You know, generally speaking, people who fix the truth are trying to save as much as possible, and the shape of the flying sword is similar. It is always three inches to five inches long and one finger wide. Second, the flying sword can be transformed into a larger size to a certain extent after being injected into the spirit array, even if it is smaller, it needs to be refined when it is better than the royal sword. Second, it is not enough materials, the better. In fact, it is enough to cooperate properly and refine the material guarantee.

This soft-ruler sword refined by Li Yueling today is enough to refine five flying swords of the same quality. No wonder Cang Hong Yun Hong’s two experienced men were speechless with surprise.
Little elder, you shouldn’t have smelted the blood coagulation gold about nine times the size of your fist, should you? Cang Hong asked the old man with wide eyes.
Yeah, shouldn’t it be over? Li Yueling couldn’t understand at the moment
Waves, that’s nine clotting gold. That thing can be refined into a flying sword in a few seconds. You’re so small that you’ve run out of such a large piece of Yun Hong Road. After a stuffy hum, it’s also a kind of monster-watching, staring at Li Yueling’s language.
Li Yueling seems to realize that he has made a mistake at this moment. He scratched his head and smiled quickly. He was so excited when refining just now that he forgot about it. Hey, hey, you can make it again.
Li Yueling was also excited after a flash in his mind about the mistake of precious refining materials. Brother, look at my soft-footed sword as an equal-order flying sword.
As soon as Cang Hong Lao Dao took the soft-ruler sword handed by Li Yueling, the purple-gold soft-ruler sword suddenly burst into light, and at the same time kept shaking in Cang Hong Lao Dao’s hands as if unwilling to leave his master’s hand.
Good Jian Cang Hong’s old swordsman added three points of real force to suppress the riot of soft ruler sword. After watching it carefully for a while, he sighed, "Little Elder, this sword has not been inlaid with spirit array power, but it is already spiritual. I’m afraid it was still in that year that I refined and condensed dew. Only on the physique of the sword, it depends on whether this sword can be integrated into how many compressed spirit array powers."
Speak pale hong road and handed the soft ruler to one side. Yun Hong road let it be said.
Yun Hong road first hit the blade with a finger, but he smelled a clear sound of dragons and dragons, and the sword was empty. A cold purple and gold sword was smashed through the blade, but it turned out that the ground was paved with granite to hit a pit half a meter deep.
Although the sword sounds like a dragon singing a clear whistle, it is better than a small one. You are lucky to have been pounded by you. A good treasure is alas, let’s not talk about it. Bi Canghong’s old road has already returned the soft-footed sword to Li Yueling.
Hear Yun Hong old saying half Li Yueling eagerly asked what is the old drunkard.
Yun Hong Lao Dao stretched his forefinger to Li Yueling and pointed to his waist wine bottle gourd, which means a lot. If you want to know, you have to send some good wine.
Li Yueling was born a curious baby who was tickled by Yun Hong’s old road. He immediately touched more than two bottles of Wuliangye from the cold-fighting ring and threw it to him. He expected that the old man would know to blackmail me. This is the last two bottles. You old drunkard cheated me out. Come on, come on.
Yun Hong, a veteran, took over Wuliangye contentedly, and said that the sword is a good sword. Elder martial brother said that the body of the sword has reached its capital, but it is a pity that the shape of this flying sword is so ugly that it has no momentum at all. This is a pity.
I know that I have been tricked by Yun Hong’s old road, but Li Yueling didn’t get angry at all. On the contrary, I feel good and proud, old drunkard. This is what you don’t understand. I designed the shape of the sword body to combine modern force and beauty and innovate. Look, this flexible ruler sword, that linear sword body and this unique front and double-edged shape are absolutely unique. Haha
At the moment, a bean sweat drips from Yun Hong’s old forehead. It’s a hundred percent madness. Forget it. Forget it. It’s impossible to stimulate him. It’s enough to cheat two bottles of good wine.
The next step is to pour the soft ruler sword into the compressed spirit array. Li Yueling didn’t do this, but it was done by Cang Hong Yun Hong Lao Dao.
Speaking of magic weapon flying sword pouring into compressed spirit array, XuanYuanzong dared to claim the second place at the gate, but he really dared not claim the first place. He thought that the condensed sword in Canghong Road had not yet reached its capital when it was first formed, and it was finally in the pouring of compressed spirit array that it broke through the ranks of flying swords.
Even the refined materials in XuanYuanzong’s warehouse were obtained at the cost of Cang Hong Lao Dao’s help to pour the magic weapon flying sword into the compressed spirit array.
However, it’s not too big for the magic weapon or the flying sword to be initially refined. If the magical power is really exerted, it needs to be infused with the spirit array. Because of the different materials, different types of flying swords can be infused with the number of spirit arrays. For example, Canghong Road has infused the water spirit array with 12 defensive spirit arrays, six royal spirit arrays and a total of 19 compressed spirit arrays.
This is why the condensed sword can reach the level of flying sword. Of course, if the condensed sword had been used by other Taoist schools to make things really great, it would have penetrated into 16 of them. After all, the quality of refined materials determines everything unless they can support the means of pouring XuanYuanzong Secret Spirit Array.
These Li Yueling are all clear. For him, the elder Canghong Laodao, who is blessed with a profound clan, is regarded as a jewel. Almost early in the morning, XuanYuanzong’s secret works were copied to Li Yueling in the jade pupil slips, and Li Yueling came to make up for it. It’s really beneficial to have a look at the basic ideas.
In fact, Li Yueling is also itchy. If it weren’t for the fact that the flying sword perfusion compressed the spirit array, it would take a long time to put it to use. I’m afraid he wouldn’t want to fake his hand.
But if that’s the case, after learning Li Yueling’s previous wave means, Cang Hong Lao Dao and Yun Hong Lao Dao may not be willing to let him try. Who needs to consume a certain amount of fairy stone to form a spiritual front?
Obviously, Cang Hong Lao Dao has already made preparations. First, he took six transparent stone paths with fingernails from his personal bracelet. It’s a pity that there are more than six such stones. It’s really hard to find such things, little elder. You should be enough to make a spirit array with a flexible ruler sword.
Li Yueling listened to Cang Hong’s old tone and seemed to attach great importance to these six unremarkable stones. He couldn’t help wondering, Does Cang Hong’s brother have to pay for this Huiyuan stone? Can other immortal stones do it?
This Huiyuan stone is the largest fairy stone with spiritual power nowadays. It’s hard to find these six Huiyuan stones, or did I come to Yunzong in Zhongnanshan with a long face? Canghong Road noncommittally said.
Li Yueling: Oh, let me see a brother.