I yelled at an angry weirdo who took me for a stupid moment. Although the monster was very fast, I also captured its appearance as a geek. At this time, he was actually sophistry and the way of sophistry was irritating. Isn’t this insulting my IQ? "I know you must have misunderstood. If you don’t […]

Ye Lingfeng hesitated a little and agreed to let him die according to Pluto’s identity and situation, and now it seems that he has no reason not to agree.

"Take it!" In the virtual darkness, a red light flashed across the familiar bloody cloak and appeared in Ling Ye Maple’s hand. Touching the bloody cloak, which strange lines and tentacles are cold, and the feeling is connected with the blood. Ye Lingfeng will slowly wear it to the body. A red light flashes. Ye […]

Although Chen Kai had some doubts about whether he could find the pilgrims, after seeing the kind green bars in the column, he sighed and walked out of the carriage. After greeting the night mercenaries, Chen Kai rode a spot with one foot deep and one foot shallow and searched for the direction of the old man’s guidance. The north roared in the past, wrapped in snowflakes, and quickly left Chen Kai riding a horse with horseshoe marks to hide, but at the same time, he slowly swallowed his figure. After walking out of less than 20 meters, he disappeared into the snow all over the sky. Chen Kai played his own map. Looking back, although he knew that the camp was behind him, he saw nothing but gray snowflakes through the snow. Fortunately, Chen Kai had marked the camp on his map. He was not worried about getting lost in the snow, but it would be a hassle to search for those pilgrims. Fortunately, when he got out of the carriage, he borrowed some blankets from the old businessman, which should be able to make those unlucky pilgrims walk in the snow.

"Come on, Spots, I’ll give you a hot bath when I get back to town." Chen Kai slapped his poor mount. He knew how much damage it would do to horses in this snowy day. Cold snow might make horseshoes rust and then infect horseshoes, which would lead to rotten hooves, but Chen Kai had […]