Strong quarrelling broke out directly at this moment, because most players chose offensive skills, and because the proportion of soldiers in the whole team was relatively high, some of them were killed almost at the same time, so the selection skills were sometimes similar, but with one exception, these skills were very powerful attack skills, even if the power was the weakest, they were twice as sharp and the impact was increased, and some skills were increased far more than Chen Kai’s mastery of Rapier’s heavy chop and the fourth chop, and Chen Kai’s heavy chop and Rapier’s heavy chop were chopped out. When the fourth sword is used, the weapon sharpness can increase by 1, that is, it is 6 points sharp in his hand. If it is worth the weapon, it can be chopped up to nearly 4 sharp values with similar power, which is powerful enough to cut most biological defenses, and O, these shadow wolves have the highest defense power of 6, so they can cut their skin on the surface of their bodies instantly, then break their bones instantly and finally dismember them directly.

Even if it is an elite shadow giant wolf, its defense force is about 6, otherwise it would not have been directly dismembered by the player’s quarrelling last night. Once the player who is defending is desperately relying on the loss of life and physical strength to release all his quarrelling in exchange for an […]

Ye Zhang knew for a long time that it was absolutely unreliable to rely on Feng Zhi in this battle, so he volunteered. He still didn’t believe that he couldn’t beat a first-class elite statue.

The remnant blood glanced at Ye Zhang and nodded. To tell the truth, this plan can only test the way to compete, because this is not a war between ourselves and the enemy. It can be said that it is known that there is anything else in Zhongzhou Qin Dynasty to recruit Ye Zhang and […]

Then Lu Zhan was like a target to attract hatred. The other side frequently tried to kill him, but RG put in a team to protect him. They all created opportunities in Lu Zhan and would rather die than let Lu Zhan die.

In five minutes, the two pieces of equipment will be stacked on the 12th floor at the same time, and the violent blade of the land exhibition ghost rope will also come out. "The economy is one short." Lu Zhan took another look at the number of soldiers and heads on both sides. When the […]

"Hu kill …!"

In the hands of God, a number of sunflower flowers with pale inflammation hit the strange woman through the ice wall. Kay’s eyes burst out with "the purple aurora of the magic emperor" and stood there sweeping sideways to find the strange woman’s position. Out of the ice wall, the dwarfs carried ice guns and […]

His size is like a spider with many limbs.

His speed is extremely frightening. Even if you are not in the abyss, your strength is inevitably limited. Is still as fast as black flash. When he charged, the air current was lifted, and the weaker demons around him were forcibly torn into pieces. Even the wind element, which does not rely on vision to […]

Mu Feng was a little frustrated and excited because he finally learned that the girl he met on the night of drunkenness was Ji Yue. He had been speculating that Ji Yue and Miss Ji were the same person, and it was not until then that Mu Feng was sure that Miss Ji was Ji Yue.

But Mu Feng couldn’t find Ji Yue, and he was worried, but he also wanted to find someone in this huge hotel in vain. He didn’t want to bother Ye Yuan because Mu Feng didn’t want to tell her about himself. Finally, Mu Feng was lost and walked out of Tianfeng Hotel. He was not […]