Strong quarrelling broke out directly at this moment, because most players chose offensive skills, and because the proportion of soldiers in the whole team was relatively high, some of them were killed almost at the same time, so the selection skills were sometimes similar, but with one exception, these skills were very powerful attack skills, even if the power was the weakest, they were twice as sharp and the impact was increased, and some skills were increased far more than Chen Kai’s mastery of Rapier’s heavy chop and the fourth chop, and Chen Kai’s heavy chop and Rapier’s heavy chop were chopped out. When the fourth sword is used, the weapon sharpness can increase by 1, that is, it is 6 points sharp in his hand. If it is worth the weapon, it can be chopped up to nearly 4 sharp values with similar power, which is powerful enough to cut most biological defenses, and O, these shadow wolves have the highest defense power of 6, so they can cut their skin on the surface of their bodies instantly, then break their bones instantly and finally dismember them directly.

Even if it is an elite shadow giant wolf, its defense force is about 6, otherwise it would not have been directly dismembered by the player’s quarrelling last night. Once the player who is defending is desperately relying on the loss of life and physical strength to release all his quarrelling in exchange for an […]

"Ice Autumn Rain" and "Xu Yin Frost" are killing everyone. If you don’t smell it, two women still look at four eyes but stare at their eyes with golden light, but they can’t make a debut again.

Brief a cold a light cold Bingxin with mans light proud diffuse vision with whistling Feng Xiao blew into the ears of all fights and let a few fights be more angry than when the heart is still fiercely. Two women’s attitude is too irritating. It’s been a minute since we were killed by a […]

Ye Zhang knew for a long time that it was absolutely unreliable to rely on Feng Zhi in this battle, so he volunteered. He still didn’t believe that he couldn’t beat a first-class elite statue.

The remnant blood glanced at Ye Zhang and nodded. To tell the truth, this plan can only test the way to compete, because this is not a war between ourselves and the enemy. It can be said that it is known that there is anything else in Zhongzhou Qin Dynasty to recruit Ye Zhang and […]

The name is prisoner.

I believe that in the future battlefield. Catch. "Milk" Dragon Claw Hand+Ultimate Italian Millennium Kill+Invincible Brick! How powerful! . . . . . . Zhang Tianfeng, Duan Tiancheng, Night Clouds and Martial Arts follow the wind. Four people get together again. Zhang Tianfeng glanced at Wu Fengfeng and said, "Someone, take the initiative." Duan Tiancheng […]

Lyu3 bu4 actually wanted to ask Zhang Feng if he could take Yan? It’s impossible to think about it. After all, Zhang Feng, the boss, is still a wage earner although he is very popular in front of Cao Cao.

With Cao Cao, it is unlikely that he will return Yan to himself. "Brother … what can I do for you?" Feng Zhang thoughtfully for a long time and always felt that he owed a favor to Lu Bu. Did he repay him? Lu Bu almost blurted out, but after a few words, he didn’t […]


come back;return Muqingfeng knew nothing about what happened in Tiaoxin Building, of course. In addition, Tang Wuyou, who was rushed back by the landlord’s secret order, was also unclear. It was up to him to see if he could escape after returning to Tiaoxin Building. At this time, Muqingfeng appeared on the border of Daliangzhou […]