"Since you have the ability to help me get Yu Pei, it proves that you have very strong strength. I just want to forge a weapon, so can you get back a spike from the wolf in the howling valley?"

"Ding, you triggered’ Spike’. Please get back a Spike in 5 days and give it to blacksmith Wang, or you will be judged to have failed. Silver reward 5 experience 5 gold coins 1 skill point bronze weapon 1 punishment. Do you accept it?"
"One?" Chu Yun’s brain can’t react. How many wolves are you going to kill? Moreover, the wolf is a level 1 monster, which is not so easy to kill. You know, the wolf is not only powerful in attack, but also outstanding in speed, reaction and jumping ability.
Hesitated for a moment Chu Yun bullet said "accept".
This is five gold coins, which is equivalent to five Chinese coins, and there are skills. Bronze weapons can catch up with mom’s salary for half a year.
"Ding, you took’ Spike’"
After taking it, Chu Yun didn’t go directly to the Wolf Howl Valley, but went to raccoon land to upgrade first.
Because he killed a Lord boss before, he is confident that he can upgrade in the day!
Raccoons are level 7 monsters, but it’s hard for Chu Yun.
When fighting raccoons, Chu Yun attacked him while running. Now if his defense is touched, he will die.
Fortunately, Chu Yun was killed when his attack power was high. If ordinary players attack while running, they will be chased sooner or later.
The upgrade road is doomed to be boring. If only I could play with Mengyao.
"Ding, the game is closed in five minutes, please prepare the line!"
"The time has come so fast …" Hearing the sound, Chu Yun stopped to count the profits of World War I, and it was found that there were copper coins and some materials, of course, there were equipment, but they were all palers.
After being forced to get off the line, Chu Yun gets dressed and gets up. Life games are correct. Everyone dreams of it this day.
"The classmates and teachers realized what you …"
"Is the teacher on holiday?" A tall boy shouted excitedly
Although the teacher didn’t want to admit it, he nodded.
When the students cheered during the holiday, they lost their jobs all over the place.
Chu Yun is very quiet and has a memory of the previous life. Of course, he knows that the teachers will aim at "The King". From tomorrow, the school will encourage and support students to play games. If they play well, they will get extra points in the college entrance examination.
Students with poor academic performance will cheer for good students. They can observe silence and they must be resentful at heart that they can add college entrance examination scores to playing games.
At noon, when the teacher shouted out after class, the students flew out of the classroom.
Chu Yun made an appointment to go shopping together at the Chen Mengyao Round at the campus gate.
Chen Mengyao didn’t break her promise. Chu Yun took her Sandy jade hand and said, "Shall I take you to see my mother?"
"So soon …" Chen Mengyao was surprised that he was not ready yet.
"It’s okay, my mother must like you." Chu Yun is confident that Chen Mengyao’s temperament is not a choice
"That … um …" Chen Mengyao nodded. Anyway, the daughter-in-law will see her in-laws sooner or later.
When they were having lunch in a small restaurant, Chen Mengyao couldn’t help saying, "Are you sure you don’t want to get a gift?"
"No" Chu Yun shook his head with a smile.
"That has to change a dress," Chen Mengyao added.
"I feel quite good." Chu Yun shook his head again. This school is beautiful and free from vulgarity in Mengyao, and even new clothes may not be comparable.
"Okay, but what if my aunt doesn’t like me?" Chen Mengyao had to think about it.
"No" Chu Yun laughed.
"Are you so sure?" Although Chen Mengyao is confident in himself, what if?
"Even if my mother doesn’t agree, I want you to be together." Chu Yun firmly held Chen Mengyao’s jade hand and asked a girl who was willing to die. What reason do you have to turn your back on her?
"really?" Chen Mengyao said with joy
"Do you want me to swear?" Chu Yun wry smile.
"Well, then I can’t believe you once …" Chen Mengyao smiled.
Yinhe Street is the most famous shopping mall in Pearl City. Leisure, entertainment and shopping have everything, and the traffic has reached a very scary level.
Chu Yun took Chen Mengyao’s little hand and ran quickly to her mother’s work place.
Soon the two men came to a mobile phone shop. If Chu Yun had lived in the past, he wouldn’t have come because of his self-esteem.
"Mom" Chu Yun shouted directly. Although mom is at work, it should be okay to say hello.
"Xiao Yun?" Chubiwan is one leng, although he knows where he works, but he has never been here.
Chu Yun pulled her face red and Chen Mengyao ran to her mother’s side and said, "This is Meng Yao and now she is my girlfriend."
Chu Yun is proud to have such a beautiful girlfriend.
Chubiwan can’t react for a while, not only to see that he actually brought his girlfriend.
"Good aunt …" Chen Mengyao sounded a little passive and Nuo Nuo said.
Who doesn’t like such a beautiful and refined girl? Chu Biwan never thought that her son had made such a girlfriend! ?
"Mom, will your future daughter-in-law be satisfied?" Chu Yun hug ChuBiWan arm way in the heart would have Chen Mengyao as a future wife.
This surprised Chu Biwan with his mouth wide open. "Are you going to get married in the future?"