"Wait, the world in front of me is really what I got out of the bus accident scene, and I didn’t. I guess it should be another mysterious force that tested you. At that moment, many times you could die, but you came alive. I think the appearance of the bus and the accident scene is not to kill you, but to test you by who and what power. I don’t know, but don’t worry."

The old voice said with a smile, but I was even more shocked. My mouth grew so big that the whole person fell into a state of sluggishness, and my mind kept echoing with the words "I made the world in front of me."
Combined with the previous words, the identity of the old voice is vividly portrayed. He turned out to be …
Hard to imagine!
"Who the hell are you?" I trembled and asked, although I thought of his identity in my heart, it was incredible to accept it at the moment. Although it was magical, it was the first time I heard that before I could speak, the master liked to say such a sentence. The magic weapon is that the dead are alive and the fighting is changing rapidly, and it is also a failure. Now the master’s words have been completely overturned. The magic weapon is not dead but alive.
"I am the spirit of the magic divination mirror, just like the human brain holds everything about the magic divination mirror," said the spirit with a smile.
Even if I think about it, I can’t control it.
"Lu Dayou is really not a qualified master. Alas, you can’t blame him for his kindness. If you didn’t have the magic divination mirror, I’m afraid you would have become a master of exorcism now. When he taught you four spells four years ago, he quietly sealed you. He suppressed your realm forever. This way, you can live a quiet life. The secret of the magic divination mirror will be buried forever. Alas, God’s will is always an inviolable rule. It is doomed that a person’s destiny and power will be changed."
Qi Ling’s words made me confused. I don’t know what he meant after all.
"What kind of secret is hidden in the mirror of the predecessors? Does Yuan Qing want it for ghosts?"
"Let me start from the beginning. The magic divination mirror doesn’t belong to Zhong Kui Gate, and it doesn’t seem to belong to this world. I was born by Zhong Kui, the first generation leader in Zhong Kui Gate. I don’t know the origin of the magic divination mirror. The memory comes from Lu Dayou, the master of Zhong Kui Gate, that is, your grandmaster didn’t know the secret of the magic divination mirror. I didn’t recognize the Lord and communicate with him, so the magic divination mirror suppressed Yuan Qing.
Everything has been normal in the past 100 years. Who knows that strange things have happened during the suppression? I don’t know whether the magic divination mirror itself is attached or whether there is a terrorist force. The magic divination mirror has been constantly showing new functions, new spells, witchcraft, methods, Taoism and Buddhism. I seem as if I saw the magic divination mirror for the first time, and I am as surprised as you are now. Yuan Qing also discovered this secret. I am afraid that the first thing she will do after she gets out of trouble after the centennial period arrives is to take the magic divination mirror away from my control. It seems that I shouldn’t be lucky that you accidentally destroyed the law in the end, but I didn’t expect that the magic divination mirror actually got into your body and you, you incredibly became the new owner. "
I just listened to my heart exclaiming that the magic divination mirror was hiding so many secrets, but then I was lost. Grandmaster didn’t know how Lu Dayou, the secret master of the magic divination mirror, knew and sealed my way.
Paused as if to digest everything for me. After a while, Qi Ling continued
"You and I have been trying to control the magic divination mirror, but it has failed again and again. This has never happened in a thousand years. I doubt very much whether the magic divination mirror has produced a new spirit and I was abandoned. Today, when I was desperate, the magic divination mirror took the initiative to connect with me. It will test you. If you pass the test, the secret of the magic divination mirror will be completely open."
The spirit words are finally finished.
"How did my master know the secret of the magic divination mirror?" I asked.
"I don’t know that the real dreamland is all made by the magic divination mirror. I am a bystander like you." Qi Ling said bitterly that his tone was low, perhaps because he couldn’t find his own reason. Just like an abandoned child, the magic divination mirror no longer needs the brain of Qi Ling.
After careful consideration, the behavior of the master in the past four years is sometimes very strange. At that time, I didn’t fully believe what the master said, and I never dreamed that the master had sealed me. Of course, I didn’t blame the master for doing so because he had difficulties. It was me who was good.
If things don’t come to this, maybe I will be a semi-suspended master, as the master imagined. Maybe I will give up practicing and live quietly. However, the master may not understand that fate is cruel, and things are doomed to face and never escape.
"Elder, please help me break the seal." I firmly said that it is really good to live a quiet life, but this is not the life I want.
"I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I’ve lost control of the magic divination mirror, and I’ve lost my ability," Qi Ling said gloomily
I shook my head in disappointment, but then I shook my head and repaired the seal. So what if I had to walk? I had to walk, even if there was an abyss ahead, even if I knew clearly that the chances of bones were high, I would resolutely move forward.
The virtual world has just stopped and collapsed soon, and it has appeared again, this time more strongly than last time.
This is the time!
Chapter 23 Dark Attack Curse!
The deafening roar can’t cover up the crisp sound of the body. Suddenly, something in the body is suddenly released. Generally, the whole body is shocked and slowly closes its eyes.
The surface of my body flashed with harsh golden light, and the world collapsed. I stood still and was not affected by the surrounding factors
It’s like a tidal wave, the turbulent body is running with bursts of roar, and a mighty breath is emanating from the body. I can actually see clearly, and I can see all the organs in my body clearly.
Being suppressed, the road was actually unsealed at this moment, and the powerful strength infected my heart. I suddenly opened my eyes and couldn’t help screaming at the sky.
"Congratulations, the seal has finally been lifted."
"Thank you, old-timer!" I packed up a stirring mood and respectfully said
Spirit wry smile "don’t thank me this and I don’t have you to thank, thank the magic divination mirror."
I can understand the feeling of the spirit, and I can comfort myself by saying, "I’m not worried. Maybe it won’t be long before you regain control."
"I hope so. Well, after I finish, I will continue to sleep and study the reasons for the variation of the magic divination mirror. However, you can walk on your own, and you can’t help yourself." Qi Ling told me.
"I’m white" I nodded and said.
Then the sound of the instrument never appeared again. I took a deep breath and really tested the posterior road. It may be harder than it was, but I believe I can walk to the end of the road and look ahead. My face is flashing with firmness. The unknown road ahead may be able to stop the mentally weak but not the brave.
Village entrance?
I didn’t expect to go back to where I stood when I met the bus at the entrance of the village. I looked at the left. To be honest, I was really surprised that the bus appeared again. Will I still take this bus after an experience?
The answer is no, maybe it’s a test, but we must rush to the nursing home as soon as possible after such a long delay. If it falls down and there is no reply, Yuan Qing will probably go crazy, too. How can ordinary people in the village bear the anger of a century-old evil ghost?
Who knew that the bus stopped when it came to me? Hey, the door was hit. I took a cautious step back and thought that the vicious conductor didn’t expect to get out of the bus but a familiar person came out.
Liu rou!
"Something happened to Ling Xiaobai Express."
I didn’t get on the bus immediately, but asked in doubt, "What happened?"
"Xu Popo is dead!" Liu Rou said that she was very worried.
"Ah?" I looked at Liu Rou in surprise. I couldn’t believe that Liu Rou was in such a hurry. I was surprised not that Xu Popo died, but that …
"I know you can’t accept it. Come with me." Liu Rou impatiently pulled me away from the bus. There were a few people in the bus. Liu Rou sat at the back, perhaps because it was convenient to talk.
Sitting down, I took a deep breath and looked at Liu Rou solemnly and said, "Didn’t you have a family this morning? Didn’t you know the news of Xu Popo’s death?"
"What are you crazy? I’ve been interrogating Zeng Jiaxing’s mother-in-law Xu in the police station. I just got the news. Isn’t this the first time I informed you?" Willow soft don’t understand
What? What the hell is going on here? Liu Rou just heard about Xu’s mother-in-law’s death, so who is the Tseng family? It suddenly occurred to me that everyone in the Zeng family hall seemed to be in a state of evil. Are all the people I saw fake?
Liu rou suddenly leaned over with a mysterious face. I was shocked and frowned and said, "what are you doing?"
"It’s strange that Xu Popo shouted your name before she died. Are you Zeng Jiasi?"
Liu Rou’s words made me even more confused. Ober asked Xu’s mother-in-law to feign death and now feign death inexplicably turned into real death. The most surprising thing was that Xu’s mother-in-law shouted my name before she died. Did she want to see me for something?
After arriving at the hospital car safely, I took a deep look at the bus, which was exactly the same as my first encounter. Although the conductor was replaced by a male driver and the master was also changed, I could still feel the similarity between the two cars. Strangely, there was no test. Did the dark power give up? After careful consideration, I can’t think of anything.
"Ling Xiaobai, hurry up!" Liu Ruan urged in a hurry.
"All right!"
I shook my head to speed up the pace and followed Liu rou. However, after a few steps, I stopped. Because this hospital is so strange that I can’t even see a ghost in broad daylight. If there are no patients, I can understand that there are no nurses and doctors. This is too strange. The hospital hall is even more deserted. The weirdest thing is that the ground is dusty. If Liu rou is not leading the way, I would never believe that it would be a hospital.
Liu rou didn’t slow down the pace of progress, and I was embarrassed to stop and look around strangely. Suddenly, my face changed. It seemed that someone in the hospital duty room was shaking and making a strange noise. Liu rou also seemed to hear this sound. Suddenly, she turned around and looked at the duty room, and there was a scream and a piercing male voice in the duty room …
"Help me, help me. I’m in pain."
I realized that I had taken a step, but Liu Rou was more nervous than the waist pistol, pointing to the direction of the duty room and saying, "Don’t go!"
An eerie smell emanated from the duty room, and it was as cold as winter, which made people tremble. I shivered. Yes, it was. I fought back my shock. I don’t know how strong it is, but it is definitely more than three times stronger than the real one in terms of numbers, but now it is affected by the cold breath. This is simply incredible.