Being pitied by your opponent is really complicated! In particular, he doesn’t know how to define the identity of Elus. Is it an enemy? It doesn’t feel right! So it’s an opponent to deal with? Or something else …

It’s complicated, so Luffy doesn’t have much brains, and suddenly he doesn’t have enough brains. He has a headache for a few seconds, so he just doesn’t think about it or keeps punching.
Fighting is what he is good at.
It’s better to understand by the head than by the body.
Ark proverbs are sinking
Without Enel’s energy, 200 pieces of wind-blown shells will soon be exhausted, and it is natural that the wind-blown shells will sink at this time. Fortunately, the wind-blown shells are still erupting, and the few winds have not caused the ark to plummet quickly, but maintained a slow speed and sank a little.
Nami prone on the side of the ship looked at Fang, who was approaching the forest and land, and couldn’t help grasping the railing. Many methods to avoid impact flashed through his mind.
However, just as she was wondering how to land safely, the ark moved slightly and floated for a moment, and then it began to land slowly at an unnatural uniform speed. It was not sinking, but landing, and the ark was landing in the direction.
"What kind of monster is it!"
Nami is so small that she can’t even hear clearly, she muttered.
She is full of brains.
Almost instantly, I thought of who interfered with the ark landing.
She looked at Luffy and Alves, who were still in atrix. I didn’t know that my worries dispersed. Many intuition told her that Alves wouldn’t really hurt Luffy. It was rational to face the strong resistance, but it was still a little uneasy.
"Miss Nami! ! !”
Suddenly, I was so familiar that I shouted with the breeze into her helix.
She looked down at the past and saw Shan Zhi, who was running fast on the square land. Mr. Chef chased the landing ark and jumped up on the long paddle of the ark regardless of the situation that it was about to land.
"Miss Nami, are you all right?"
Shan Zhi rolled over and jumped off the deck and slid to the front of Nami on one knee.
"I’m okay Luffy is okay. Shan Zhi, it doesn’t matter if you are injured, right? And everyone. How’s everyone? Are you all right? " Nami watched Shan Zhi blurt out a series of questions.
"I don’t know what the other people are like with this minor injury. I saw the ark fall, but you’re not worried about everyone, Miss Nami. I’d say it’s probably the road idiot, the green algae head, who got lost in the forest again. Others should have gone to find him."
Looked at it carefully and confirmed that Nami was all right. Shan Zhi was relieved and took out a cigarette from his pocket and took a mouthful of it. This just slowly spit out the smoke and relaxed.
"Miss Nami Nidhogg what will be here? On the contrary, why is that god lying down? "
Shan Zhi looked up at you coming with Luffy, and I went to fight. Elus then looked at Enel lying on the deck and asked questions.
For this problem
Nami, the facts are equally confusing.
"I don’t know if that long ear was knocked down by Luffy to King Erus. He just suddenly appeared. I can’t understand how he found here, but it’s not surprising! I always feel that he is a monster. "
Shan Zhi looked up and stared at Al-Uz’s unclear figure and nodded slowly in agreement.
Strong enough to be unreasonable, it’s a real monster.
"hey! Nami! ! ! Shan Zhi! ! !”
A shout from not far away immediately drew their attention to the past. They saw waving at the treetops. Wu Suopu, a long-nosed sniper who likes to tell some irrelevant lies, saw the fall and followed the Ark motto all the way.
Wu Suopu!’
Nami and Shan Zhi were also very surprised.
Shan Zhi appeared like a signal that members of the straw hat regiment would come together one after another, including Sauron, who got lost, and Robin found his companions on the road and rushed over.
The partners reunited on the ark deck.
After briefly describing their respective experiences, it was confirmed that there were no major problems. Everyone’s attention was naturally attracted by the captain who was struggling. In the past, Nidhogg Elus was not a strange monster.
"King Al uz ….. what’s the idea? What is still following us? "
Robin frowned slightly.
She didn’t know what Eluz was going to do. Is he going to fly to fight the revolutionary army? Or to deal with the navy hero? Or other unknown purpose?
"Hey Nami, what is this strange fruit?" Wu Suopu asked, pointing to the table fluttering fruit.
"Devil’s fruit?"
Robin’s eyes widened