A red palm shadow emerged from the crack of the door again, and fell on the tube dust face.

Tube dust didn’t dare to dodge, also dare not exercise to resist, is also 1 of "pa" soup, was beaten corners of the mouth bleeding, half face is swollen.
"This is your disciple, so there are no rules. I want to meet someone. He is blocking the outside. Do you still have my granduncle in your eyes?" Crisp and charming voice solemnly spread from Fei Qiong’s mouth, which made Xing Xuan feel naught. Why does Fei Qiong like to slap people so much?
"Yes, the disciples are not disciplined!" Tube dust can’t laugh like star xuan, knelt down at the door.
"Well, you all go back to your own houses, Xing Xuan Xiaoyou, come in!" With the sound of Fei Qiong, but seeing the door wide open, Fei Qiong, who was sitting cross-legged, pointed her curvy back at Xing Xuan.
"Ha ha, Black Moon, you wait outside!" Xing Xuan saw that Fei Qiong was not as good as Black Moon and others, so he told them to be careful about the surrounding situation and turned and walked towards the room.
Xing Xuan entered the room, and the door slammed Guan Yu. Then, an invisible array rose from around the room, and the light flashed, and the two men were surrounded in it.
"Ha ha, Taoist Fei Qiong, you are not lonely in a boudoir. Are you moved?" Xing Xuan looked at Fei Qiong’s back and smiled.
Fei Qiong suddenly turned around and slapped Xing Xuan with her hand, but she reached halfway and dropped it.
Xing Xuan saw the front of Fei Qiong at this time, only to see Fei Qiong pale at this time, with a pair of dull eyes, apparently seriously injured. Just now, that colorful cloud was summoned by her for healing.

Chapter DiYiSiSi Backtrading
"Long Xingxuan, don’t tease me. I’m two years older than you. If I marry and have children in this secular society, my grandchildren will be your age!" The flying Joan generally said to Xing Xuan in anger, and her mouth was so full that she could tie a donkey. However, she seemed to be exaggerating. Even though she was really as old as Xing Xuan, she was in her thirties and less than forty, and it was impossible to say that her grandson was similar in age to Xing Xuan.
"oh? It turns out that Taoist Fei Qiong is really moved and wants to get married and have children! Ok, I’ll take care of it. Tell me, do you prefer older, younger, thinner or stronger? " Xing Xuan still looks like a prude.
"Bastard, you give me something serious, you … don’t you see that I’m hurt? The realm has dropped a heavy weight!" Fei Qiong was trembling with anger, and she didn’t know why. When she saw Xing Xuan, she couldn’t help but catch fire.
"oh? Who is so bold as to dare to touch the senior master who sealed the door of God? " Xing Xuan knows perfectly well past ask here.
Fei Qiong fixed her eyes on Xing Xuan, and then said, "Help me catch the old monster of wild silkworm!"
"Ha ha, fly Joan Taoist, with what ah, wild silkworm old demon, that is the green poisonous spider essence that escaped from your beast pool? Didn’t you make trouble when I caught it? Why are you asking me to catch it now? " Xing Xuan laughed, and the saliva sprayed on Fei Qiong’s face.
Fei Qiong wiped a mouthful of saliva on her face and said to Xing Xuan, "Long Xingxuan, the old demon of wild silkworm was a famous devil in the mysterious world a hundred years ago. Help me get rid of him in order to kill the mysterious world!"
"Why should I fight for my life not to kill the mysterious world? What does it matter to me whether he is evil or not?" Xing Xuan secretly sneered and was not moved by Fei Qiong.
"He has a grudge against you, too. Don’t forget that he was almost killed by you!" Fei Qiong was a little annoyed.
"Ha ha, you’re right, I almost killed him, so he was afraid of me. It’s too late to hide, so you dare to come to my trouble, so. Taoist Fei Qiong, this is your business, not mine! " Xing Xuan smiled like an innocent teenager.
"Long Xingxuan, that’s because he has not recovered from his injury a hundred years ago, even if it is half recovered. I’m sure I’ll beat you to pieces. I thought it was only after three of the ten great masters in the mysterious world died that I destroyed him. Now, where can I find a great master? " Fei Qiong cried with anger, and her face flushed with suppress.
"Ha ha, that also has little to do with me. He restores his skill, and my strength will grow. Besides, I’m just a businessman and I can’t get out of the exchange every day. He’s coming after me. Let’s see if he has the ability to break through the large array protection of our exchange! " Xing Xuan was not at all moved by Fei Qiong’s threats.
Fei Qiong had nothing to say. She frowned at Xing Xuan for a long time and suddenly sighed and said, "Long Xing Xuan, I can’t beat you. I’ll admit it. Ok, you tell me. What are the conditions? What conditions do you want to go with me to clean up the old monster of wild silkworm? "
"Ha ha. Fei Qiong, the Taoist priest, finally stopped asking for fireworks. Happy, happy! " Xing Xuan laughed and suddenly sat down on a futon opposite Fei Qiong.
Xing Xuan’s face is close to Fei Qiong’s flowery appearance, and her eyes are tightly fixed on Fei Qiong, which makes Fei Qiong feel a panic for no reason. Although she has been fixing the truth for a long time, she has never stayed in the secular world. In the door of deification, all the senior brothers are polite to her, and the disciples are even more nervous about her. Where has she been so teased, her heart jumped up and her face was red as drunk.
"Don’t this smelly boy want me to accompany him to bed, if he dares to speak out, I will castrate him even if I am desperate! "At that time, fly Joan heart want to unexpectedly is this matter.
"I’ll help you kill the old monster of wild silkworm, and you’ll help me kill the Sect of Tianshu. That’s the condition!" Xing Xuan watched Fei Qiong and said slowly.
Fei Qiong breathed a sigh of relief when she heard what Xing Xuan said was quite different from what she thought, but suddenly she understood the contents of his words, and she couldn’t help being shocked. She suddenly stood up and flew back several steps, shaking like leaves in the autumn wind. "No, no, this is too much to ask. It’s not a robber’s door to seal the gods. Where can anyone be killed?"
Xing Xuan’s face looked helpless and spread out his hands and said, "In this case, we have nothing to talk about! Farewell! "
Say that finish, turn around and go.
Fei Qiong flew forward, grabbed Xing Xuan, and then burst out laughing, shaking with laughter and out of breath.
Xing Xuan was stunned by her smile, looked at her stupidly, and thought to herself: This smelly woman was not beaten by the old demon of the wild silkworm, but she was so alert to me just now, like a little girl who was afraid of being taken. Now, like a prostitute soliciting, how can she cling to my arm and eat my tofu, and still giggle? Isn’t her injury just as simple as falling off the boundary?
"You muddy boy, you piss me off. You just don’t suffer, don’t you? Ha ha, you are very tough. In fact, you are also very fragile. I can see that you are afraid of your Dragon Family being retaliated by Tianshu Sect. You are afraid of your parents, and your grandfather is not an opponent of Tianshu Sect. Ha ha, this is your heart disease. I’m right, ha ha, smelly boy. I finally found you. Fei Qiong laughed till tears came out.
"Yes, that’s right, go on!" Xing Xuan looked at her coldly.
"Ha ha, I can’t destroy the Sect of Heaven, but as long as I fly Joan to seal the door of God for one day, I will guarantee that no one in the mysterious world will touch your dragon family. Are you satisfied?" Fei Qiong stopped laughing and said to Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan looked at her and thought to himself: This is the original intention of coming to take care of the dust, and it is better than what he thought. With Fei Qiong as the master, I dare not disobey the dust.
"Well, Tian Shuzong violated the mysterious convention this time, injured so many people under my command, and kidnapped my little cousin. I don’t know how to deal with this matter?" Xing Xuan wants to see how sincere Fei Qiong is.
"Well, this matter must not be lightly spared, and the doer must take three strokes of the whip! "Fly Joan said to the star xuan seriously.
"There are only three? ….. Who’s calling? " Xing Xuan looked at Fei Qiong.
"Well … I’ll call myself. Are you relieved?" Fei Qiong said with a smile. Sign type one, however, there is compensation? How can Tianshu Sect compensate for hurting my family for no reason? "
"This … what do you want?" Fei Qiong looked at the star Xuan with some worry and asked.
"Ten swords!" Xing Xuan said these three words quickly.
"ah? Xingxuan. Don’t hold the sword too much. I don’t think Tianshu Sect will give it to you. It is their treasure. Whoever holds ten swords is the patriarch, calling on a family to have the power to kill and seize, which … is a bit too much! " Fly Joan reluctantly said to the star xuan n.
"Ha ha. I don’t want them, I just want to play for ten days. I just want to play with their ten swords for ten days! " Xing Xuan shook his hands and said to Fei Qiong, and his arms were numb with Fei Qiong.
Fei Qiong blushed. Take a step back and say, "Well, with me here, I will definitely let you play with their ten swords for ten days!" "