Olga would have been the ultimate beneficiary of all negative events.

Naturally, there will be completely different changes to a certain extent!
It becomes more inclined that whoever makes bad things can receive most of the benefits from it.
Olga’s theory should be the ultimate behind-the-scenes person who dominates all negative concepts, and the guy can receive little residue because there is no residue at all.
It’s like being a leader and being eaten up by the guys in the face ~
Fortunately, Olga finally has a certain degree of control over those negative matters that naturally occur, but he can increase his strength through those random and vicious influences instead of doing everything himself.
after all
If you really don’t have any control.
That would be a little too lw …
Although it is very lw now, it is just like a army of one …
Does it meet the requirements described in [Role Background Setting] …
It is fully said that the same [world view] should not be handled too much, whether it is writing game settings, writing settings or writing other things settings. Once there are too many guys handling different ideas and ideas, it is easy for them to come up with a bunch of strange stories that are completely contradictory and eccentric.
"Know can" guy running around also just.
Even all kinds of "beyond knowledge and ability" and "beyond knowledge and ability" are running around.
What the hell is this?
Can’t actually make up formal words
Don’t force yourself to finish.
Since Olga integrated his strength into the tree.
Not for long.
Little Ortega felt that it was not long before.
It’s probably only a few thousand years ago
After preparing all kinds of alliances, dark hands, and Lian Heng … The contestants are finally taking action.
It was a day when the sky was as usual.
Black light column
Just give a warning about the situation
Burst out in a huge canyon like a phantom!
The towering beams of light are like a sharp knife, a dark knife that divides heaven and earth!
Even the shape is wiped out along the way!
Reveal the emptiness beyond the plane.
after that
At the same time
A huge weird skull fell from the sky, dragging a slender bloody streamer and hitting somewhere in the [black area].
A strange black metal building stands like a blade-like metal mountain peak.
Flat integral structural plane
Several tiny metal gears are constantly turning …
Chapter 1626 The serpent and scorpion
Several attacks are emerging one after another.
Waves of fierce shocks are constantly erupting.
The number of contestants who are still unknown is constantly showing their sense of self.
They are fierce and powerful.
This whole structure is not yet mature [plane], even if it comes from [boundary dream], it can be regarded as [high-order plane], and it is still crazy and turbulent at this time.
Directly squeeze and collide with each other.
As if to bring everything back to the cloudy scene of a long time ago, even the towering tree is constantly swaying and turbulent.
Even that symbol of "order" and "chaos" in this world, the black area and the red area can’t stay out of the way and are forced to get involved in the storm.
In that black and extremely cold area
Everything is extremely stable, and the structure is fixed and orderly, as if to keep an appearance forever.
But now
The most striking thing is a giant golden snake with an unknown size-an equally huge blue scorpion!
Every time they move, their bodies simply move.
The strength inside that huge body will continue to affect the surrounding area and turn the vast area upside down.
Make this [black area] part of the vast land composed of various metals forced to crack out deep canyons of unknown depth and length …
Such as the golden serpent
Every time she rolls and slams, it seems that she is overturning and crushing the target, bringing great pressure to the surrounding area.
Just the little sparks that sparkled when her opponents, like bright golden scales of metal, danced with huge tongs, collided with each other was already like the glorious cause of creation, which caused the rapid birth of a poor number of [universes] and [worlds], and those sparks appeared dark. Although it seems very short to outsiders, the chaos caused by the two forces is actually very random [time scale], but the long and long years can also be said to be fleeting. No one is sure how long it will be.