin, did you just say her name was Yuan Qing?"
"Yes, it’s this damn disaster, Yuan Qing, and I won’t forget this name until I die. The disaster of the Phantom Family was caused by her." The Phantom Heart said more and more, and the look was more terrible. His hatred for Yuan Qing has reached an extreme level.
Wait, maybe Yuan Qing in my fantasy heart is not what I know. Yuan Qing must be what I think. It must be!
"Fantasy heart, where do you say Yuan Qing is now?" I want to confirm whether the two yuanqing are the same one.
Magic thought for a while and said with a puzzled face, "It’s strange that I can’t feel her breath since Yuan Qing was rescued, as if she had disappeared from this world. It would be nice if she really disappeared, but I always thought that Yuan Qing wasn’t dead and probably changed the race. I didn’t feel her. There is a mysterious induction among the same clan of the Phantom, and of course I lost it for his race." Magic heart was afraid that I would explain the mysterious induction of the Phantom clan in detail.
I look disappointed. This answer is not good, and it’s not bad either.
"But I remember saving the name of Yuan Qingren from him, maybe I can find Yuan Qingluo." The magic heart suddenly said.
"What’s his name?" I am also excited to hear this sentence.
"Zhong Kui, his name is Zhong Kui, and it seems that Yuan Qing knows me, but I heard this person’s name from their conversation." I thought for a while and said for sure.
At this moment, I wonder if I heard Yuan Qing wrong. Even though I know Yuan Qing, the person who rescued her can’t be Zhong Kui. Because Zhong Kui is the founder of Zhong Kui Sect for a long time, when was Yuan Qing? It is absolutely impossible for the two of them to come together.
Absolutely impossible!
The magic heart root doesn’t know that I know Zhong Kui, Yuan Qing, and I don’t know where I am. He has no reason to lie, and there is no reason to deceive me. His words are absolutely credible, but how did Zhong Kui and Yuan Qing come together in Yuan Qing? What is the era of Zhong Kui for a hundred years? It’s too long since Zhong Kui and Yuan Qing were different for too long, but they are connected.
No wonder the magic divination mirror will become the Zhong Kui Gate baby. It must have been taken when Yuan Qing was rescued. Even though everything seems to have found a reasonable explanation, I still accept this fact in my heart, which has subverted the former cognitive master. If I am still alive, I am afraid that I feel the same way.
"Damn woman, if I see her again, I must cut her to pieces." The magic heart said that his face was ferocious and his look was very scary. This shows that his hatred for Yuan Qing has reached the point where blood can be eliminated.
I shook my head and tidied up a messy thought. Yuan Qing Zhong Kui and Zhong Kui saved Yuan Qing, but Zhong Kui people suppressed Yuan Qing. Yuan Qing discovered the magic divination mirror, and I became the owner of it. This series of complications is simply too messy and makes people have a headache.
"There is one more important thing for you to help." Magic Heart suddenly said with a smile.
I slowly raised my head and smiled bitterly. This illusion has been really seen for too long. Seeing that people regard each other as saviors, doesn’t he find that I am weak? Investigating some things is barely possible, but I will die if I am in danger.
"Sorry, I am too weak to help you." I shook my head and refused.
"There is something you can do in this world, and others can’t do it even if they are strong," the magic heart affirmed.
I took a strange look at the magic heart and thought to myself, is this guy really crazy? Otherwise, how could he blurt it out is crazy?