They have no fixed shape. They are described as a mass of evil shadows attached to various objects. When they appear, the temperature around them will drop, and the ground and leaves will show slight frost marks.

The threat of this kind of black people is already very high, especially to the team and the army, which has caused serious threats to the plural targets.
The fortress called them’ shapeshifters’
Scarlet, the exploration route of Yunjia team on the north side of Sensi, is dozens of kilometers apart, and a temporary camp is set up in the middle of the forest.
Xie Hong opened his eyes in a main account in the camp.
How long have I slept?
An hour?
Half an hour or a minute?
Xie Jia host sighed and got up, rubbed his eyebrows and picked up the communicator to check the latest battle report.
According to the updated information, the two teams, Yunjia and Baijia, have a tendency to break through the forest, enter the dark area and approach the famous city.
At this time, most of the teams still stayed in the middle of the forest. There were five Gaos and Lings in the front.
They follow closely behind Yunjia and Baijia, and they will break through the forest at most.
Compared with the five schools, there is no need to compare their profound knowledge and sufficient materials.
Its family roots can’t compete with them.
But compared with the family at the same level, Xie Jia is also too far behind. Looking at the ranking in the Battle Report, Xie Hong gave a hearty greeting to the gang of’ Qinglao’ from the tenth generation of the ancestors!
If that old thing hadn’t gone blind to provoke the cloud family, then now even if they don’t listen to the command, they belong to Xie Gu team at least.
How can a team led by a strong rank of 6 lead Xie Jia to chase behind the five doors?
Instead of being left behind by families at the same level as it is now, one or two families are bigger than the previous resources and thank the family.
Now Xie Gu already needs to catch up with their backs.
Xie Hong couldn’t help cursing, and then he lost the strength to swear. Now every ounce of his physical strength has to go on and break through, and he has to be dragged too far by his family. After returning home, Xie Gu is afraid to stay in the fortress.
How did this happen?
Xie Hong rubbed his cheek. Before this year, the family was still thriving.
I participated in the crusade against Nidhogg War in the storm and had certain command.
The family has its own brothers, including Xie Yuan, to support the family.
The only drawback is that some of the third generation can’t be connected, but what’s the point? With sufficient resources, one or two experts can be piled up even by stacking.
However, once the family was bigger than Xie Jia, it was severely damaged from personnel to property. This time, it was revived and it was spared no expense to bring in foreign strong people like’ young and old’.
But it turns out …
"Don’t I thank my family for their luck?"
Xie Hong sighed and suddenly heard a noise outside the account. He was fidgety and even more impatient when he heard this sound. He looked up and shouted, "What about the noise and discipline!"
Xie Hong, a member of the management family from the army, is as strict as the discipline of running the army, and such a thing will never be allowed in the camp.
Hua one by one Xie Gu team members rushed in, regardless of Xie Hong’s anger, and shouted, "Oh, no, Grandpa Four, the black people are coming."
Xie Hong’s eyes popped out of Jing Mang’s eyes. "If you rush over and kill, you have to panic!"
The player said with a wry smile, "Grandpa Four’s trip is different. There are a lot of black people and they are like crazy."
Xie Hong revealed the account and suddenly a horrible murderous look came on his face. His strength was washed away by this murderous look, not to mention others.
Seeing the fire and lights in the camp, a large number of ghosts and corpse-eaters poured out from the depths of the woodland. The ghosts flashed red, and the eyes of the corpse-eaters also glowed red. They ignored the camp fire and killed themselves by gunfire, and then they were supplemented by the same kind behind them.
Xie Gu team to combat power is insufficient, so the impact line back again.
There was a vampire monster in the forest again, calling those monsters with long hair flapping soft wings to roar from the jungle and throw pike and blood cells that can pollute blood, which further tightened Xie Jia’s defense line.
In a short time, the camp defense line has been broken, and in a blink of an eye, two or three sublimators have been submerged by the black people.