The farther away from the city, the rarer the pedestrians are. This is the first time that Ye Chen came to the north of the city.

Princess, where do you want to go?
Hum, now I don’t want you to call me princess. You have to call me Huang Er, but Long Huang Er frowned and said.
Ok, where does the burn son want to go to play? Ye Chen asked with a smile.
Why don’t you go back to the palace and go anywhere? She said something sexually.
Let’s catch fish, shall we? There was a shallow stream in front of us, and when I came back together with your brother, I specially caught fish there to eat before going to town.
Catching fish is a new and exciting word for Long Huang’s son. She nodded and took me quickly. I want to go.
The brook is not as clear as the knee, but it is always seen that small fish, big and small, swim across it. In Ye Chen’s memory, the place of the brook has almost disappeared, but it can be seen everywhere in this world.
There are all kinds of artificial ponds and small lakes in the palace, and Long Huanger is the first time to see the gurgling water of the stream. In her ears, it is almost as pure as Yue Xian’s eyes, and her eyes are constantly flashing more pure than the stream.
She took off her shoes and skirt, barefoot in the stream, enjoying being touched by water, feeling that her heart had never been comfortable and quiet, but the water was tantamount to heaven for her.
Come on, don’t be silly. We’re here to catch fish. It’s the best to catch fish. Don’t you want to eat fish?
Ye Chen is holding a struggling carp face with a demonstrative smile.
Chapter 13 Long Huang’s Day
Long Huang’s nose became warped and he snorted without weakness. He concentrated on finding fish here, fish came here and fish went to Long Huang’s son and soon found the target. Just as he was trying to pounce, his foot slipped and fell into the water.
Ye Chen burst into laughter. Most of the clothes were wet. Long Huang’s son got up from the stream in a mess. He simply stopped wearing a skirt, wiped his face and said, Hum, I was just careless. I won’t lose to you.
I’ve caught two of them, but Ye Chen’s face is full of pride, holding a carp’s right hand and right hand respectively, and then throwing the fish behind him, sitting on a rock by a stream and smiling at the flying princess in the stream, but she’s not worried that the two fish just got their hands will run away.
Long Huang’s son finally found a new target again. She crept into her hands and suddenly grabbed a splash of water. The fish had already run away and disappeared. Long Huang’s son stamped his foot but didn’t give up looking for a new target.
It’s windy in Wan Liyun. Ye Chen slowly looked up and whispered, Is it going to rain?
I got it. I got it.
It wasn’t long before Long Huang, the prey, was happy, and the slippery autumn fish easily escaped from her hand and fell back into the water to swim quickly.
Oh, I’m so poor. I can’t catch you and don’t help me. Long Huang’s son is finally soft and full of grievances.
You have a big foot. A fish Ye Chen is indifferent and wakes up.
Ah, Long Huang quickly looked at her feet, but found a foot twice as long as her little foot. The fish was still floating at her feet, and small bubbles kept overflowing in her mouth. Long Huang carefully bent down with his hands, and then slowly approached and suddenly launched, holding it tightly in his hand.
I caught you. Look at her. She screamed with excitement to prevent the fish from escaping again. She was smart enough to throw it to the grass by the stream, but because of the excessive force, her feet slipped again and threw herself into the stream again. She managed to get up and laugh at the flowers blooming, but she didn’t feel pain.
Oh, it’s really tiring to coax children. Catching a fish will force me to laugh a few times. Ye Chen got up and shook the three fish departments in his hand twice. Let’s go to lunch.
Here is a hill beside the official road, or a big mound covered with grass and broken wood piled up a bonfire. Next to it, Long Huang held a branch and strung up grilled fish and wolfed it down. She never knew that the fish in the stream could be so delicious by direct fire, which was many times more delicious than she had been tired of eating delicacies.
Is it delicious? Ye Chen put another fish string with clean branches on the fire.
Good, good, delicious, walking for a long time and playing for a long time, Long Huang’s son is already hungry, and his mood has never been comfortable, but his appetite is not as good as usual
You are so amazing that even the baked goods are so delicious. Will you bake things for me every day after that? Long Huang asked, blinking while biting the fish.
Ye Chen said something thoughtfully, Xiao Huang, how can I say it is also your future husband’s cooking? It’s your turn to do such a thing.
Long Huang’s little face turned red and chewed fish little by little, but I can’t.
If you can’t, it can be seen that the fish in her hand has been cleaned up by the wind and gone, and then it is estimated that even the branches are gone. He has baked the other one and handed it to her hand to eat it quickly. Before Xiao Huang’s meeting, I wronged myself and cooked it for you every day.
Long Huang’s son took the naughty and spat out his tongue, but he thought, then I can’t eat it every day.
Soon the second and third fish were eaten clean by Long Huang’s son. She shook the fish bones in her hand and patted her little belly. Then she remembered that her future husband didn’t seem to have eaten at all. Suddenly, I was embarrassed to think that you didn’t seem to have eaten this.
Ye Chen sleeve gently wiped her mouth and said with a smile, you have helped me eat my share. I am not hungry at all.
His smile sounds so soft, and suddenly his nose is sour, and something condenses in his eyes. He is the first person who is willing to play with her and help her gently wipe her mouth. This is before she can feel the warmth in her dreams.
The cool breeze boomed and the sky was clear. Suddenly, a large piece of dark clouds came quickly, and the thunder and Ye Chen pulled Long Huang’s son up. It’s going to rain. Let’s go to the small temple over there to hide.
When it thundered, it was different from seeking death in the open heights. They trotted to the small temple that had been abandoned for a long time not far away. When they pushed the worn wooden door, the raindrops also fell strongly with the wind, and soon changed from a slow disease to a louder and louder thunder.
Hug me, Long Huang, and open your arms to him. What seems to be flashing in your eyes?
Ye Chen didn’t hesitate to hold her in his arms and gently comfort her.
Every time it thundered before, I was so scared, so scared, even if I called a lot of maids in, I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep at night, but I didn’t feel scared at all when I was with you, Long Huang said softly, putting his hand in a circle on his chest
I don’t want to go back to that palace at all. I always feel like a person there, except my father and brother, who will bully me when they are not good to me, but I will bully me back. My father is very busy, and my brother will come back to see me only once in a year.
When she said big brother, she meant Longyang.
Will you bring me to play again tomorrow? She asked softly.
Of course, I will take you to play these days if you want, Ye Chen said softly.
Well, what, you’re so nice to me?
Because you are my wife who has never been to the door, haven’t you admitted it? Ye Chen nodded her little nose and said