Of course, even if it’s Cuban, I can’t take it out!

Looking at the smoke being sucked away by the face exhaust fan, I began to talk about it. Looking around, the table on the left was feng shui, and the two small ones opposite him looked at it. It was estimated that they were engaged in this business outside and found some big buyers to ask Mr. Chen to get out and help their customers look at feng shui. The two brothers next to them have been looking for a ghost house for people for years. Now that they have stayed here recently, it is estimated that they have found some good acupoints here for sale. The table at the back is dedicated to selling instruments, some mid-range exorcism spells, peach wood seals and bead chains. The first table on the right seems to be talking about business. At first glance, the device just came out of the ground. It is estimated that someone is looking for someone to handle it. The two guys behind them are unfamiliar, look like a square eater, and are estimated to be a Jianghu hunter-it’s hard for them to estimate that vampires, zombies and werewolves are rare. The last table should be for mentoring. Maybe it’s to prepare for hotel accommodation behind Third Master.
Most of these people can be regarded as people in our practice. Everyone knows that the world is unknown and we know the hidden rules in this door. Compared with them, I am really good-Zhuge’s family status and NSA background can make my left eye ability.
But if they are ordinary people in our world, then I am a nobleman here!
Three yes suddenly put the smoke to "Liu, let me tell you about the recent things inside the door. Things inside the door refer to the things in the present practice. This is our own statement-I nodded." I’m not waiting for you to say it.
"This year, after the anomaly of seven nights in Qinglong at the vernal equinox, many people had a movement. The Zhang family in Gansu Province began to call the master and began to prepare the multiplier. Just now I said that it was them who received the Zijin lock; Fan Yang’s Lushi has officially announced his apprenticeship and is looking for talented people everywhere; Chen Jun’s Mohism is offering a reward of millions for finding the elixir. It is said that they have already started the repair of the ancestral golden unicorn instrument and many machines. Here, Sanye paused. "According to what you said today, there must be something big happening. These families are hard to say that they already know the details, but it is estimated that they have all seen this scene and started preparations.
"Every big family in China has rules and guards left by their ancestors. If it is not a big event, it is estimated that it will not leave." I can’t laugh at this. "If you say it is true, Third Master, it is dangerous this time.
Third Master disdained to’ cut’. "Don’t pretend for me-you Zhuge disciples are not saving oil lamps. Master Zhuge is still healthy, and you are his favorite disciple. Can Master Zhuge watch your doll go into the fire pit?" He spit out one mouthful smoke at me. "If there is any danger, please go out and ask Lord Wuhou for a goose feather fan. I will protect you."
"Go, go," I spat. "Grandfather fan isn’t mine. It’s Zhuge Gucai who can give it to the master elder brother. I hope that the master will just give me the multiplier to suppress evil.
"It’s none of my business." Third Master got up. "It’s almost time to go out and help you get more involved. You can go home too-remember to be careful when you go out this time.
I smiled and went out to drive back to Zijin lock. It is reasonable to say that I should really rest assured, but this remark of Third Master made my heart a little seven.
What the hell happened?
Now it seems that everything can’t be tested. Let’s talk about it when the time comes-I think of what my master said when I was preparing to enter the National Security Bureau. "It’s also thrilling for Liu Pi to be sheltered in the National Security Bureau. Come on, it’s not appropriate for you to take the old road of Xiaowu."
Xiaowu is my fifth brother Fangcheng. Now he is a capable and good member of the National Security Bureau.
"Mom, I spit on the car." Old man firmly believes in your words and see how dangerous you can be in a rape G investigation.
Section 10 Early days in Xinjiang
early morning
When the CD flight to WLMQ was still more than 1,500 yuan, Pei Xiaokai was very dissatisfied when he got the delivered ticket. "We are going to save the world, and you are also 60% off!" Those guys who spend a lot of money on drinking and drinking get a 55% discount.
The ticket delivery younger brother else counted the tickets and said, "Save the world without you to save us-the money just goes into the pocket, blowing a tune and roared off, regardless of Pei Xiaokai’s face of cynicism and hatred."
"Line line investigators on this treatment you also don’t want to" I took the ticket to have a look at the music Tang Qianli this thing is really unique. The first ticket is Liu Pi Cloud, the second ticket is Pei Xiaokai, and the third ticket for a black cat is actually filled in Ye Jianguo directly!
I looked at the black cat and smiled!
Black cats have nothing in common with the boss at first glance, except that they can all eat the same!
The little black cat climbed down the sofa and looked at the ticket to show satisfaction. I turned my head to get the ticket and shook it in front of it. "Look, I’m good enough for you, right? I’ve specially set a place for you to change others. Can you have such good treatment? Go ahead and have fun, demo
The little black cat snorted and said that he was dissatisfied with the "seat? Not rare! Anyone else would charter a plane to take me in your stupid economy class! Poor thing, it’s my own fate to be with a rich man. This little black cat has been watching her brain recently. Besides mastering the problems of people’s livelihood, she has also learned a mouthful of teeth. Compared with Pei Xiaokai, my learning ability is higher or lower. Even a strong person like me can’t resist it!
Looking at the little black cat wobbling on the sofa, I continued to carry the bar. "Go and play less for me!" If you make trouble again, I’ll send you to the institute to let you know what is alien anatomy research.
For me, I threatened the little black cat to finish watching until I reached the stairs. "Liu Pi Cloud, don’t kid yourself, okay? You are willing to send me to autopsy. Don’t you want to go through it again without food, drink, money and car? Come on, I’m not messing with you. I’m going to sleep for a while. It’s okay. Don’t ask me to wander the stairs and get into my nest after I finish.
"Damn this dead cat," I angrily scolded. When I turned to look at Pei Xiaokai, a bad spot suddenly appeared. "Did Pei Xiaokai recite it?" "Not yet." Pei Xiaokai just sat at the table and got up again with a sad face. "I’m exhausted after a night’s back.
"Do you want to rest?" I asked, "Did I help you carry the back?"
Peixiaokai little skull like a chicken pecking rice kept "thank you Liu Ge.
"I’ll help you with your back, but you can also go to rest-"I drawled. "It’s very simple to sleep with that dead cat or continue to recite it for me.
"Business I didn’t say you continue I sit on the sofa to open a" love to go or not.
"… good spell.
Three minutes later, I heard a black cat screaming!
It’s not that Pei Xiaokai is too close to the little black cat to do any harm, but I know that the Buddha’s bones are generally nervous when they are close to these different kinds. If Pei Xiaokai hugs the little black cat, the possibility that it can fall asleep has already returned!
I happily listened to the floor call and hummed a ditty "I’m proud to laugh ~" Picking up the words in my hand, I began to dial the diligent group Tang Qianli "Beauty, you made a big joke. As soon as I saw someone" hello ",I began to cry" Why don’t you teach me how to make me look like the boss with a black cat and then board the plane happily? "
This is the case with the investigation. Generally, the leaders sign a number and then take responsibility for their own profits and losses, but some procedural problems must be solved in the bureau.
Words out Tang Qianli sound "this I don’t care! Brother Liu, your nickname is’ Ghost Seeing Sorrow’ in the CD Branch. Can this little problem still stump you? "
This sentence made me almost cry-I can’t tell her that I was really worried about ghosts because I could see them, can I? Although our groups all have their own secrets, and everyone knows a thing or two about each other, only ourselves and the boss can know the specific situation clearly, and we will not admit it to the outside world!
I changed the tone "hey hey is a little difficult! Don’t you want to stretch out your lovely little hand and send a charcoal to your Liu Ge snow? What makes your Liu Ge remember hello and come back? What raisins, almonds and almonds do you want from rape G? "
"That’s more like it," said Tang Qianli proudly. "All right, the approval has been prepared and sent to China Southern Airlines. You can just take the certificate directly early in the day, and then they will know to send you a plane through security inspection.
"Thanks" blew a kiss in my words "I love you so much.
"Give me less melodramatic Tang Qianli. You’re welcome." Remember to bring all the gifts, or don’t think about it. It’s really nice for our seven groups to help you. They are willing to help others and know wisely. If it weren’t for being too familiar with them, it is estimated that they would have been digested by our seven departments. As a result, everyone is modest and I let her finally get cheaper. She is now a husband.
"OK is definitely a big name.
When the plane finally stopped sliding at WLMQ airport, Pei Xiaokai and I walked out of the plane with a group of twittering travelers. "Hey, everyone is hanging around in front of us with a flag guide." Don’t lose them.
Pei Xiaokai attached it to my ear and said, "Hey, Brother Liu, I don’t know what these people like to follow tour groups. Don’t they know that there is no Ziyó u?" He held the little black cat in one hand and dragged his luggage in the other. This leaning movement looked so ambiguous that I quickly dodged to avoid being mistaken for a’ gay’.
"But they also avoided trouble." I glanced at him. "What they need more is this" trouble "? What trouble? " Pei Xiaokai continued to chatter and said, "Will you get lost?"
"Oh, no," I looked at the dark clouds from the aisle window. "Maybe that’s the trouble.
Pei Xiaokai leaned in and looked left and right. "I don’t see any problem. He turned and shrugged his shoulders to express his dissatisfaction with me." Can you tell me where the trouble is? "
As he was talking, the glass suddenly snapped, followed by another … the sky suddenly began to pour like a sluice gate, and the rain cracked the glass.
"Oh, what should I do?" This scene is obviously that Pei Xiaokai didn’t expect to come from the second floor. He kept looking back, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the sky was like a splash of ink. I think I am a layman and it is vulgar, but I can always pretend to be inscrutable. "Don’t panic if I have a way."
"But …" He was just about to say something when it suddenly stopped!
I looked forward along Pei Xiaokai’s line of sight. There was a guy dressed in a system holding a card in his hand and several big characters "Liu Pi Cloud"
Although he is wearing a simple system, it can be guessed from this guy’s ability to receive me directly at the airport that he must belong to and n rape gWLMQ members of the National Security Bureau.