Ye Lingfeng hesitated a little and agreed to let him die according to Pluto’s identity and situation, and now it seems that he has no reason not to agree.

"Take it!"
In the virtual darkness, a red light flashed across the familiar bloody cloak and appeared in Ling Ye Maple’s hand.
Touching the bloody cloak, which strange lines and tentacles are cold, and the feeling is connected with the blood.
Ye Lingfeng will slowly wear it to the body. A red light flashes. Ye Lingfeng’s white clothes suddenly turn into dark ink. Behind him, a cloak often wraps him tightly like a patron saint. Ling Ye Maple’s original handsome face is less feminine and replaced by cold and inviolable momentum.
There’s one thing missing
"There seems to be something missing!"
Ye Lingfeng raised her eyes and turned into blood.
"Death Lian was lost in the celestial world when you broke Xianer’s absorbing the source of heaven and earth in Zhongzhou. It’s up to you to get it back. I can’t help you!"
"What can I do for you?"
"I wish I could improve my strength before I break through the seal."
"Nothing else!"
"good! But there is something to tell you! "
"You say!"
"I hate it when people threaten me. I will kill you if I surpass you one day!"
Hearing Ling Ye maple’s words, Pluto was slightly silent in the dark and then burst out laughing.
"Death said this 13,000 years ago!"
This time it is Ye Lingfeng one leng.
"Are you? Then wipe your eyes! "
With a loud bang, the beauty in Ye Lingfeng’s hand danced out of the sheath, and a harsh white light slammed in front of him, shattered with a mass of black fog, and a faint light spilled into the whole and disappeared in a blink of an eye, and the whole was dark.
However, this short moment is enough. When darkness enveloped Ye Lingfeng once, it had appeared in the wild land.
It seems not bad!
Ye Lingfeng stretched out his hand and took the bloody cloak behind him, and a burst of murderous look made him dare not look straight at the bloody purple eyes. Ye Lingfeng stretched out his hand and condensed a piece of ice crystals.
In ice crystals, Ling Ye maple has a small inverted triangle in its left eye and a horizontal line in its right eye.
"Haven’t you finished solving the seal yet?"
Ye Lingfeng clearly knows where the limit of purple eyes is, and the six-pointed star imprint of both eyes forms a pair and turns into bright red purple, which is the strongest state of self-seeking.
The origin of Xiang Zi’s eyes can be traced back to the time when Pangu’s body was transformed into twelve ancestors’ witches. It is said that Pangu’s great god doubled the sun and the moon to illuminate the world, and one of the twelve ancestors’ witches absorbed the moon’s brilliance in an attempt to activate his body and become a new generation of Pangu’s great god. But I didn’t expect that the moon’s brilliance created by Pangu’s great god was so easily blasphemed, including his successors, because it was the hope of human life.
Instead of activating blood vessels, the ancestors who absorbed the moonlight gradually assimilated and dissipated their body energy, and eventually became a binocular waste.
You can imagine what a powerless ancestor faced in that era when there were many great sages.
At this time, a woman appeared with a light blue glow and came to Zuwu as soft as water. When her eyes and Zuwu lost sight, their eyes looked at each other for a moment, and a miracle happened. Zuwu’s body and moon brilliance slowly dissipated, and Zuwu’s vision gradually recovered. Instead of weakening, Zuwu’s strength increased.
When he opened his eyes, the woman who was as soft as water had already disappeared, leaving a piece of glittering and translucent jade ice.
Zuwu cried at this moment.
There is no name for the ancient 12-ancestor wizard. He knows that turning into ice is the youngest of his sister’s 12-ancestor wizards who is kind-hearted and in charge of the storm.
It was her tenacity in the wind and softness in the rain that dissolved the anger in the moonlight.
From that day on, the ancestor witch claimed that Qing Ming fell into the underworld and became the first generation of hades, which saved the life of Qing Ming, and the storm god was named Jiufeng.
And Qing Ming was saved by Jiufeng’s strength to restore his vision. Those eyes are purple eyes.
It is possible for all the descendants with purple eyes and gloomy things to open these eyes that see through the world. However, almost everyone who opens purple eyes is accompanied by misfortune and powerful power, and the price is to lose their closest relatives and favorite people.
Because the power of the underworld is the most powerful force in the six realms, its strength lies in its tenacity. Nothing in the six realms can completely destroy the power of the underworld, no matter how great the blow, it can completely eliminate its traces.
Those who inherit the power of the underworld are not those who are brave and fearless. Only in this way can they be qualified to make this power.
Being able to destroy human beings comes from sadness in the heart and despair from the bottom of my heart after experiencing ordinary people’s imagination pain.
Sometimes, when this despair occurs, the ghost power will fade away, and the moon’s brilliance will corrode the ghost power, and then the nine phoenix forces will neutralize the moon’s brilliance, thus opening purple eyes.
Of course, all this is risky, and not every desperate meditation can open purple eyes and be eroded by that kind of power, and there are many people.
Generally speaking, purple eyes are symbols of strength, but they are also curses and painful sustenance.
Looking at the red eyes in the ice crystal, Ye Lingfeng hesitated. Death is dead. He is now considered as the inheritor of death. Whether to continue to fulfill the will of death or go his own way depends on his own grasp. However, in the face of such great power and the pain of losing his loved ones,
Ye Lingfeng hesitated for the first time in her life.
In the end, he chose to ignore the problem and there were more important things for him to solve, such as the beautiful snake.
It’s no longer so difficult for the dark crack to appear again with one hand, and it’s enough for Ye Lingfeng to last for a while.
The beautiful snake plopped out of the crack.
Silk Miao, the overlord of the original Dragon Descendants in the wild, has collapsed to the ground in listlessness. The original blue scales have been replaced by blood and wounds.
Silk Miao stared in horror at the sight of this young man who is not high in strength but extremely scary. How terrible it is to be able to play the Nine Deep Channels. Although he stayed in it for a while, Silk Miao vowed never to go back from now on. That damn place is terrible.
Looking at the naked beauty snake silk Miao Ye Lingfeng abdomen somehow a hot.
Although I know that the opposite is a demon race and a disgusting serpent, such a naked and pitiful woman has aroused Ye Lingfeng’s desire at the moment.
Crazy in a mental cage, which seems to have a profound meaning, is already very white. Simiao’s attribute is yin cold, which coincides with Ye Lingfeng’s ten-side ice magic road. It is not impossible to turn her into a tripod furnace and ten-side ice magic road.
Although the double cultivation means to seize other people’s power is harmful, but it is a glory for the Terran that the demon race itself can’t do it!
The original Ye Lingfeng is going to turn Xieyu into her own cauldron to break through the bottleneck of the ten-square ice.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one, soul slave