Chi Yao pie pie "is she still a child?" Also to tell on this?

"Hehe, Beth is spoiled by Tali menstruation." Sizer shrugged. Beth is just a little girl.
Chi Yao wiped her hands and said, "Don’t eat."
"I’ll see you off"
"I can’t run away."
"all right"
Chi Yao strolled leisurely into the palace and casually walked around in the corridor of the palace. This palace really needs to come and walk often, otherwise it is easy to get lost.
Chi Yao grabbed a maid casually. "Tell me where your house is?"
As soon as the maid saw Chiyao, she was frightened by Chiyao’s words. Before she finished asking, she saw that the maid shook her head violently. "I don’t know."
"… you don’t know where you live?"
"I don’t know," the maid shook her head more violently.
Chi Yao inexplicably let go of her hand. As soon as the maid was free, she left with her head down. Chi Yao gently evoked the corners of her mouth and followed her lightly.
It’s noon break at the moment, and the maid doesn’t know if she’s too nervous. She hasn’t found Chi Yao moving forward with her behind.
Chi Yao followed her all the way to the spacious kitchen. Probably this time, when the maids were eating, many maids were sitting around a Zhang greatly desktop eating their lunch, and even the chef was there.
"Princess …" I don’t know who saw Chi Yao, but he called out in awe and got up.
All eyes looked at the kitchen door and then unified, looking a little flustered.
Or did the chef rub his hands and walk into Chiyao and ask, "Princess, why are you here?"
Chi Yao’s line of sight toured a circle and fell on one of the maids with mobile phones.
"The princess is hungry? What would you like to eat? I’ll make it for you! " Chef Chi Yao came here because she was hungry. After all, it is normal for her to be hungry when she is pregnant.
I was just about to ask the chef to get out of the pool when my eyes narrowed slightly. "I want to eat steak and fruit salad."
"Yes!" The cook was ordered to do it at once.
There was no obstacle in front of me. Chi Yao walked to the group of maids with her lower back and looked at the maid with her mobile phone "lend me your mobile phone"
The maid can’t even come if she wants to. Chi Yao has seen it. "Princess, this …" This can’t be done. Countess Karin won’t let Princess Chi Yao touch her mobile phone.
Seeing that she resisted Chi Yao, she simply held out her hand to grab the phone from her mobile phone, but the maid pinched it tightly and didn’t dare to relax. The maid’s tone brought into tears. "Princess … please don’t do this …"
"I won’t tell anyone if you lend it to me." Chi Yao also held a mobile phone and stayed here for three days. How could such an opportunity be missed?
The maids around are anxiously watching and no one dares to help … Do they dare? Chi Yao is a pregnant woman, but what if she is hurt in pulling?
"Princess princess … please …" The maid was crying, and the countess would kill her if she knew!
Chi Yao deliberately dragged the mobile phone to his belly so that the maid could not be strong. "If there is an accident in my belly, just wait for the queen to kill you."
The maid was startled, and sure enough, she let go. The princess’s belly is so big that she can’t be stimulated.
Chi Yao grabbed the mobile phone and dialed the number immediately, but showed a voice from the mobile phone saying that the number was not connected to the international call. Chi Yao spat and immediately operated the mobile phone.
When the short message was successful, she immediately pressed redial and suddenly hit a black shadow. Then Chi Yao felt that a mobile phone in her hand suddenly disappeared.
Karin grabbed the mobile phone with an expression on her face and threw it at the wall. "Pa!" A mobile phone broke into slag, and the screen flashed a few times. After all this, Karin turned to look at Chi Yao’s face and smiled again. "What is Chi Yao doing?"
Chi Yao looked at the fragments of the mobile phone and stared at Karin’s sexy face. Chi Yao said "Go, you, mom,"
Karin picked his eyebrows. She understood this sentence and somehow stayed in Z country for several months. She would still look at Chi Yao’s leaving back, and then she would focus on the group of trembling maids "who comes out by mobile phone"
"Yes, it’s me …" A maid moved out crying. Countess Karin looked very angry!
Karin sneered and suddenly pulled out a pistol from her waist and shot the maid. Just then the chef came out of the kitchen. "Princess, your steak …"
But I didn’t expect to be splashed with blood when I came out, even the steaming steak noodles in my hand were covered with blood.
"Countess Karin …" The chef swallowed saliva and was stained with blood. He didn’t dare to move.
Karin casually put the gun back. "Is this the Princess Point?"
"Is …"
"Make another copy and send it to her room."
Damn it, is Karin a ghost? So elusive! I almost got through! Fuck her!
"Chi Yao" Karin stopped her and walked to her.
"How do you want to scold me or beat me?" Chi Yao didn’t hear the gun coming from behind and knew what she had just done. "You wanted to kill her yourself."
Karin raised her smile. "Yes, that maid deserves it. I’m here to take you back to your room."
Is there anything wrong with Karin? Killed her own countrymen mercilessly, but she didn’t scold her and sent her back to her room. Is her head broken?
Karin had just delivered a document from the House of Representatives to the Queen when she heard a maid rushing to find her. "Countess Karin is not good … The princess is fighting for a mobile phone with Linda in the kitchen!" "
I heard that Karin immediately ran over and just walked to the kitchen door and saw that Chi Yao had made an international call and was dialing the number. She immediately ran over and grabbed her mobile phone and threw it at the wall. This is probably the fastest time in her life.
I don’t know if the commander has got through.
"I’m going back to my room to take a nap, so you can go." Go to the door of Chiyao’s room and Chiyao will kick out the door.
"Good," Karin nodded. "By the way, let me tell you something. Your identity will be public in two days."
"public?" Chi Yao doesn’t understand "public meaning?"
Section 17
"The ball is announced!" Karin smiled and held out her hand to touch Chi Yao’s cheek. "You are a royal bloodline. You can’t have a name. Rest assured that the queen will not let you be wronged. We will hide the fact that you have children and then choose a suitable and satisfied aristocratic husband for you."
"Ha," said Chi Yao contemptuously, "Why didn’t you report that I was pregnant with Jing Muyun?"
"Of course we can’t fight yet."
"Oh …"