"Two girls?" Anthony looked at him with some words, and suddenly he knew what he would become an "orphan hero" in history. It was estimated that he was messing around outside and broke his mouth to talk about it, but just thinking about it, he suddenly found that it seemed inappropriate to say these words today. Counting, he was in the car with Vasquez several times yesterday. Counting that kind of thing, he is only half a catty.

"Shall I take you there next time?" Seeing that Anthony didn’t talk, he was moved. He smiled and said, "It’s great. I will never do this again." Anthony looked at some words and wondered if this guy was really a sperm brain when he was young. He shook his head with some words. Seeing Anthony’s […]

At present, these spies have successfully entered the government offices of Lin ‘an Prefecture, the Sixth Department and the Privy Council, and often bring meaningful information to Su Changsheng to know, and then they will be handed over to Su Yonglin to know.

Moreover, the government of the Southern Song Dynasty was not aware of the information leakage today. It is not clear whether there are any and how many national spies in Lin ‘an City. They don’t say they are colored against espionage, but at least they can be regarded as having no roots. Compared with the […]

"This matter …"

Violet, the female elf, took a look at Norman and said, "It should not be done." I’ve heard about Lord Barton’s great ideas, but Sheeham is not a starry sea. "There are too few people in the stars and seas, and there are hundreds of people in Hiham, but hundreds of thousands of people want […]

Is this the three-piece set of Uncle Lin Nasi’s lament? Can actually increase the quality of his own shadow soul force. Now Lin Zeguang is no longer talking with his own shadow soul force to compete with the shadow emperor.

Each of these three pieces of jewelry should be a dark gold grade ornament, and when this necklace, bracelet and ring are combined together, I’m afraid this mourning three-piece set can already be compared with the grade ornament. Isn’t it a little too generous to say that the grade ornament rewards Uncle Lin Nasi? But […]

It’s really not a big deal for Chenchi.

However, I have never encountered such a difficult thing before Qingchen. Xia Xiaotian brought several troubles after this person appeared. Is this her trouble for herself? Qingchen doesn’t even know In particular, Qingchen still thinks that Xia Xiaotian’s parents are a time bomb, and it is not certain when they will do something imaginary. After […]

Zhaojie silently looked at the rising higher and higher energy wall. Behind the energy wall, the alien group looked down at the three species in their own hands, which were far bigger than other species, and there were some uncertainties in their hearts

(Will these three plants also be born? But they have the power to change the game …..) Chapter directory Chapter 16 Fighting! Fight! 2 Chapter 16 Fight! Fight! As we all know, every time zhaojie is promoted to the next level, he can summon more new plants in the underworld to fight other wars. However, […]