At the same time, it is necessary for Mishra to give up the underground lava city. Even if he is a dwarf elder, the whole black dwarf clan will not agree to the Millennium construction to complete the lava city. It is not the case that Chen Kai has built a new city in less than two months. Time and years are the ultimate weapon for carving a city’s defense. The layout of the Millennium defense lava city can be said to be impregnable. Compared with Chen Kai’s earth-rock wall, the lava city wall is the real steel barrier. It is almost impossible to leave a depression in the wall with a strong blow from the sanctuary.

It is impossible for the black dwarves to build an ordinary earth-rock wall and give up running a Millennium steel city. The most important thing is that the natural geographical environment of lava city is very suitable for forging. If they lose the lava city, they will lose a natural melting pot and a large mining area caused by volcanic lava.
Of course, the lava city is good, but after all, it is too close to the underground lava volcano. If the volcano erupts, the whole lava city will be destroyed in an instant. However, in addition to its strong forging ability, the dwarf land has a very strong affinity for the earth element. One of the ten dwarf magicians is an earth element caster. Of course, most of the dwarf spellcasters mobilize elements for engineering rather than focusing on fighting, so the dwarf spellcasters can easily control the underground lava flow, thus reducing the probability that the lava city will be destroyed by the volcano.
However, the professional talent of dwarves in the mage is far less than their forging talent. There are almost three dwarven spellcasters in the whole lava city. If the volcano really erupts, it is estimated that these three dwarven mages will not be able to save their lives. The elders of the lava city are very crisis-conscious, and they will not be as heartless as Thuram, the future dwarf king, except knowing how to fight.
Of course, the dwarf political system is doomed to be able to build a city even if the dwarf king wants to. The dwarf king is not only a symbol, but also the military leader of the whole dwarf city-state, that is, he is in charge of fighting. Generally speaking, the Presbyterian church will solve this problem in urban construction. The only difference is that the ground dwarf Wang Li is bigger
But no matter how the whole negotiation is really in charge now, it is definitely not looking dull. The future dwarf king Thuram? Silver, don’t say that he is the future black dwarf king. Even now, when there is a dwarf elder to negotiate things, it is not his turn to interrupt. The dwarf elder is very beneficial, which is even greater than that of the US Congressman in reality, because some dwarf elders are responsible for teaching the future dwarf king in addition to participating in the city administration. The most important thing is that the dwarf elder is almost lifelong. Even the US Congressman, even the senator, estimates that there is no dwarf elder coming, because they can’t be the future US President’s teacher.
At the same time, it is impossible for a US senator to negotiate directly with the outside world. You know, a US senator is very capable, but it is not based on his status as a member of parliament, but he represents the interests of his state, but he can only represent a state interest law to negotiate directly between countries. Although Chen Kai and Lava City can’t be said to be a country, for Lava City, the dwarf elders signed a negotiation treaty, which is almost effective as a national negotiation treaty.
This is not to say that the dwarf elders are too generous without restriction, but because every dwarf elder is the most respected among the dwarves. At the same time, every dwarf elder is a lava city with heavy interests. Because the dwarves are a race with very strong centripetal force, race theory says that the dwarves were robbers or thieves before. When the dwarves are in crisis, they will respond quickly. Dwarves robbers never rob dwarves, even if they are hungry and dying, they still want a dwarf elder to give up their own interests. It is better to simply let him commit suicide.
As a result, Xu Feiru’s lobbying did not impress the old dwarf Mishra’s heart. In his opinion, it is possible to make a simple deal with Berkner Town, but it is absolutely impossible to form an alliance. Dwarf warriors in lava city will never sit back and watch their allies be attacked after forming an alliance. Therefore, once they form an alliance, they will definitely help Chen Kai to eliminate those demonized soldiers. For this, Mishra, an old dwarf soldier, is very precious and cannot sacrifice a little interest. Even if the interest is strong enough, the life of the clan is still higher than all interests for the black dwarf.
In the end, Chen Kai and others had to give up the idea of tying dwarves to chariots, even hiring dwarves as mercenaries was blocked by the old dwarf Mishra. In the view of the old dwarf Mishra, the enemy of Chen Kai Berkner Town was too strong, especially when he saw the fighting capacity of those demonized soldiers, he really denied that Chen Kai could clear these creatures from hell. You know, the old dwarves were escorting Chen Kai and his party back to the ground, but they saw many demonized soldiers, and the black dwarf soldiers even took part in the attack on the demonized soldiers. The combat effectiveness of those demonized soldiers surprised the old dwarf Mishra, because J and jīng were sharper than the dwarf soldiers, Genfama had the advantage when facing each other, and almost died in the hands of each other when they first met.
These crazy soldiers are the fiercest that Mishra, an old dwarf, has ever seen in his life, and they seem to have received some orders. When they see Chen Kai and his party, they will attack crazily, even if they are seriously injured and lose their arms, they will not stop facing such enemies. Even if the soldiers in Lava City are strong in J and jīng sharp armor, they need to weigh one thing. Finally, the old dwarf rejected Chen Kai’s idea of forming an alliance, but it is one thing that he refused. At present, when the army of demonized soldiers in Hugo appeared at the entrance of Lava city, the black dwarves had to choose to organize
"This old guy is really difficult to deal with!" When Mishra, an old dwarf, was sitting in the living room of the Lord’s Mansion drinking tea, Chen Kai and Xu Fei were discussing in another room the trade agreement that had just been made, even if it was a contract in J and jīng’s game, Xu Fei could also find a delicious place to take advantage of the dwarves in this agreement. Mishra, a black dwarf with dark skin and gray beard, is now in Chen Kai’s eyes almost the same as a barrister with gold-rimmed glasses and a suit. The agreement is clear, and there is no place beyond the rules that Chen Kai and they can take advantage of.
In this agreement, although the grain exchange weapons and equipment is very cost-effective and the dwarves produce J and jīng weapons with low exchange value, it is cost-effective to say that if these weapons and equipment are obtained, Chen Kai will change hands slightly, and the profit will be two or three times. However, Chen Kai knows very well that the money earned by this change of hands will be much, but it also means that most of the harvest in Berkner Town will be sold to dwarves this season. If the population increases again, the residents in the whole city may be hungry. Then Chen Kai will have no way to get food, no matter how much money he has.
But if we don’t trade, Chen Kai’s soldiers will take ordinary weapons to fight the demonized soldiers equipped with J and jīng. You know, the original demonized soldiers are more powerful than Chen Kai’s soldiers, and they are also stronger in armor than the ordinary armor assigned to soldiers by Chen Kai. The weapons are becoming more evil and sharp. If Chen Kai doesn’t upgrade his equipment, then he will be ruined. Now he is still here because those demonized soldiers can’t find a big attack opportunity or care for the time being. If the huge army of the Hansting Empire in the north let the former lords of Huguodi know that those army roots can’t reach here again for counter-insurgency, and at the same time hundreds of thousands of players’ troops have gone to the Golden Plains like locusts to fight in the north, it is estimated that the whole territory of Huguodi will be attacked by the other side in a moment.
On how hostile the aborigines are to Chen Kai, but in dealing with the demonized soldiers, everyone is bound together as grasshoppers, but this kind of bound grasshopper is at best not to drag you back when the demonized soldiers attack your territory. Players may still be able to watch out for each other-but it is almost impossible for the aborigines to watch out for each other. Perhaps the lower-level civilians do not exclude a traveler Lord, but the high-level nobles are very row about the player lords who rob their own territory. Of course, in Hans Court, the southern player Lord Ri is much better than the northern player Lord. The northern aborigines are more exclusive and don’t buy the imperial royal rule. They are extremely hostile to the player territory that suddenly appears around them unless they set up their own chess.
In fact, players have little territory in the north, even if they have a position, it is very embarrassing because the big lords in their territory are not in harmony with them. On the one hand, the imperial royal family arranged to be set up in the territory of those big lords according to the unified arrangement, and on the other hand, they regarded their territory as their own kingdom, and suddenly dropped an imperial royal outsider, the little Lord, which felt as bad as eating a fly in the meal.
This contempt for players makes the southern lords, who are despised by the northern lords, more sympathetic to the players. This may be similar to the feeling of being in the same boat, which makes the local player Lord Ri better off than the northern compatriots. Whether the indigenous nobles in Hugo’s territory belong to the northern nobles behind them, those who stand in big noble or the northern nobles will be suppressed by them if they want to stand in Hugo. Although it seems that the two sides are almost evenly matched at present, if they really want to fight for resources, the players are not as good as those who have their parents’ territory to support the indigenous lords.
Although the players in Hugo Di can’t see each other, they can’t wait to clear each other out and finally monopolize the whole territory, but everyone knows that they need unity more in the face of the pressure of indigenous lords, especially when there is a more terrible threat from demonized soldiers behind them, so now the whole Hugo Di base has formed the player territory camp in Chen Kai Berkner Town Center and the indigenous lords camp in Kemal Baron Center.
Although Mishra, the old dwarf, knows something about these things, he is still firmly on Chen Kai’s side. At the same time, the grain purchase agreement he signed with Chen Kai is actually just a transaction. In his view, the grain in Chen Kai’s territory is estimated to be unaffordable even for the residents of Chen Kai’s own territory, let alone the dwarves with a natural appetite. Actually, he Chen Kai’s purchase of grain here is not enough for the whole lava city. The dwarves need to know that the appetite of the dwarves is twice that of ordinary humans and the number of dwarves in lava city is three times that of Berkner Town. This will make
This food is just a drop in the bucket for the dwarves with a large population. Most dwarves can still eat animal meat and mushroom food. Unless Chen Kaike can make the whole lava city never starve food, then maybe the old dwarf Mishra will agree to Chen Kai’s alliance request, but it is obvious that Chen Kai can’t do it. However, Mishra got a surprise soon after he put the teacup, because he saw a lot of players and lords led by Xu Fei into the lords hall.
"The elder brother of the fly! You are so loyal this time! I even divided all the food in my mouth for everyone! " Players from the Xianghu Brotherhood kowtowed to Xu Fei, and if it were for such a big deal with dwarves, he would definitely hide himself and eat alone, instead of publishing it directly like Xu Fei, so that each player’s Lord would send someone to conduct business negotiations.
"You and I don’t want to eat alone? I just can’t eat! These dwarves don’t want gold coins, or you think my boss will not eat dwarves! " Xu Fei didn’t feel happy about the flattery of the player behind him. At the same time, those players’ faces changed when they heard Xu Fei’s words. Everyone knows that the name of Kaichen, the richest player in the game, is definitely a lever to smash tens of millions of gold coins to create such a town. Even a rich man doesn’t have gold coins in the hands of a western consortium. Because the other side earns money in the game, it is not through exchange and purchase. Otherwise, the number of gold coins in the game will not increase substantially. I have accumulated a little bit of gold coins. These players, lords and agents are naturally convinced. Maybe these players can throw out millions of gold coins without blinking an eye, but more than 10 million is more than 20 million, which is absolutely unbearable.
The first volume Chapter 136 Underground guests (end)
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I’m sorry
A few hours later, Se gradually darkened that day, and all the players’ lords’ representatives were sweating on their foreheads at the moment. While carefully examining the trading agreement, Se blushed and constantly joined their own presidents. Of course, some of them were directly the trade union presidents and the vice presidents in charge of finance, but they were also sweating at the moment. These sweats were not hot, but because they were too risky to sign the agreement now.
Just as Chen Kai signed an agreement with them, the dwarves don’t need wood for metal materials at all. In front of food, the dwarves directly chose the latter. Although there are few trees in the underground world, it doesn’t mean that some special plants can also grow in the underground world. For example, there is such an underground wood fungus forest not far from lava city. Although the wood here contains certain toxins, it can at least be used as wood, so that most of the dwarves sleep in stone beds, even hoes and handles are made of metal wood.
In cloud words, the skin is like black carbon black, and the blood vessels of the dwarves are not metal, but all of them contain iron powder. Of course, this is nonsense, but for Chen Kai and others, the old dwarf Mishra is really black enough. He almost caught all the players’ demand for weapons and equipment at once, and at the same time directly grabbed the bottom line of these players’ lords. It was not mud but blood.
Mishra, the old dwarf, is like a big shark in the deep sea. He bites the players’ lords with every bite. It’s terrible to see them flying in blood several times. These players are so angry that they are going to pull out their weapons and chop the old dwarf, but don’t say that they dare not do it, even if they do. No, Sulam? Silver raised the hammer, and the old dwarf himself can easily destroy these players. In the case that the force is not as good as the other side, the verbal method accounts for the slightest advantage. These players’ lords are entangled in the heart and instantly point the finger at Chen Kaiyin. They think that Chen Kai’s side leaked the bottom line of their negotiations, but Chen Kai shut these players up with a word.
"Your sister! If you can’t beat a dwarf, you’re going to bully him, aren’t you? Yeah! It’s a mule or a horse that comes out and walks around naked to fight with you! " Chen Kai’s words are very single, but the face of these players’ lords is extremely ugly because they know very well that even if Chen Kai is bare-chested, they can’t single-handedly fight Chen Kai. You know, lords and lords can’t fight each other unless they are duels or assassination duels. It’s good to say that because lords can fight ordinary battles, there will be duels, but duels require chips. Half of them lose, and the other side takes away one thing, so they have to duel with Chen Kai. These players’ presidents are not brain-dead enough to eat arsenic and die.
Even if Chen Kai is in a normal state, he can completely abuse most players’ bodies. Adding more health and quarrelling value than others can kill others. Don’t look at Chen Kai’s mouth and talk about fighting with bare arms, but even if Chen Kai is really shirtless, can’t he wear bareback armor? Only a fool will believe that ll will strip off his equipment and fight with others. If so, even if he wins, there is nothing to take and he will lose hope.
If you fight against Chen Kai, the Lord, without a duel, then Chen Kai can put out an arrest warrant for the attacking players according to the Hansting Imperial Noble Act. Because this belongs to the assassination firm, Chen Kai said that these players’ presidents immediately became unintelligent. Of course, it was not Chen Kai but Xu Fei who eliminated their jealousy. He directly put the agreement as harsh as the agreement signed by these players’ presidents in front of each other, and then patted each other on the shoulder with the eyes of the same boat, and then said nothing.
"Scolded a ba! Die old and squat! " This is the truest portrayal of the hearts of all the players’ presidents and lords after signing a trade agreement with their teeth clenched. Looking at the smiling old dwarf Mishra, these players’ presidents couldn’t wait to hit each other’s heads with ink bottles, but in the end, these players’ presidents stamped their noble seals on the equipment represented by the number that refused the agreement because of their law.
For players, it is not money that restricts the growth of most players’ strength, but equipment, which is sometimes equal to money. You know, non-humanoid monsters in the game can’t get rid of equipment, and the chances of getting good equipment are also very low. With good equipment, humanoid monsters can be killed by players, and there are very few opportunities. For example, some special types of humanoid enemies, such as horse thieves, are directly proportional to their equipment and strength. Most of them go to find the horse thieves’ heads and have no trouble. In the end, they are all dead.
The most unfortunate thing for players is that they are equipped with humanoid monsters instead of exploding their equipment. They all have the consciousness of dú lì, and they are also very fond of players’ corpses. They have no objection to wearing corpse equipment. When players look for humanoid monsters to explode their equipment, they should also be prepared to be exploded by the other side. This is not something that has never happened. In fact, it often happens. Many players have also seen those horse thieves, robbers and thugs attacking themselves with their own equipment. Equipment is always for players. All players are poor in heart, no money and no equipment. Although most players are poor in reality and want to succeed in the game again, when they are afraid of pain and death, they don’t want to work hard, which means that they will continue to fail in the game and become a member of all beings.
However, even after ordinary players wear advanced equipment, the combat effectiveness is remarkable. You know, besides the level, the equipment accounts for a large score. A player with a whiteboard weapon and a player with a green Se level weapon will eventually have a combat effectiveness difference in weapons, even if the level is the same and similar. If a hacker hurts, a hacker will die. This difference in combat effectiveness is naturally very obvious.
So when these players’ presidents saw the equipment listed by the old dwarf, even though they knew that the residents in their own territory might starve after buying these equipment, one side was strong and the other side was likely to lose people’s hearts, but in the end, the greed for profits made these players’ presidents take risks, and they did not leave immediately after signing the good business agreement, but continued to gather in the discussion hall of Lord Chen Kai’s house to befriend the old dwarf.
"all right! The old man has gone to bed. Let’s just say what we have to say. " After a long time, the night was completely deep, even if the old dwarf Mishra was full of J and NG, he couldn’t stand the bombing of these players by turns, and he was not stupid. He knew very well that these players had a more important thing to discuss besides befriending themselves, so he left and went to ll to arrange a room to sleep.
"Everyone don’t talk dark now we are all tied in a boat! If we don’t get enough food, it is estimated that even if we get these equipment now, the aborigines in our territory will flee because of hunger! " Fengyun Buyun, the president of the Fighter Club, wiped his eyebrows and said that although the overall strength of the Fighter Club is not strong enough in Hansting, it is the strongest in Hugo’s first territory. There are two in the whole territory of the Fighter Club, and this Fighter Club is only the president of the Fighter Club in Hugo’s first territory, but the whole Fighter Club has only four territories in total, and now the second territory of Hugo is their strategic focus, but the two territories are far away from Chen Kai, so it is impossible to make an accident unless Chen Kai controls the whole Hugo.
"Fengbuyun, you have more food in Tiebuyun Castle than I do. Can you give me a hand later?" After Feng Bu Yun had finished speaking, a Y Τ n strange tone suddenly reminded me that this is the territory of another player’s guild president not far from the territory of the Tieqi Club. Because the two territories are close to each other, there will always be contradictions in Ri Chang’s activities, especially when exploring the old city of Hugo, several physical conflicts broke out between the two sides, which is regarded as the two camps that the whole Hugo first player lords are least able to deal with.
"all right! Qi Shaohuang! Don’t be too blunt. Now is not the time to make conflicts. We are all in the same boat. Are those aboriginal lords in the northwest eager to see our jokes? If all the residents of our territory fled because of hunger, it is estimated that these guys can take our territory away in a moment! " Li Xiangrong, the president of Xianghu Brotherhood, is very rich. He is also a successful businessman in reality. The assets of Xianghu Group are nearly hundreds of millions, which is the oldest player among all.
"President Li Xiangrong said yes! What we have to do now is to find a way to get more food. Everyone is the best player. This time, it is close at hand for us to control the supply of black dwarfs and make a fortune! However, we still have to thank Brother Fei and Brother Kai. If these two generous people hadn’t dragged everyone in, it is estimated that we would still be staring without a bite! Everyone said yes? " Among all the players’ presidents, ironman from the Iron Brotherhood is the most fierce one. Of course, when it comes to individual combat effectiveness, he is also the foremost among several players’ presidents.
"all right! Don’t flatter each other. Let’s get down to business now! Now, there are two ways to solve the food problem. One is to snatch it from those mixed players in the northwest. Of course, this one will definitely not work. It is estimated that when we grab the moment, that is, when the Lord becomes a prisoner, then the second way is to do business. The northwest is hopeless. Those guys will guard against us and just impose an embargo! Then we have a place, and that is the south! " Xu Fei said slowly that his words were very direct, but they were what all the players wanted to hear most.
"But that being said, flying elder brother! Everyone knows what’s going on in the south now. If it weren’t for your castle, those vicious guys would have rushed out of the Rift Valley! Forget about the demonized soldiers. It’s hard to deal with the black dwarf monsters alone. The attack speed is fast, the movement speed is fast and even the defense is quite strong! Compared with those bad streets, Goblingen can’t be more problematic than ordinary players! After all, most players are afraid that the pain is non-bloody mode. This state of attack is very rigid and it is fighting with each other! " The president of the ecliptic League, a fierce neighbor from the side of the fighters’ meeting, that is, the Qi Shaohuang who speaks to the wind and clouds in Y and N is very formal and reasonable. In fact, if it weren’t for the non-bloody mode, Qi Shaohuang wouldn’t start the bloody mode to fight. You know, when he was hacked to death for the first time, he didn’t play the bloody mode for three whole days, and the pain of death and the pain of non-bloody mode was terrible even if he had psychological counseling. Most players turned into little pussies because of this direct resistance.
"We also don’t have a good way for this! After all, everyone has his own ambition and gives up the bloody mode because of fear. No one can accuse the other side of anything! Death, injury and pain are known to all. If it is not a unified psychological counseling model, it is estimated that most players will collapse directly on the first day of entering the game. You know, when I first hung up, I stayed for half a day! But now I am used to it. After all, our death is just a reincarnation. If we die more, we will be numb! " Chen Kaiyin is very loud because of his body shape. This is because he tried his best to lower his voice. As a result, if he raised his voice, it is estimated that Chen Kaiyin can be heard in most castles.
"But we must be clear! Once we run out of food, everything we put into our territory now will become someone else’s thing! Don’t think this is alarmist, even if we get those black dwarf equipment, even if we arm all the players! There is nothing we can do in the face of fleeing aborigines and civilians. Everyone knows that those aborigines are considered as the worst people who can leave our territory at any time before giving their loyalty. Or if we go after them, the result will be the same, that is, the Hans Ting Emperor’s team will attack them. Those aborigines and nobles will never miss this opportunity to fall into the hole. It is estimated that they will put us to death! " Ll fingers kept banging on the chair, and the sound was deep and coherent.
"It is imperative to get through the trade route to the south! There is enough food for us to buy in the south, and there is also a huge market for weapons and equipment! If we sell the black dwarf equipment to the south to those players, we can earn three times as much as the grain gold coins we are paying now! At the same time, the grain in the south is now 40% cheaper than that in the north, so that we can buy grain from the south and then hand it over to the black dwarfs, not only can we survive the food crisis safely, but also the business in our territory can be on the right track! Everyone established territory. What? Named? Bullshit! Isn’t that it? Can these be exchanged for money and gold coins in reality? " Chen Kai’s last sentence is extremely vulgar, but it is true. For these players, the name in the game is for the aborigines. Apart from giving their members a hope, the most important thing is to keep their own investment.
"Now what we have to do is not wrangling but discussing how to get through the southern trade route step by step! Now my town actually has less than three kilometers to the control area of the Southern Rift Valley Commercial Road, and more than three kilometers are all those damn black scales ghost sites. Now the players in my territory have to fight each other less than a dozen times a day, and dozens of people are killed or injured every time! Just now I received the news that my hand has died again, and the number of players is around 300! " Chen Kai’s figures make these players a little sluggish. You know, most of the players in Berkner Town are fighting masters in bloody mode. Compared with some trade union players, most of them are non-bloody mode players. Although the number of players in Chen Kai’s territory is small, the overall strength is much stronger.
"Are those demonized soldiers attacking on a large scale now?" This is the only idea in the minds of all players’ lords. You should know that an aboriginal aristocratic territory in the south is still in the territory. When more than 3,000 demonized soldiers have a headache, all players’ lords have to face the number of demonized soldiers and even more terrible demonized black armor cavalry. All players know that a certain Lord wrote a harsh letter to Chen Kai. These players will despise each other in their hearts.
"It is estimated that everyone guessed! Those black-skinned, scaly bastards are crazy now. What we need to do now is not to fight with each other, but to unite quickly! We don’t know where the other party will come from, but it will definitely make us tired! " Xu Fei laid a map of Huguodi on the table, and all the players’ lords’ territories were marked in the map comparison. Together, the indigenous nobles’ territories were scattered, and the players’ territories were distributed in the surrounding areas.
"all we have to do is to suppress those demonized soldiers quickly!" Ll let Xu Fei mark out the places where the demonized soldiers once appeared, and red circles appeared in front of all of them, gradually dividing the whole territory completely. Looking at this map, anyone can imagine that once those demonized soldiers rushed out completely, everyone would face the overwhelming attack of demonized soldiers on the former lords. Whether there were so many demonized soldiers to attack anyone has no bottom in their hearts.
"At the same time! We must guard against this while facing the threat of these demonized soldiers! " Xu Fei pointed to the address of the old city of Hugo in the map and said, "There have been a lot of black tauren here recently! According to the words of the old black dwarf, the black tauren is the most ferocious underground creature. At the same time, we also found some evil drow J: ng spirits! These guys are much tougher than those black tauren! " Xu Fei’s words make some territories close to the old city of Hugo, but the little dream of the player Lord is not stable enough, because they have been attacked by those underground monsters to be continued
The first volume Chapter 137 Weak allies ()
Fortunately, it is not easy to buy a mobile hard disk at home. As a result, it is not right to be cheated. We have learned this lesson deeply, and more than 300 oceans have directly turned into blood and tears.
As Chen Kai was worried, when he learned some news about underground races from the old dwarves, he was most worried that those evil underground races would enter the ground and become a threat to Hugodhi except for the former Lord troops of Hugodhi.
However, Chen Kai didn’t expect this threat to come so quickly. Almost when a group of lords sat down to discuss uniting to open up the southern commercial road, several players’ territories near the old city of Hugo were attacked by those underground evil races.
"Shadow evil orc evil drow j: ng spirit and black tauren this posture is really not small." Xu Fei looked at several player lords who sent pictures of enemies who attacked the territory. A wry smile appeared at the corners of his mouth and suffered losses. The face of several player leaders was livid. Although their players beat back those enemies, the losses were extremely heavy because there were many powerful enemies in the underground, and the cruel competition rules made the soldiers in the underground world extremely powerful. The overall strength of those black tauren. There is no lower order, and all of them are covered with J: ng English templates. Thousands of J: ng English classes are over two meters tall. Five tauren charge is a scene, that is, frontal shredding of fighters will be the terrorist power of five thousand players cavalry.
Those knights who are armed to the tooth fighters are estimated to be no worse than Chen Kai’s black armor heavy cavalry in terms of strength, but in the frontal charge confrontation, they were directly overturned by less than 1,000 black-horned tauren. They originally wanted to kill each other to make beef noodles, but as a result, more than 5,000 players were crushed to pieces, and more than 100 players finally came alive. This is still the case when they saw that the situation was not good. After the battle, they slipped away successfully. There was no talent and skill of the black tauren. The earth trampled on the ground instantly turned the player who urged the horse to charge into a rolling gourd,
The face of Master Qi Shaohuang, the president of the ecliptic Alliance, is ugly to death. Although his manpower loss is not as high as that of fighters, a farm is directly broken by drow J and jīng spirits and shadow evil orcs, and hundreds of aboriginal farmers are killed and injured. Originally, half of the food was directly traded to dwarves. This loss is not much better than the wind and the clouds.
"I md" after receiving the news from their own hands, the swearing words appeared in the mouths of the presidents of two mutually hostile players almost at the same time. They are not like a pair of enemies now, but like a pair of twins with the same heart. Of course, if you add those non-swearing words behind to greet the black tauren or the shadow evil orc grandmother who is a great-grandmother player, this scene will not be harmonious.
"It seems that everyone is very angry. Let’s drink some water to eliminate the fire. I think those white-faced men in quail clothes in the northwest are probably similar to us. Everyone is not too angry. Now we have to send those underground’ guests’ back or to Antoro, the keeper of the underworld, for tea. Please raise your hand." Almost at the moment when Chen Kai’s words fell, all the players and lords present raised their hands. Some people simply patted the table. The so-called breaking people’s income is like killing their parents. The evil race is tantamount to breaking the financial resources of some players’ lords and threatening the financial resources of other players. In the face of such a pile, if you don’t "warmly welcome" each other, you will simply be sorry for their status as lords.
"Then we’ll welcome those uninvited guests, but it’s best to fool those black dwarves together, especially the silver skull, who is the only high-end fighting power we can rely on now." Chen Kai’s words are full of cold murderous look, but they are most in line with the tastes of these players’ lords