Yang You squinted at the front. He was not interested in Li Yuanji, but it was necessary to dampen his confidence and his self-esteem. He never relented with his opponent Yang You unless he was still valuable, and Li Yuanji was obviously valuable.

Li Yuanji washed it in a hurry, but he didn’t forget to wash the backyard, which attracted two soldiers watching the Sui army laughing. One of them touched Ba thoughtfully.
A soldier took out clean clothes from Li Yuanji’s tent, inspected them and handed them to him. Li Yuanji put on his clothes in a hurry and couldn’t help shaking a few times. Although he was strong, the weather was still unbearable.
Li Yuanji got dressed and Yang You waved his hand and sent three big white steamed buns. In addition, there was a bowl of rice porridge with hot air. Li Yuanji hesitated with steamed buns. He was afraid that there were any poisons in it.
Yang You sneer at a "Li Yuanji, you are not too careful. If I want to kill your roots, I won’t give you a chance to directly kill your dog and give it to Tang gaozu! Still have to be so troublesome? "
When Li Yuanji thought about it, he was immediately convinced that he gulped down the steamed bread. He was tired all night. At this time, eating steamed bread almost choked a soldier. He drank a few mouthfuls of water and almost choked again, but the steamed bread finally swallowed.
Li Yuanji ate and drank for half an hour before he finally solved the steamed bread. He stretched his neck like a duck with a stretched neck
"Are you ready?" Yang You light asked.
Li Yuanji wiped off the steamed bread residue at the corner of his mouth and took a sip of water, which was "ready".
Yang You sighed, "I think you should digest it when you just finish eating and give you a wick!"
Li Yuanji smell speech exultation, he just had enough to eat and his physical strength is gradually recovering. Unexpectedly, Yang You gave him a rest, which really made him want to sleep and someone handed him a pillow! Li Yuanji’s face was full of joy. He sat cross-legged and tried his best to recover his strength.
Yang Dong came with some worry. "What is this?"
Yang You smiled and whispered, "After a while, you will know that Li Yuanji has a chance, but the situation will get worse."
Yang Dong was a little strange when he was about to ask again, but Du Ruhui pulled him to the other side and whispered something. Yang Dong smiled. So that was it.
Li Yuanji felt that his physical strength was almost restored after smelling the incense. He got up with his best stables in his hand and crossed his legs and said, "I’m ready when the time comes!"
Yang You walked slowly. At this time, Yang You wore a light armor and a golden helmet with a horizontal knife slung over his waist. But before and after he left, he didn’t take out a horizontal knife, but he held out his hand and waved Qian Shan alone. Two soldiers came out of the crowd with a five-foot-long knife on their shoulders.
Yang You is very indifferently accepted the stranger’s knife more than 60 kilograms in weight. If it is as light as a feather in his hand, Yang You’s hands clenched the stranger’s knife handle and spread out the stance.
"Silk!" Li Yuanji gasped. He didn’t expect Yang You to be a stranger? And look at this strange knife handle, which is five feet long and weighs at least 50 kilograms. It’s not a small strength. Li Yuanji thinks he’s brave, but the slimming in his own hand is only over 20 kilograms.
Of course, the structure of the stable is different from that of the strange knife. The stable was formerly a spear, and its tip was naturally made of iron. However, the root of the pole is not made of wood like that of the step, but it is made of tough wood, which is generally the best material, followed by mulberry, oak and rattan.
The materials are different from each other, which makes the stables not very heavy, and there is too much difference between the iron in Yang You’s hand and the knives.
Li Yuanji gasped at the same time, his heart became more alert, not to mention that it was amazing that he could lift such a heavy knife at will. Li Yuanji thought that Yang You was still firmly there and was not in a hurry to attack.
Li Yuanji’s heart was suspicious when he found something bad. Last night, he ate food mixed with croton, which caused diarrhea. After more than one night, his stomach had been dug out, but after eating three big steamed buns just now, his stomach was full, but it began to make noise.
Li Yuanji’s face changed, and he knew that the word could not wait any longer. The sooner his stomach ached, the faster his strength disappeared, and there was no chance of winning. He roared and danced with his horse in one hand to kill him.
Yang You couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Yuanji’s face changed. He knew that Li Yuanji had been tricked. Although he was himself, he was not afraid of him. He saw Li Yuanji rushing over. Yang You’s arm shook slightly backwards and the tip of the knife tilted backwards.
Yang You kept injecting strength into his palm. When Li Yuanji was ten paces away from him, he had gathered all his strength, and his arms and muscles swelled and his blood spurted.
"kill!" Li Yuanji drink a step out of the last few steps in the hands of a stable stab toward Yang You chest.
"death!" Yang You did not show weakness. He drank a knife full of energy. It was like a mountain tiger. The irresistible momentum towards Ma Mi greeted him.
"bang!" A crisp knife hit the tip of the knife, and a string of flames burst out. Li Yuanji felt a feeling of tightness in his chest and almost vomited.
Chapter 542 Sweet-smelling bait
Yang You took a five-point effort, and Li Yuanji involuntarily retreated two steps, which made him steady. Li Yuanji’s stable hands kept shaking, and when he was steady, he found that his arms and muscles kept shaking.
Li Yuanji was taken aback, and his body could not bear the blow of Yang You? This can prove that Yang You’s knife power is too great for other methods to bear! Li Yuanji, there is a blush, white and red.
Li Yuanji took a deep breath and wanted to suppress the surge of blood gas in his chest. At this time, Yang You moved. He swung a strange knife and cut it again toward Li Yuanji. Without skill, he cut it off so flatly.
Li Yuanji was breathing and trying to adjust. Suddenly, he found that Yang You cut the knife again. It was flat and steady, and it didn’t look threatening. But at this time, Li Yuanji didn’t dare to neglect him. He knew that this knife contained great power!
Li Yuanji’s stable has just been erected, but it hasn’t come yet. Don’t adjust. Yang You has cut it into haste. Li Yuanji once again raised the stable and resisted it by feeling.
"pa!" When the two men met with their spears, they heard a crisp knife blade cut the pole, and the huge pressure made the pole bend back. Li Yuanji came to this knife and even if he could not stop it, he would take a few steps back at most.
But the blade made a light sound and tore the pole in an instant. The pole made a sad cry, first bent back and then broke in two! Li Yuanji was surprised. Although the cost of the stable pole was high, it was made of wood, but it was even longer when it was made of tough wood. How could it be broken?
However, the fact is that the tip of his eyes flew to the distance with a blow, and the tip was inserted into the ground, and he had half a pole in his hand.
"death!" Yang You once again gently drank the knife in his hand and didn’t stop at all. He cut off Li Yuanji’s head and neck and Li Yuanji took two steps back, but he moved fast and Yang You didn’t slow down. The knife flashed close to Li Yuanji’s neck.
The cold and dense west wind blows Li Yuanji’s long hair. Li Yuanji looks at all this stupidly. He knows that he is not Yang You’s opponent. He was not when he first cut, but he is still lucky, but the reality has defeated him. He is three knives and three knives, but Li Yuanji has no possibility of resistance.
"No, don’t kill me!" Before he died, Li Yuanji cried out with a trembling voice and great fear.
The blade stopped when it was three inches away from Li Yuanji’s head with a chill. A few long hairs were cut off and floated away with the wind. Li Yuanji’s eyes were wide open and looked as smooth as a mirror. The mouth of the blade spewed thick breath.
"Do you want to fight again?" Yang You’s faint sound is still smooth and you can’t see any shaking.
Li Yuanji shook his head and said, "I I give up!"
Yang You coldly looked at him and withdrew the stranger’s knife. He turned and walked back. Two guards ran and took the stranger’s knife. Li Yuanji watched Yang You go away and sat down. Suddenly, the lower abdomen rang.
Li Yuanji Muro, Jiang Mo and others were caught, and they couldn’t run away. At first light, Sui Jun cleaned the whole battlefield and got a lot of hay. Sui soldiers happily transported the hay back to Xiangyang.
Li Yuanji, Muruo and others were tied up and escorted by several soldiers, but Liu Zhenghui was given preferential treatment. Yang You gave him a horse to ride Liu Zhenghui and wanted to refuse, but Yang You "Mr. Liu is a full bachelor. Can he be treated like Beowulf?" And refused.
One step for the army to slowly return to Yang You is to go north to capture Yang You, who intends to let them do coolies first and wait for Tang gaozu’s reaction. Otherwise, raising these soldiers in vain will increase the burden of killing people? It’s not what Yang You thought. Let them work as coolies and earn money first.
The army has just arrived outside Xiangyang, and the Dugu Martial Arts Division has rushed to deliver an urgent message.
Yang You opened it and saw that it was in Wang Shichong. Yesterday, he marched all the way to Wang Shichong and arrived in Nanyang.
Wang Shichong was very cunning in asking him to recognize that this time it was a "rescue" for the Sui Dynasty. He wanted to take his soldiers into the city. Obviously, Lu Zang and Tian Zan could not promise him, but they also gave their own opinions.
Since Zheng is here to help, he will lose his alliance and etiquette if he is not allowed to enter the city. How could the subjects of the Sui Dynasty do such a rude thing? Lu Zangda said that the sound penetrated dozens of steps in the cold wind.
Da Sui welcomes Zheng Bi to enter the city, but Nanyang City cannot accept Wang Shichong’s 70,000-strong army. Lu Zang hopes that Wang Shichong will bring 50 people into the city, and he will be warmly treated.
Wang Shichong smell speech very depressed to him to take fifty people into the city is naturally afraid of his suspicious nature even if Yang You didn’t mean to kill him. What if Lu Zang had a bad heart? But if he doesn’t go to town, he won’t believe in Da Sui and the alliance!
Wang Shichong Nai Neng shirked all the way. He was ill and needed to rest first, so he led his troops to station twenty miles outside Nanyang City.
Yang You smiled after watching the tip-off. He told a few words to the Dugu Martial Arts Master and left.
Sui Jun returned to Xiangyang and quickly made arrangements. The trench was ready in just one day. Yang You left Han Shizhen with 10,000 chosen men to ask him to cooperate with Wang Hang to recover the counties of Xiyang County. At this time, the Danshui of Xiyang County has recovered more than Nanxiang and Junyang. In addition, Yincheng County and Gucheng County of Xiangyang County have already left dark lines, and Tang Jun soldiers are not enough to recover lost ground.
The first line of Xiyang County, with the help of Wang Hang’s soldiers, is to prevent Tang Jun’s master from attacking the main road of Xiyang County, regardless of martial arts or taking the road from Hongnong. We must be full of energy before a heavy snow falls, and there must be no mistakes.
After Yang You put Li Yuanji, Murou and Jiang Mo in prison, he asked the soldiers to take strict precautions against Liu Zhenghui. Yang You specially arranged a small room for him to be served. This huge difference was inadvertently revealed to Li Yuanji through the prison chief, which made him very angry.
When Yang You was busy preparing, he wrote a letter. After Du Ruhui read it, he had to laugh. Yang You put a piece of Yu Pei in his heart and let people send it out quickly. Yang You waited to send troops to Nanyang.
Lv Zang in Nanyang City seems a little worried. Half a month ago, he got a secret order from Tian Zan to let them follow the plan.
Now Wang Shichong has killed an aggressive Nanyang city with 70,000 troops. Can you resist?
Although Lu Zang’s language blocked Wang Shichong two days ago, he was in a dilemma. But if Wang Shichong wants to attack Nanyang, how binding can it be? In order to attract the enemy, there are not many troops in Nanyang City. It is really difficult to resist Wang Shichong’s seventy thousand troops.
After careful discussion, Lu Zangtian Zan’s office felt that the plan could be delayed as far as possible, hoping that we could come as soon as possible to save Nanyang, otherwise the door of Nanyang basin would be opened if Nanyang fell, and the enemy would invade the hinterland of Nanyang. The situation was greatly bad.
Just as they were discussing, Wang Shichong was pacing in the camp, and behind him was Chen Wangduanda.
It has been two days since Wang Shichong led the troops to arrive here, but he hasn’t attacked the city, not because he didn’t want to tear this face, but when he waited, he already knew that Li Yuanji had stormed Xiangyang, but Han Shizhen’s presence in Xiangyang was like a hard stone and he couldn’t chew it all the time.
Xiangyang crisis is a good thing for Wang Shichong. If it doesn’t last, it’s not just Nanyang City that will send reinforcements. I’m afraid Han Shihe will also let people come to ask for help.
Of course, there is another idea for Wang Shichong to stay put, that is, wait for the Sui Dynasty and Datang to fight for a lose-lose situation, and then he will seize Nanyang and Xiangyang in one fell swoop, and then Xiangyang and Luoyang will attack hard at both ends, or it is a very good choice to send troops out of Jingnan or Shandong.
Duan Da followed him and looked at Wang Shichong’s silent attitude. He could faintly guess some.
Speaking of the general trend of the sky, Wang Shichong is the most unfavorable. The four battlefields in Luoyang are full of enemies, especially Li Yuan. If he wants to dominate the sky, he must seize Luoyang, otherwise it will be much slower to occupy the sky from his path.
He who has won the Central Plains has a point.
Like Bashu, the forces occupying the Central Plains must be killed and strengthened as soon as possible, otherwise it will suffocate the family. It is a truth that whether Yang You or Wang Shichong are white. But now the situation is that Bashu has been killed and there is a faint trend of unifying the south of the Yangtze River, while Zheng occupies Luoyang Army and Xingyang County. It is not easy to kill a very small part of the whole Henan Road.
Although Hebei is in chaos, Dou Jiande has been operating in Hebei for several years. This person pays attention to people’s livelihood and is supported by the people of Hebei. It can be said that he is deeply rooted. I am afraid it will be difficult to get it without a year or two.