"Their feelings are quite deep? ? ?” The peerless daddy wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and said that Coca-Cola nodded, but somehow he always felt that the two summoners were in such a hurry to find the ghost tiger’s body, which seemed to be not only because of their deep feelings, but also something strange. After all, in his impression, the most common monster was ruling and being ruled.

In fact, there is another way for them to eat and be eaten. The werewolf rushed to the ghost tiger a few steps faster, and everyone didn’t move. Looking at what unexpected things the werewolf would do, the werewolf just rushed to the body of the ghost tiger. Behind him, the powerful Goblin leader swung […]

The name is prisoner.

I believe that in the future battlefield. Catch. "Milk" Dragon Claw Hand+Ultimate Italian Millennium Kill+Invincible Brick! How powerful! . . . . . . Zhang Tianfeng, Duan Tiancheng, Night Clouds and Martial Arts follow the wind. Four people get together again. Zhang Tianfeng glanced at Wu Fengfeng and said, "Someone, take the initiative." Duan Tiancheng […]

They have no fixed shape. They are described as a mass of evil shadows attached to various objects. When they appear, the temperature around them will drop, and the ground and leaves will show slight frost marks.

The threat of this kind of black people is already very high, especially to the team and the army, which has caused serious threats to the plural targets. The fortress called them’ shapeshifters’ …… Scarlet, the exploration route of Yunjia team on the north side of Sensi, is dozens of kilometers apart, and a temporary […]

At the same time, it is necessary for Mishra to give up the underground lava city. Even if he is a dwarf elder, the whole black dwarf clan will not agree to the Millennium construction to complete the lava city. It is not the case that Chen Kai has built a new city in less than two months. Time and years are the ultimate weapon for carving a city’s defense. The layout of the Millennium defense lava city can be said to be impregnable. Compared with Chen Kai’s earth-rock wall, the lava city wall is the real steel barrier. It is almost impossible to leave a depression in the wall with a strong blow from the sanctuary.

It is impossible for the black dwarves to build an ordinary earth-rock wall and give up running a Millennium steel city. The most important thing is that the natural geographical environment of lava city is very suitable for forging. If they lose the lava city, they will lose a natural melting pot and a large […]

Yang You squinted at the front. He was not interested in Li Yuanji, but it was necessary to dampen his confidence and his self-esteem. He never relented with his opponent Yang You unless he was still valuable, and Li Yuanji was obviously valuable.

Li Yuanji washed it in a hurry, but he didn’t forget to wash the backyard, which attracted two soldiers watching the Sui army laughing. One of them touched Ba thoughtfully. A soldier took out clean clothes from Li Yuanji’s tent, inspected them and handed them to him. Li Yuanji put on his clothes in a […]

"Wait, the world in front of me is really what I got out of the bus accident scene, and I didn’t. I guess it should be another mysterious force that tested you. At that moment, many times you could die, but you came alive. I think the appearance of the bus and the accident scene is not to kill you, but to test you by who and what power. I don’t know, but don’t worry."

The old voice said with a smile, but I was even more shocked. My mouth grew so big that the whole person fell into a state of sluggishness, and my mind kept echoing with the words "I made the world in front of me." Combined with the previous words, the identity of the old voice […]

"Since you have the ability to help me get Yu Pei, it proves that you have very strong strength. I just want to forge a weapon, so can you get back a spike from the wolf in the howling valley?"

"Ding, you triggered’ Spike’. Please get back a Spike in 5 days and give it to blacksmith Wang, or you will be judged to have failed. Silver reward 5 experience 5 gold coins 1 skill point bronze weapon 1 punishment. Do you accept it?" "One?" Chu Yun’s brain can’t react. How many wolves are you […]