When a gentleman does something, he wants to reach out and turn it into a water knife and cut off two of his fingers. Don’t break your mouth, uncle. Break two fingers to apologize.
hold one’s horse
What do you want, demon?
You said that if you cheat me into cutting off two fingers and then drinking, I will cut off two fingers if I don’t have a long memory. I will cut off all your ten fingers by calculation, but you won’t be able to keep your promise. Han’s angry cheeks slammed the hip flask on the ground and trampled on embroidered shoes, and I lost my temper at Cass. Listen, now I change the agreed rules. If you hide wine again, I will cut off one finger and find you secretly drinking. I will cut off another one. If you think I’m a bitch, you should just ruin yourself.
When the slave heard this, Cass suddenly felt a faint sense of guilt, and then he put up four fingers and swore a word to Korea. I swore that I would never drink too much or secretly hide wine from now on. I wouldn’t lie to my slave, stupid slave. If he didn’t promise, she would have to lisp for him.
You said oh.
If you change your mind, you’ll stomp on the hip flask and kick it sideways. A lot of wine will kill you. The more you drink, the sadder you get. The more sick you get. Think of me as a slave. No one wants me. Have pity on me.
Silly slave Kass pursed his lips and evoked a bright smile. After gently rubbing Korea’s crooked bangs into his ears, your ya became better and better. It was so good that he took half a ring. He suddenly threw Korea’s crooked shoulders into the curtain, and then splashed in the bath bucket, splashing all over the skirt. It became heavy when it was thoroughly pasted on the skin.
Korea curled her eyes and exclaimed, choking her nose with water droplets, waving her arms and struggling hard. Cough, you want to drown me. Cough, she slapped her face and poked her head out of the barrel. That was the moment when her brain ached and her eyes alluded to a python.
It’s a bluish-black python with heroic spirit, noble silver scales hovering in the treetops, and the tree seems to be whispering.
Snake snake
She’s afraid to beat the water desperately, alluding to the snake’s shadow choking her nose and mouth full of water drops. Let’s get hot. Ha ha ha, arrogant and evil. Laughter whirled around her head. Cass held her shoulder and played in the wooden bucket, splashing to stimulate her mind. When she choked a mouthful of water, the bottom of her eyes seemed to show a very cute little snake spinning around in the water, bathing and coughing. Snake Han struggled and murmured that her mind was dragged by two snakes of different sizes but with the same characteristics. The wet hair fell to both sides and the exquisite curve was exposed.
Glancing at Han with a ghostly look, he put her in the armpit and fished her to the surface and asked, can you see my shape?
Didn’t you always shout snake snake? I asked you, can you see me?
You are a snake.
Korea dropping suddenly eyes into a dark dumbfounded.
Are you scared?
Cass leaned close to that peerless handsome face, and her eyes said to them, and I’m a three-year-old black python. Are you afraid of slaves?
You, you, you are a snake. I don’t believe it.
Snakes are not so handsome, but according to what she has seen, snake spirits absorb people’s souls, and all of them are evil.
When I gave you a transformation, Cass suddenly turned into a python shape, scaring Korea, screaming, covering her mouth and sighing deeply. Only then did she realize that he was really a snake demon and that the python in her memory was exactly the same.
You change it back for me
Very terrible
Cass yawned lazily, got up and leaned over Korea’s crooked shoulders, glancing at her with a look of panic and consternation, and she was afraid that he would look good like this. Cass discontentedly picked the crescent moon, stretched out his arms and pulled Korea’s crooked shoulders to massage her shoulders, and used warm body temperature to suppress her inadvertent trembling.
You are really a monster.
Fart monster is the commander-in-chief of the snake king in the demon world, the snake king’s temple, Kasu. She doesn’t call her in her mouth. She raises her eyebrows, whistles goodbye, and talks about the king’s group of losers. You fly away, and then you whisper in her ear. Don’t worry, the king doesn’t suck people’s essence.
You are the king of snakes, and that evil is
Dragon fainted, another Uber.
Don’t even Kirin, Long Han, askew and trembling, ask Yue Guess that’s right. They are the sworn enemies of the king.
My little mouse told you who we are. Hahahaha, it seems that I have to scare you personally. Don’t put on a bitter face. You should feel more honored than that. Your Lord is the Hall of the Snake King.
It’s an honor. I feel broken
Collapse what
Surrounded by a group of goblins, I’m scared to death. Korea shrugged her shoulders to ease the fear of half ring, but it was really an honor to meet the famous snake king daughter. After all, how many people can’t get it.